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Taiwan’s democratic development documentary “Invisible Country” premieres in Europe | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

Taiwan’s democratic development documentary “Invisible Country” premieres in Europe | Politics | Central News Agency CNA
Taiwan’s democratic development documentary “Invisible Country” premieres in Europe | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Tian Xiru, Brussels, 15th) The documentary “Invisible Nation” directed by American director Vanessa Hope and focusing on Taiwan’s democratic development was held at the internationally renowned Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival in Europe on the 14th. Chen Xinxin, representative in the Netherlands, was invited to attend the regional premiere.

“The Invisible Country” tells the story of the development of Taiwan’s democracy and its current international situation, including how the Taiwanese people formed their own national identity and fought for and defended democracy. The content covers President Tsai Ing-wen’s path to power, Hong Kong’s “anti-extradition” movement and the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on Taiwan, as well as Taiwan’s efforts on same-sex marriage, its contribution to the world during the Covid-19 epidemic, etc.

Chen Xinxin said that this documentary successfully depicts Taiwan’s process from authoritarianism to democracy, and in the face of challenges such as changes in the international situation and the intensifying threat from China, the people of Taiwan today cherish their current way of life. This is a democratic and hopeful country for Taiwan. story.

She also praised the clever editing of the film, especially the scene where Taiwan’s award-winning athletes watched the Olympic flag slowly rise at the venue, holding back tears until their faces were full of tears. It was particularly touching.

The director of this film, Ge Jingwen, whose works have been selected for the Berlin Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival, has a professional background in international affairs and East Asian studies. Her last documentary “All Eyes and Ears” (tentative translation: Eyes See Six Ways, Ears Hear All Directions) is Taking Jon Huntsman, the former U.S. Ambassador to China, as the main line of the story, it explores the intricate relationship between the two major countries, the United States and China.

Ge Jingwen started filming “Invisible Nation” in 2016, which took 7 years to complete. Under the lens, the importance of Taiwan is not just a technology island that produces advanced chips. What deserves the world’s attention is the survival of 23 million people and the touching story of democracy they have written together.

Ge Jingwen said that since the completion of “Invisible Country”, the first phase has mainly been screened at film festivals in the United States and Europe. In the future, he hopes to screen it in Taiwan, possibly after the presidential election next year. A Taiwanese audience at the premiere made a special speech to thank her team for speaking out for Taiwan in the international community.

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“Invisible Country” participated in the Mill Valley Film Festival in California and the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia last month. It was widely praised and was voted the best documentary by the audience at the latter.

The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam was founded in 1988 and is the largest documentary film festival in the world. It is known as the “Oscars of Documentaries”. “The Invisible Country” will be screened for 5 consecutive times from the 14th to the 18th. (Editor: Chen Huiping) 1121116


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