Column/A dominant president is not good for Taiwan

Column/A dominant president is not good for Taiwan
Column/A dominant president is not good for Taiwan
On the occasion of the formation of the blue-white coalition, Hsia reviewed the achievements of Tsai Ing-wen’s eight years in power and bluntly said that “a dominant president is not good for Taiwan.”

Professor Xia Xueli

Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi and Kuomintang presidential candidate Ko Wenzhe and others completed the party consultative meeting yesterday (15th) and then went to the “Taiwan Third Meeting” to give a speech titled “Taiwan Starts Again in 2024”. When answering questions from representatives of participating companies, Hou Youyi pointed out: “The most important thing about the election is to make the Republic of China better and safer. What is the global trend? Within the framework of the entire democratic reform, it can be discussed and promoted. If it is not The discussion is like a “domestic president”, which is not good for Taiwan.”

“A ‘domestic president’ is not good for Taiwan.” Of course, Hou Youyi’s direct response to President Tsai Ing-wen’s statement: “There is no problem of one party being dominant.” On the morning of this (November) 11th, when President Tsai stood on stage for the Democratic Progressive Party’s legislative candidates in Beitun District, Taichung City, she refuted external criticism that “the Democratic Progressive Party is a dominant party” and said, “There is no such thing. What’s going on!” At the same time, he cited evidence that because the people have the votes to review governance and democratic checks and balances, “the people are the greatest.”

Indeed, a democratic government should be based on the people. In particular, the vitality of democracy originates from the “people’s will” and “public welfare” purposes, not to mention that “real democracy” is a government based on “liberty, equality, fraternity”, “rationality, prudence, transparency and responsibility”. Administrative “honesty, incorruptibility, fairness, justice, and openness”, as well as citizens’ “right to know, equal participation, and effective control” on policies, etc. But in President Tsai’s 11/11 defense speech mentioned above, the so-called “people who are the greatest” in her words were left with only “votes.” Moreover, even the “referendum” that best represents “direct democracy” has been subject to “technical” confiscation by the Tsai administration. Take the results of the 2018 “anti-nuclear food” referendum as an example: of the 10.78 million citizens who participated in the vote, more than 7.79 million (77.74%) voted against it. Subsequently, the Tsai government announced on February 8, 2022 that food from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan (Fushi) would be allowed to be imported into Taiwan. How could President Tsai tolerate “the people are the greatest” at that time? !

Hou Youyi pointed out that “the sole president is not good for Taiwan.” However, the “president who is sole president” chooses to be good to Japan (opening up nuclear power) and also good to the United States (opening up pigs). When the “unique president” ignored the 7.79 million citizens who were unwilling to accept nuclear weapons and voted against it with their own hands; when the “unique president” refused to accept joint interviews with the media for 745 consecutive days, it was Hou Youyi who held the sword. He pointed out: “If there is no discussion, the president will be a dictator, which is not good for Taiwan.”

Contrary to Hou Youyi’s argument that “a dominant president is not good for Taiwan”, yesterday afternoon when Ko Wenzhe participated in the “Youth Interviewers for the 2024 Presidential Election” event and had a face-to-face discussion with young people, Ko Wenzhe angrily rebuked with an iron face. : “I never thought that the DPP would ‘degenerate’ so quickly.” Therefore, “Although he hates the KMT as a family member of 228, he ‘hates’ the DPP even more”! And why does Ke Wenzhe “hate” the DPP? Because the DPP has “degenerated”! Why did the DPP “degenerate”? Because the DPP is arrogant and “domestic”! (The above remarks do not represent the position of China Broadcasting News Network)

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