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November 26 (Sunday) will usher in the “Reading Home Auction 2.0”. In addition to maintaining its original charm, this auction also integrates creativity and interaction to bring new experiences to participants. Participants do not need to bring their own used books to the auction this time. The general manager of the event understands young people’s preferences for literary works, and has carefully selected the auction items with the organizing team, as well as many unannounced works and collections of local writers, waiting for you to come to the event to reveal them.

In June 2023, the “Reader’s Auction” hosted by the 3rd Zaobao Literature Festival was successfully held. The scene was jubilant and bidding calls came one after another. It attracted more than 30 book lovers of different ages to participate, and a total of more than 50 books were sold. After the event, many participants were still left wanting.

On November 26 (Sunday), the highly anticipated “Reading Home Auction 2.0” will usher in. As one of the activities of the 2023 Singapore Writers Festival, the 2.0 version at the end of the year adds more fresh elements while maintaining the original charm of the auction.

Local writer Ye Xiaozhong, led 10 student writers of the “Lianhe Zaobao” “Zi Shizu” column and United student correspondents, carefully planned the auction. Not only that, they have also come up with a new trick: the auction combines creativity and interaction, which will bring unprecedented experience to participants.

Shooting rules and new gameplay

Let’s explore the rules of this auction.

Different from “Reading Home Auction 1.0”, 2.0 does not require participants to bring their own used books to participate in the auction. Event general managers Yang Peiduo (17 years old) and Chen Tongyu (18 years old) conducted detailed market research during the preparation period to gain an in-depth understanding of young people’s preferences for literary works. Together with the preparation team, they carefully selected the auction items, including “Lizhida Poster Collection” “, “Beautiful Editing School” sponsored by the author Zhou Chen, as well as cultural and creative products from well-known Asian bookstores, as well as many unannounced works and collections of Singaporean writers, waiting for you to come to the event to reveal them.

One of the highlights of the auction was the variety of bids raised by the organizing team. (Photo by Guan Junwei)
The carefully selected auction items include cultural and creative products from well-known bookstores in Asia, as well as many unannounced works and collections. (Photo by Guan Junwei)

Before the auction begins, bidders will receive a certain amount of auction coins and an exclusive number plate at the registration office. After entering the venue, come to the lottery: eight numbers are drawn through the generator. If the number drawn is the same as the bidder’s number plate, he will receive a Golden Ticket.

After the auction officially begins, the host will introduce the origin and story of each bid, the author who donated the treasure, and the starting price. Those who participate in the auction must raise their number plate to bid, and the higher bidder wins.

If a bidder holding a trump card comes across a lot that he likes, he can use the trump card in exchange for a valuable challenge opportunity. That is, based on the lot they want, the host will give a designated challenge. Once the challenge is successful, the bidder can directly win the lot at the starting price, and others cannot compete with it, including other bidders holding trump cards. . These challenges include recitation, creative writing or trivia, testing both wisdom and courage.

“There is a wonderful local literary scene”

In preparing for this event, the young student correspondents fully demonstrated their enthusiasm and talents. Zhou Jiiling (19 years old) is responsible for coordinating this event. She believes: “This event is very special. Because compared with other regular reading activities, the auction itself is a very fun and attractive element. We can come up with some plans to make it More original.”

Chen Tongyu said: “Through this opportunity, if we can bring together many people who love literature and reading, it will be a wonderful atmosphere. This is why I want to come over to help and see if there is a way to improve this atmosphere. A little cooler.”

Through the preparations for this event, Chen Tongyu felt that Singapore has a very wonderful literary circle with many creative literary and artistic workers, whether it is writing, calligraphy, photography, or various artistic works. She said: “Many people joke that Singapore is a cultural desert. But in the past few years, I have really seen the development of Singapore’s literature and art getting faster and faster, and it has great potential. Participating in the planning of this event made me feel that I am also a cultural desert. Participating in the promotion of literature and art in Singapore.”

The event incorporates many interactive and fun elements

Yang Peiduo said: “On the surface, this event is an auction, but we have added a lot of interactive and interesting elements this time to create some opportunities for young people to meet their peers. Chinese literature is a relatively niche circle. I think Having such a platform and meeting these colleagues is a very precious thing. I feel very lucky to be able to work with so many correspondents who share the same ambition.”

Ye Xiaozhong was full of praise for these young correspondents, saying: “They are all quite mature and have good organizational skills. Because I used to be a correspondent, I think this is a fun experience, so I hope they will do the same and just treat them as one.” It’s a fun thing to do and you learn something through a pleasant collaboration.”

If you have an infinite love for literature and reading, don’t miss this unique “Reader’s Auction 2.0”. Let us meet there, meet our comrades, and meet literature.

Time: November 26 (Sunday) 3:30 to 5:00 pm
Location: The Art House, Gallery II, 1 Old Parliament Lane S179429
Event details:

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