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[Current Affairs Scan]Hundreds of groups gathered to protest when the leader of the Communist Party of China visited the United States | Xi Jinping | Hamas | Gaza

[Current Affairs Scan]Hundreds of groups gathered to protest when the leader of the Communist Party of China visited the United States | Xi Jinping | Hamas | Gaza
[Current Affairs Scan]Hundreds of groups gathered to protest when the leader of the Communist Party of China visited the United States | Xi Jinping | Hamas | Gaza

The hotel where the leader of the Communist Party of China stayed was found to be strange, and planes were filled with banners in protest; Hamas in Gaza has been defeated, and Kazan Internet celebrities are bursting with acting skills; Mossad revealed the CCP’s aid to Hamas, and visited Mao Zedong’s mysterious bunker. (Provided by “Current Affairs Scan”)

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Today’s focus: The leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, did not roll out a red carpet when he visited the United States, and there were strange phenomena in the hotel where he stayed; hundreds of groups protested in the sky and on the ground, and the CCP suspended the broadcast of “Shangganling”; Hamas Internet celebrities’ acting skills were overwhelming, and Israel announced that Hamas in Gaza has Defeated; Mossad revealed that Hamas tunnels were built with the help of the CCP, and Mao Zedong’s bunker was actually in the middle of the mountains.

Something weird happened at the hotel where the leader of the Communist Party of China stayed during his visit to the United States

The leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, arrived in the United States on the afternoon of the 14th. He actually stepped off the plane via a hanging staircase without a red carpet, and was only greeted by the governor of California. Compared with all his foreign visits, it was humble. The U.S.-China summit is the most concerning thing for Chinese people these days. You will find an interesting phenomenon. Every time the CCP takes the lead in scolding the United States, it is when China’s internal conflicts intensify. And every time after relations with the United States become stalemate, That’s when China’s economy begins to decline, and when the CCP realizes that not only its people, but also itself, has to tighten its belt, it’s time for the CCP to make a 180-degree turn without warning and switch to China-US friendship.

This time is no exception. It’s still the same propaganda, the same operation, but the difference is that time has changed. Some things are really going to die, and some people are really going to die. Under God’s will, sometimes you You will really see some jaw-dropping weird phenomena.

The CCP has booked the entire St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco. Even though a black fence has been erected near the hotel in advance, on the first day of Xi’s arrival, CCP officials did something that shocked the outside world: they covered the St. Regis Hotel’s garage with white cloth. Wrapped up. What’s even weirder is: not only is the hotel wrapped in white cloth, but several cars coming in and out are actually wrapped in black cloth. Come and feel it. I think the atmosphere has been completely enhanced. All that is needed is for the CCP officials to tie a white ribbon on their heads and the suona sounds to start the funeral.

What’s even more shocking is that maybe the CCP also saw the ridicule from the outside world and hurriedly updated and upgraded the funeral decorations to see the effect.

Thumb thump! Lan Bai said, now it is confirmed that it is a spiritual shed, thank you to the designer and decoration team. Is this a high-end funeral tent pre-built for Tou Qi? I really can’t think of who arranged it. Could it be that Qin Gang was angry and secretly asked his old subordinates to set up the scene?

Hundreds of groups protested in the sky and on the ground

The hotel where Xi Jinping stayed was already like this, and it was even busier outside. This time, hundreds of groups including the Chinese pro-democracy movement and human rights organizations across the United States are preparing for the largest protest. On the 7th, 59 human rights organizations issued an open letter calling on Biden to prioritize human rights issues during talks. They demanded the release of prisoners of conscience and urged the Chinese Communist Party to stop violating human rights.

Now, not only are protesting crowds and vehicles roaming the streets of San Francisco, but people are also protesting outside hotels at any time.

Not only are there people on the ground protesting for injustice, but the voices of the people are also floating in the sky.

What is certain is that the leader of the Communist Party of China will not pay attention to the enemies and protests outside, let alone understand the English slogans on the protest banners. If he cared about these, he would have stopped various persecution policies in China. What he cares about is how to feed U.S. officials sugar-coated bullets to loosen their grip on the CCP and save the economic crisis, and how to get U.S. business giants who have fled to return to China and wait for the opportunity to be slaughtered together with China’s leeks. But more and more Americans have woken up, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to be deceived as they were in the past.

U.S. Republican senators previously issued a joint statement, bluntly stating that they must not throw an economic lifeline to Xi and must not give in on Taiwan policy. In fact, not only are Westerners becoming more and more difficult to deceive, but the people in China are also being deceived. Based on the CCP’s consistent approach to the United States, someone has summed up a large-scale internal propaganda routine, which makes people laugh and cry.

