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A lot of people in the clinic are allergic!The doctor warned that “if you don’t do one thing”, you will suffer in seconds and you will be shocked: it’s too late | ETtoday Health Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud


▲Are you a poor allergic child who keeps sneezing when the seasons change? (Schematic diagram/ETtoday data photo)

Reporter Li Jiarong/Interview report

The temperature has dropped in Taiwan recently. Pediatrician Jayden posted an article on the fan magazine “Dr. Jayden” last night (14th) to remind people that if they want to avoid visiting clinics, there is one thing they must do, and that is to take it out of the closet. If you wear thick quilts or long-sleeved winter clothes, remember to “wash them before using them”, otherwise allergies will attack immediately. He said with emotion that as soon as the seasons change every year, a large number of children with allergies will come to report, and this year has already started. Some victims exclaimed after reading it, “It’s too late.”

Dr. JaydenIn an interview with “ETtoday Health Cloud”, he said that at this time of year, patients with nasal allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis will have major attacks and seek medical treatment. When asked about their medical history, most of them can find out “Which quilt did I cover or what did I wear?” Allergies break out after wearing a sweater, usually caused by mold or dust mite irritation. He said that there are “a lot of such patients in the outpatient clinic!”

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Dr. Jayden suggests that thick cotton quilts that have been stored in cupboards for several months should be heated above 55°C (in a dryer or in a hot water washing machine) before use, and then washed and dried before use. The perfect step is “sterilize dryer → wash → dry clothes”. He also emphasized that it is not enough to expose cotton quilts to sunlight. “Even if the dust mites are killed, the corpses are still there, and you will still be allergic if you touch or inhale them.” Therefore, there is still a need for a “washing” step.

▲▼Doctors emphasize that there must be a “washing” step, otherwise dust mite corpses will also cause allergies. (Schematic diagram/Visual China, free image gallery pixabay)

▲▼Dryers, clothes dryers, home appliances. (Picture/taken from free gallery pixabay)

Dr. Jayden also explained that for the same reason, if you directly use the dryer in the “sterilization mode” without washing it, the dead dust mite corpses will still cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is recommended to wash the clothes again after sterilization. “Insect corpses release water” would be better.

Some netizens curiously asked, “Is it dangerous to put it in a vacuum compression bag after washing it?” Dr. Jayden explained that during the process of washing, drying, and folding, dust mites or other microorganisms may still be picked up. It’s sealed, and there’s not a complete vacuum inside. Therefore, he believes that he does not want to face “an entire ecosystem” after opening the closet. No matter what form of storage, quilts and winter clothes “still need to be washed and reused.”

▲▼wardrobe,wardrobe,schematic diagram. (Photo/Visual China)

▲Winter clothes should also be washed and dried before wearing to avoid allergies. (Schematic diagram/Visual China)

Dr. Jayden said that in addition to the seasonal changes in autumn and winter, which often cause allergic children to suffer endlessly, there are also many allergic patients during the Qingming Festival. Some people think that it is caused by the blooming powder of spring flowers, but in fact it is caused by “burning incense and gold paper.” He also admitted that in fact, patients with pollen allergies in Taiwan only account for less than 4% of the people allergic. As for the treatment method, it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine. For example, bronchodilators and steroids will be given for asthma.

Many netizens panicked and shouted, “It’s too late…it’s too late,” “This is a big project,” and “It’s too late.” Some netizens who have suffered from allergies since childhood said in surprise, “This is not Is it necessary? Otherwise, the sneeze will last forever.”

Consult a physician for this article:Dr. Jayden

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