The number of parameters of Taiwan’s trustworthy AI dialogue engine has expanded to 70 billion | Technology | Central News Agency CNA

The number of parameters of Taiwan’s trustworthy AI dialogue engine has expanded to 70 billion | Technology | Central News Agency CNA
The number of parameters of Taiwan’s trustworthy AI dialogue engine has expanded to 70 billion | Technology | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Zhang Ai, Taipei, 15th) The government is developing a “trustworthy artificial intelligence dialogue engine” mainly in Traditional Chinese. The National Science Council said today that the reference data in the future will be included in Taiwan’s unique national cultural memory bank. As for the model parameters The volume is expected to grow from the current 7B (parameter volume is 7 billion) to 13 billion next year, and hopes to expand to 70 billion in another 1 or 2 years.

The 8th committee meeting of the National Science Council kicked off today. During the meeting, the phased results of the “Service-oriented Smart Government 2.0 Promotion Plan” of the Ministry of Digital Development were discussed, the “Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Plan” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has driven industrial upgrading and transformation; the Ministry of Culture’s “National “Cultural Memory Bank and Digital Museum Application Project” results.

Wu Zhengzhong said at the press conference after the meeting that the above three reported cases are all related to generative artificial intelligence (AI). For example, the National Cultural Memory Bank is Taiwan’s unique data, and future applications can generate paintings, texts, and paintings that are different from those in China. Thinking, the National Science Council has contacted the Ministry of Culture to facilitate the subsequent connection with the “Trusted Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Engine” (TAIDE).

Shen Hongjun, executive secretary of the Science and Technology Policy Office of the National Science Council, added that currently TAIDE is a “7B” model (the number of parameters is 7 billion), which is expected to reach 13B next year, and hopes to increase to 70B in one or two years. The required funding scale has yet to be actuarially calculated. ; At the same time, the government has now issued the “Guidelines for the Use of Generative AI in the Public Sector”. Recently, personnel from central ministries and commissions have participated in teaching related use of generative AI, and will be expanded to local governments in the future.

In addition, Lin Desheng, director secretary of the Industrial Development Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, pointed out that the “Smart Machinery Industry Promotion Plan” will upgrade the machinery industry from precision machinery to smart machinery, provide a total solution (total solution) and establish differentiated competitive advantages to achieve the “smart machine industry” The vision of “Industrial Intelligence” and “Industrial Intelligence”. Through three major strategies: local connection, future connection, and international connection, we help manufacturers export internationally.

He further gave an example of building a smart manufacturing model production line for the aerospace, water hardware/hand tools, automobiles, motorcycles, and shoemaking industries, which has led to an investment of 10.846 billion yuan, and has obtained international orders of approximately 67 billion yuan, with sales to the United States, New South Wales, and the United States. To other countries.

In terms of assisting Taiwanese smart machinery manufacturers to pass the international customer production line verification (ß test), Desheng Lam pointed out that collaborative robot manufacturer Ta Ming (a subsidiary of Quanta Group) received subsidies to conduct the ß test and successfully entered Germany and other countries after meeting the requirements.

Wu Zhengzhong also said that this plan can help companies improve their smart capabilities and product added value, and enter the international supply chain. In the future, the government will promote the smart machinery industry and must align with the “Crystal Taiwan Plan” to deepen technology and develop key smart components, and master Industrial innovation turns around and enhances competitiveness.

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In response to the report of the Digital Ministry, Wang Chengming, Director of the Department of Digital Government, said that in terms of expanding government digital infrastructure, 20 A-level information security agencies will be completed to introduce zero trust networks this year, and 47 agencies will be fully introduced in 2013; at the same time, Supporting the Executive Yuan’s anti-fraud policy, the government completed the government short URL service, which has been used by more than 23 million people. It also launched the government short code SMS service, which provides exclusive telecom short codes and URLs for each agency to improve the recognition of government SMS and strengthen the public’s trust in the government.

Zhang Longzhi, Director of the National Taiwan Museum of History, shared that the upgrade of the National Cultural Memory 2.0 digital platform has not only improved user search efficiency, but also collaborated with diverse communities on contemporary issues, local knowledge, and Taiwan-specific issues such as the taste of ordinary people, and the “Time and Space Travel Agency” online curation platform, help the people independently curate, develop participatory virtual and real integrated multiple applications, and achieve place creation, art exhibitions, education and industry development. (Editor: Yang Kaixiang) 1121115


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