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[Hot Topics]The price of hairy crabs in China has halved/Chinese Communist Party leader’s visit to the United States was met with a wave of protests | Down with the CCP | Israel

[Hot Topics]The price of hairy crabs in China has halved/Chinese Communist Party leader’s visit to the United States was met with a wave of protests | Down with the CCP | Israel
[Hot Topics]The price of hairy crabs in China has halved/Chinese Communist Party leader’s visit to the United States was met with a wave of protests | Down with the CCP | Israel

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China’s hairy crab prices halve, pork prices drop more than 40%, consumer confidence plummets
China’s economy continues to be sluggish and prices have plummeted. Recently, the price of hairy crabs, which are in peak season, has rarely halved, and the price of pork has dropped by more than 40%. The Double Eleven shopping festival has ended in a deserted manner, with online sales less than half of last year, highlighting the sharp drop in Chinese consumer confidence.

Multi-Video: “Down with the Communist Party” Chinese Communist Party leader’s visit to the United States encounters a wave of protests
The leader of the Communist Party of China will participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco, USA. On November 15, high-level leaders from the United States and China will hold a face-to-face meeting. In recent days, a large number of people have gathered in the San Francisco Bay Area to protest against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party. People chanted slogans such as “Down with the Communist Party” and “Xi Jinping steps down.”

Photos: “End the Communist Party” appears in the sky over the United States, and many groups protest against the CCP
On November 14, the leader of the Communist Party of China arrived in San Francisco to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting. Several overseas democracy movement groups protested near the hotel where the leader of the Communist Party of China was staying. A giant banner with the words “End Communist Party” appeared in the sky over San Francisco, and a plane pulled Banners fly in the air in protest.

The premiere of “Becoming God Again” is about to premiere. The theme song is hot before it is performed.
The movie “Becoming God Again” will premiere exclusively on the comprehensive film and television platform “Clean World” on November 18. Recently, the theme song “An Ancient Myth” has received enthusiastic response online and received rave reviews. The audience praised and shocked their hearts.

The CCP hired a San Francisco hotel to build a mourning tent, adding blue cloth to make it look like a mourning hall
It is rumored that Xi Jinping will attend the APEC Summit in San Francisco and will stay at the St. Regis Hotel. The hotel was rented out by the Chinese Communist Party and covered with a white shed. Netizens ridiculed it for “building a funeral shed” and later added blue cloth. It was also ridiculed that it looked more like Li Keqiang’s funeral hall.

Guangxi’s sky is filled with birds circling and the water of the Yalu River is bubbling (Video)
Recently, strange phenomena have occurred frequently in many places in China. Fangcheng Port in Guangxi was suddenly filled with birds circling in the sky, and the water of the Yalu River kept bubbling and bubbling, triggering heated discussions.

Ge Liang, 46-year-old director of Xiongan Construction, died suddenly
Ge Liang, director of the Construction Bureau of Xiongan New District, Hebei Province, died suddenly on November 9 due to a heart attack at the age of 46.

A large banner “Down with the CCP” was raised to protest the CCP’s visit to San Francisco
When the leader of the Communist Party of China went to the United States to attend the APEC summit, local people set off a wave of protests. On the morning of November 14, pro-democracy activist Zhou Fengsuo led a team to fly a huge “END CCP” (Down with the Chinese Communist Party) banner.

Hangzhou launches VR experience “people’s democracy” and netizens have an epiphany: the entire process is virtual
The “People’s Democracy Practice Center”, which recently debuted in Hangzhou, has launched an “immersive” experience “National People’s Congress Representatives Participation” project through VR equipment. A short video of a user’s live experience has been circulated. After watching it, many netizens exclaimed “advanced black”, and various mocking comments made people laugh.

The chill of Double Eleven has forced China’s economy into a vicious cycle
“Double Eleven” is regarded as a barometer of the consumption power of the Chinese people. However, this year’s “Double Eleven” is unusually “deserted”, which also reveals the biting chill of China’s overall economy.

China’s infighting intensifies A hospital in Sichuan recruits nurses who must have master’s and doctorate degrees
China’s economy continues to decline, employment is becoming more and more difficult, and the “involution” of academic qualifications is becoming more and more terrifying. A hospital in Sichuan is recruiting nursing staff, all of whom require a master’s or doctorate degree. In the past, mainland nurses generally only recruited college students.

Newsom admits to clearing streets for APEC summit after sparking controversy
The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit was held in San Francisco this week. Recently, a video went viral in which California Governor Newsom admitted that the streets of San Francisco were being cleaned because “senior leaders” were coming into the city. .

[Banned News]The intensive dismissal of senior financial officials of the CCP involves four major political reasons
Under the economic crisis of the CCP, senior financial officials have been dismissed intensively. So far, nearly 90 financial system officials have been investigated this year, with the majority coming from banking institutions. Analysts believe that four major political reasons were involved behind the scenes.

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