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Posted: 5:21pm 15/11/2023

Witnesses provided photos taken from another angle, proving that the two parties were not flirting on the bus as the woman who uploaded the video said. (Photo taken from social media X/amirfirdausr)

(Petaling Jaya News on the 15th) “Why do you want to slander others like this? My wife and I were sittingbus driverThe driver doesn’t have any seats in the back.flirtThere was no kissing, he just helped adjust the radio channel behind the driver’s seat! “

Recently, a video of a female bus driver blatantly kissing and flirting with a male company employee on the bus while driving on the highway circulated on social media. As a result, the two were taken internal sanctions by the bus company, including being fired and having their last month’s salary deducted. Netizens are hotly discussing.

However, a netizen, Amir, posted a message via TikTok account @amirfirdausr.https://twitter.com/amirfirdausr/status/1724482525568053264?s=46&t=l4PmVDoJLojeF5q6w2etiw&fbclid=IwAR0fA0lz206-6qR64AZXWtrd6dJaOqV2kgdit5Iu2Xf8aXX_xbl_Ph3iPVcRestoring the incident showed that the female driver and the male employee did not flirt on the bus, thus redressing the grievances of the two parties involved.

“When we recorded this video, our bus had just passed the Skudai Toll Gate and was entering the expressway. The uncle went to the back of the bus to rest, and did not change the bus until he arrived at Ayer Keroh, and then continued to the Nanhu Transport Complex in Kuala Lumpur. Station (TBS).”

“The woman who recorded the video is very cruel. I know who she is. She looks serious but secretly she is a troublemaker.”

“They go back and forth between Nanhu Town and Laqing Station countless times every day, and they have to face traffic jams. Do you think they still have time to openly flirt on the bus? Use your brain to think about it!”

Bus passengers defended 2 drivers, saying they were just adjusting the radio channel, not flirting.
Aamir shared an apology from the woman who uploaded the video. (Photo taken from social media X/amirfirdausr)
The woman involved in the video has apologized

“It’s time for the woman who uploaded the video to send an apology to the bus driver. She should apologize if she knows she’s defaming people.”

In addition, Amir also shared an apology statement from the woman who uploaded the video. The woman named Yifa admitted that she made a mistake in recording and uploading the video without the consent of two employees of the bus company.

“I deeply apologize for my previous post involving two employees of a bus company in Johor.”

“I acknowledge my mistake in posting their photo without permission and should have first contacted their management and reported it to them. The kissing allegations mentioned in my post are not true.”

“This was my mistake because I did not confirm whether this matter was true or false. I admit that I caused a lot of misunderstandings and confusion to many parties.”

The woman added that she had met the bus company management and resolved the issue amicably before the video she uploaded went viral.

She also said that she had deleted the post she had uploaded.

“Before this matter spread, I had successfully resolved the matter with their management. I have also deleted all posts on social media and asked other parties to take them down or not to continue to forward them. This video.”

At the end of the post, the woman once again apologized to the two parties involved for causing misunderstanding and slander among netizens due to her behavior.

In response, many netizens suggested that the two parties and the company involved should take legal action against the defamed woman, “Haha, you can get compensation by then!”

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