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German scholar: Europe’s perspective on Taiwan is too narrow and its policies are inconsistent | International | Central News Agency CNA

German scholar: Europe’s perspective on Taiwan is too narrow and its policies are inconsistent | International | Central News Agency CNA
German scholar: Europe’s perspective on Taiwan is too narrow and its policies are inconsistent | International | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Lin Yuli, Berlin, 15th) Taiwan’s visibility in Europe has increased significantly in recent years. However, German scholars pointed out at a seminar that Europe’s Taiwan policy is still divided and that the perspective of Taiwan is too narrow. American scholars suggested that Europe be brave enough to expand relations with Taiwan. Coming and going.

The 2nd Berlin Taiwan Conference, hosted by Reinhard Bütikofer, head of the European Parliament’s delegation on relations with China, focused on Europe’s Taiwan policy on the 14th. Scholar Wa from the German Academic and Political Foundation (SWP) who just visited Taiwan Experts such as Gudrun Wacker and Evan A. Feigenbaum, Vice Chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, were invited to exchange opinions and the entire process was broadcast live on the YouTube network platform.

Wacker said that overall, Taiwan’s visibility in Europe has increased in recent years, but European media generally lack background knowledge. It seems that every time China says it does not rule out the use of force to solve the Taiwan issue, it is the first time. As for the political arena’s attention to Taiwan, force is directly proportional to the degree of tension in the Taiwan Strait.

She cited Chen Shui-bian’s administration as an example. At that time, China asked Europe and the United States to restrain Taiwan from causing trouble, which seemed to be quite successful. When Ma Ying-jeou came to power, Europe breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the problem was solved, and always welcomed any cross-strait dialogue and consultation. , but forgot the disparity between the two sides.

This scholar who has been observing the situation across the Taiwan Strait for many years pointed out that even with the recent new discussions about the emergence of semiconductors and democratic partners with similar ideas in Taiwan, Europe mainly looks at Taiwan from China and cross-strait relations. The perspective is too narrow and lacks long-term attention to Taiwan.

Wacker also criticized EU member states for being inconsistent in their policies toward Taiwan. The Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Germany all have different approaches. She suggested that Europe strengthen policy consistency and effectively counter Chinese arguments such as the “one-China principle.”

From the perspective of the United States, Fei Genbao encouraged Europe to be bolder in its Taiwan policy, expand exchanges with Taiwan, and bravely challenge the scale. Lithuania is a good example.

He pointed out that unlike the United States, Europe does not need to focus on military matters in Taiwan Strait affairs, so it can expand the scope of cooperation and strengthen exchanges with Taiwan in areas such as cyber defense, preventing disinformation, and setting standards.

The senior scholar emphasized that exchanges with Taiwan are good for Europe, Taiwan, and indirectly also good for the United States.

Wacker also echoed Feigenbau’s views and encouraged European countries to join Taiwan’s “Global Cooperation and Training Framework.” Since Taiwan is at the forefront, facing China’s various coercive tools, it uses gray zone tactics to guard against disinformation. In other fields, Europe can learn a lot from Taiwan.

However, Wacker also called on Taiwan to adopt a pragmatic attitude towards cooperation with Europe. She believes that substance is more important than superficial forms and symbols, and that inconsistent wording should not lead to an agreement being unable to be reached. (Editor: Chen Chenggong) 1121116


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