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[2023 Golden Horse Awards]Golden Horse Awards heroine reviews! ! 67-year-old Lu Xiaofen is nominated again after 30 years and competes with Lin Pintong, the youngest 12-year-old actress in history | Vogue Taiwan


The shortlist for the 2023 Golden Horse Awards has been announced. The nominees for Best Actress are eye-catching. The 67-year-old veteran actress Lu Xiaofen is on the list. The youngest 12-year-old girl in history, Lin Pintong, is also on the list. There are also 3 films from Hong Kong and Mainland China. The female stars Hu Ling, Yu Xiangning and Zhong Xueying each have completely different performances of joy, anger, sorrow and joy. The lineup is strong and it can be said that a hundred flowers bloom. Lu Xiaofen shined in “Today’s Holiday” as a barber shop proprietress who has seen all kinds of life; Hu Ling played an anxious mother who longed for her daughter to get into a prestigious school in “Pineapple, Pineapple”; Chung Xueying worked hard to learn lyrics in “Chinese Songs” Dreamer; Yu Xiangning played a righteous reporter who exposed the ugly truth behind a mental hospital in “Under the Day”; Lin Pintong gave a restless performance in “Xiao Xiao”, co-starring with Chen Yihan as a mother and daughter who love and hate each other.

The winner of the 2023 Golden Horse Awards for Best Actress will be announced at the awards ceremony on 11/25 (Saturday), but before that, let’s take a look at our predictions!

1.2023 Golden Horse Actress Finalist: Lin Pintong “Xiaoxiao”

Rating: 3.5/5

One sentence review: A restless and restless lonely child looks at the treasured girl who dominates the audience in a cruel world.

Lin Pintong only made her acting debut in “American Girl” the year before last. Although the outside world may be more impressed by the performances of Lin Jiaxin and Fang Yuting, Lin Pintong also proved that her acting ability should not be underestimated this year. Lin Pintong plays Xiaoxiao, a hyperactive child who is trapped between her mother who is melancholy and insecure, and her teacher who is trying to save everything but is equally powerless. She sees herself as a caged bird and wants to use the most primitive Resisting her anger, but always receiving strange looks from others, Lin Pintong proved that she is also a treasure girl in Taiwan’s film and television industry. “Xiaoxiao” is undoubtedly her glorious starting point. Whether she wins the award this time will not hinder her bright future development.

2.2023 Golden Horse Heroine Finalist: Zhong Xueying “Lyrics”

One sentence review: Working hard to move forward for your dreams, an innocent and endearing but not superficial sense of romance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chung Xueying plays Luo Yingshi from high school to adulthood. Because she likes to write lyrics, she is determined to enter the music industry. Although she has been praised for her talent, she has stumbled along the way. Whether it is love or career, she All these experiences are integrated into the lyrics, but if God doesn’t follow her wishes, can her dream come true? Chung Xueying gave a completely unambiguous performance in the romantic comedy “Lyrics”. Although she always looks extremely naive, Luo Yingshi is always able to find herself again and again in the face of every setback in love and career. After cheering up and getting back on her feet, there is a scene where she hears the lyrics she wrote in a convenience store, and her face lights up, which will really make people fall in love with her.

3.2023 Golden Horse Actress Finalist: Yu Xiangning “Under the Day”

One-sentence review: The persistent justice that washes away all the glory changes the mature performance of a beautiful idol

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