The CCP’s propaganda routine is as follows: when relations with the United States are good, they will show “Flying Tigers”; when relations with the United States are not good, they will show the movie “Changjin Lake”; when relations with the United States are good, they will show “Yellow River”; when the relationship collapses, Let’s play “Volunteer Army”; if it’s agreed upon, we’ll play “New Flying Tigers”. Sure enough, the TV series “Shangganling” with the so-called “Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea” content that was originally scheduled to be broadcast on CCTV 1 on November 13 has now been replaced by another TV series.

Previously, Xinhua News Agency, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China, published a series of five commentaries titled “Pushing Sino-US relations back on track”, saying that Sino-US relations cannot be damaged. Not long ago, Xi and Wang Yi repeatedly criticized the United States for “hegemonism.” It was a bit too late to get many little pink brakes. Someone left a message and ridiculed: This makes pinks so embarrassed; those who receive wages can’t keep up; the maggots scolded every day disappeared overnight without a trace?

I really doubt if the CCP’s public opinion is going back and forth like this. Those little pinks will become schizophrenic as time goes by. In fact, you can get a feel for it by looking at the schizophrenia of Sima Nan, the leader of the Big Five Cents. Let’s hear what he said about the United States when he was in China and the United States respectively.

Hamas in Gaza has been defeated, and the performance of Kazan Internet celebrities is explosive

In fact, when it comes to brainwashing propaganda, the one that can inherit the mantle of the CCP and carry it forward is Hamas. Speaking of which, the most popular Internet celebrity in the world recently is a man from Hamas. He plays multiple roles and can even come back from the dead and appear in videos on various social platforms.

This Hamas internet celebrity, nicknamed “Mr. FAFO” by netizens, appeared intensively in different scenes to denounce Israel’s so-called “atrocities”. These identities are: Islamic clerics, Palestinian wounded, singers, war reporters, medical staff, Hamas soldiers, and even corpses who played with mobile phones. His acting skills have been recognized by many netizens: Oscar owes him a statuette. Come, let’s take a look at the superb acting skills of this “Mr. FAFO”.

Could you have imagined that the fighting in Gaza is nearing its end? On November 13, the Israeli Defense Minister announced that Hamas on the ground in northern Gaza had been defeated! Hamas has completely lost control of Gaza. I don’t know if General Zhang Zhaozhong, who has been criticized for predicting wars every time, has predicted this Israel-Kazakhstan war. It seems that the desire expected by some people: “Israeli military will fall into the vast sea of ​​people’s war” has not appeared at all.

Let’s first look at a scene of the Israeli army’s offensive in Gaza.

Today, the Israeli army has occupied the Hamas Government Council building in the Gaza Strip. This is a photo of a previous Hamas meeting. This is a group photo of Israeli soldiers inside. On November 13, the wife of Israeli President Herzog revealed that one of her sons was fighting with Hamas in Gaza and had been out of contact for quite some time. She hoped that he would be safe. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s former chief of staff His son has been confirmed dead during the operation in Gaza. This shows how brutal the fighting there was.

A Tencent netizen commented: “I don’t know whether the children and grandchildren of the Palestinian leader are fighting against Israel, whether Putin’s children and grandchildren are fighting on the front line, and whether close relatives of Syrian President Assad are fighting on the front line? I can make a bold prediction. , absolutely not.”

In fact, the CCP doesn’t care what Leeks think. What really scares them is that the truth behind Hamas is gradually coming to light.

Mossad revealed the CCP’s aid to Hamas and visited Mao Zedong’s mysterious bunker

The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad obtained information during the interrogation of Hamas prisoners of war: Since 2017, the Chinese Communist Party has begun to send organic engineering groups into Gaza, nominally to help Gaza build civilian facilities, but in fact it has not participated in any of them for many years. What the construction of civilian facilities does is help Hamas design and build tunnels and bunkers! However, the current water and electricity facilities in Gaza are all built with free assistance from the Israelis. Do you still remember the film “Tunnel Warfare” shot by the Chinese Communist Party? The entrance is under the big iron pot in the kitchen. Hamas’s tunnel entrance inherits the experience of tunnel warfare, and it is better than the previous one.

So what is it like to enter the tunnels of Hamas? Let’s go down and have a look.

It seems that Hamas’s tunnels are relatively crude. Have you ever seen Mao Zedong’s tunnels? That’s a huge difference. According to statistics, when Mao Zedong was alive, there were 61 palaces across the country. One of the most mysterious places is the air bunker in the middle of the mountain that was specially built for Mao Zedong to withstand nuclear bombs. Let’s take a look.

I don’t know when Xi will reveal the bunker he uses for everyone to see, but that’s definitely not possible now. Now let’s show you the confrontation between Chinese petitioners and welcomers in front of the hotel where Xi is staying.

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