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Three years of preparation for Taiwan Yu Opera Troupe’s play “Chang’an Flower” to premiere in 2024 | Culture | CNA

Three years of preparation for Taiwan Yu Opera Troupe’s play “Chang’an Flower” to premiere in 2024 | Culture | CNA
Three years of preparation for Taiwan Yu Opera Troupe’s play “Chang’an Flower” to premiere in 2024 | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Zhao Jingyu, Taipei, 15th) After three years of preparation, the Taiwan Henan Opera Troupe will launch the romantic Henan Opera “Chang’an Flower” full of sacrifice and fulfillment in 2024. The play is performed by the two leading actors Xiao Yangling and Liu Jianhua, hoping to satisfy the audience’s longing and imagination for love.

Wang Hailing, the artistic director of the Taiwan Henan Opera Troupe, said at a press conference today that Xiao Yangling’s image is gentle, graceful and classically beautiful, which is quite convincing. Paired with the famous young actor Liu Jianhua, the Henan Opera couple has become new idols.

Xiao Yangling, who plays Li Wa, said that this time she was finally able to play an aesthetic heroine. Interpreting a love scene is not an easy task. It requires a lot of emotion and a lyrical aria to build up the climax, which is a test of the actor’s skills.

The drama “Chang’an Flower” is based on the Tang Dynasty’s legendary novel “The Legend of Li Wa”. It is set in the golden age of the Tang Dynasty. Li Wa, an courtesan, was born in the flower streets and willow lanes, but she has a skill and is a high-ranking official. Zheng Sheng’s heart of compassion arose spontaneously. Li Wa was willing to give up her peak position as an oiran, and instead offered her unconditional love to Zheng Sheng, giving her full support and protection, but in the end she couldn’t grow old together.

Screenwriter Liu Huifen said that this drama extensively restores the ethical values ​​and social systems of the Tang Dynasty. It is different from the happy ending of the original work Bai Xingjian that is inconsistent with the real society because it criticizes the concept of family status in the Tang Dynasty. This drama hopes to reinterpret true love. It is “fulfillment”. Li Wa’s feelings of “fulfilment, sacrifice and dedication” have transcended the strict social class and clan system of the Tang Dynasty.

Peng Hongzhi, director of the Taiwan Henan Opera Troupe, said that the slogan of the Marine Corps to which the Henan Opera Troupe was formerly affiliated was “Eternal Loyalty”, which made the troupe members very devoted to everything. Although “Chang’an Flower” is a literary opera, the performance on the stage is not inferior to that of Kun Opera. .

The behind-the-scenes team this time also includes Kaohsiung Literary Award-winning director Yin Qingqun, music design Golden Melody Award double gold medalist Zhou Yiqian, China’s first-class composer Zhang Tingying, theater costume designer Cai Yufen, stage and multimedia image designer Wang Yisheng, stage designer Li Zhen and lighting designer Yang Bingru and others hope to work together to create a new look.

This year also marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Taiwan Henan Opera Troupe. The Taiwan Henan Opera Troupe has published a special book called “Bangsheng Sing: 70 Years of Taiwan Henan Opera”. It is edited by Shi Deyu, a distinguished professor at the National Cheng Kung University Art Institute. It covers classic works, skill inheritance and talent cultivation, and art. The development aspects of promotion, resource sharing and cooperation record the history and important performances of Taiwan’s Yu Opera Troupe.

Taiwan’s Henan Opera Troupe “Chang’an Flower” will perform on January 20 and 21, 2024, at the Grand Performance Hall of the Taiwan Opera Center. (Editor: Zhang Yajing) 1121115


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