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The market opened high and moved low today to share a few melons_CICC Online Finance Account

The market opened high and moved low today to share a few melons_CICC Online Finance Account
The market opened high and moved low today to share a few melons_CICC Online Finance Account

The market opened high and moved low. Today I will share a few melons.

Stimulated by the positive news in the evening, the market opened higher and moved lower in the two cities today. In the early trading, the market reached a high of around 3080 points. This point happened to be near the 60-day line. Then it began to gradually fall back and basically turned over during the session. Green, insurance, banks, and securities firms worked hard at the critical moment, and the market held on to the final bottom line, and finally closed with an increase. On the market, individual stocks in the two cities rose more or fell less, including lithium mines, perovskite batteries, insurance, integrated die-casting, Sectors such as Salt Lake Lithium Extraction, Huawei Automobile, Cobalt Metal, and Titanium Metal were among the top gainers; sectors such as digital watermarking, intellectual property, lithography machines, electronic paper, optical communications, data rights verification, and Huawei Hongmeng were among the top gainers, with nearly 60% decline in the two cities. Only individual stocks have reached daily limit, but no individual stocks have reached daily limit. The trend of GEM is basically synchronized with that of the main board.

The Federal Reserve data was negative, expectations of interest rate cuts increased, and global stock markets reveled. Hong Kong stocks rose more than 3%. The Nikkei 225 index closed up 2.52%, hitting a two-month high during the session. A-shares worked hard to keep the red market today. What happened? We will not talk about the market today, but only a few melons. Everyone will know why the market is so weak.

When there is external news, it is a direct reaction. For example, in the U.S. stock market, if it is good, it will rise sharply, and if it is bad, it will fall. Unlike A-shares, there are so many tricks. If it is good, it will open high and go low, and if it is bad, it will open low and go low. In short, it is Can’t get hard. Also, speculating on A-shares requires not only understanding astronomy, geography, and military culture, but also various metaphysics, such as the dragon and phoenix that were hyped in the early stage. If you don’t know that next year is the Year of the Dragon, you still don’t know what the market is speculating about, even if You know the Year of the Dragon. If you don’t understand the auspiciousness of dragon and phoenix, then the phoenix behind it won’t rise. It’s really a bit abnormal!

As long as you buy the leading stocks in the US stock market, you will make money. Apart from making money, there is no excitement at all. Aren’t they afraid of affecting inflation and affecting everyone’s work enthusiasm? Unlike our A-shares, in addition to reducing inflation, it can also treat various cerebral thrombosis, heart disease, etc.!

There is a big melon recently, that is Oriental Yuhong. When the Mao Index rose sharply in 2021, the company launched an employee stock ownership plan with an amount of 2.76 billion yuan and an average price of 55.78 yuan per share! At the beginning, the chairman promised to cover the bottom line and earn 8% annualized income compensation; that is, as long as the company’s employees buy Oriental Yuhong, the company will bear the losses, and the income will be guaranteed to be 8%. Many employees are selling their own stocks and buying their own stocks. Now they are losing an average of 50%, per capita. The loss exceeds 2 million, which is equivalent to the boss having to pay more than one billion in compensation. Do you think the boss will accept the loss? In the past, when the market fell sharply, many listed companies encouraged employees to hold shares, and then the companies got into trouble, and now they are all in trouble! Therefore, it’s not that everyone doesn’t believe in the stock market, it’s mainly because they were hurt too much.

In addition, there is another thing in the market, that is, the tens of billions of private equity HuaSoft New Power Co., Ltd. has been hit by a thunderstorm. The main quantitative private equity is running away, causing the tens of billions of FOF private equity HuaSoft New Power Co., Ltd. to be thundered. ChinaSoft New Power stated that it will continue to disclose information to investors in related fund products, and will take legal measures against Huisheng Private Equity and related links to do its best to realize the legitimate rights and interests of investors. Private equity funds dare to run away, but what else doesn’t? Therefore, no one can even trust funds. If no one buys funds, how can institutions have the money to protect the market? Don’t blame domestic capital for withdrawing every day. The point is that there are too many mines and they have no money!

So how did the tens of billions of private equity HuaSoft New Power become such a hit? First, Christian Capital invested in New Power Private Equity; then New Power invested in Hangzhou Huisheng, Huisheng then invested in Hangzhou Yuyao, Hangzhou Yuyao then invested in Panjing, and finally Panjing Fund was investigated, and the link in the middle was broken, and then The tens of billions of private equity companies ChinaSoft New Power has gone viral. Do you think this looks like P2P a few years ago? Therefore, everyone should trade stocks by themselves. The account is in your hands. As long as you don’t encounter delisted stocks, at least you won’t lose everything!

The last melon is the Hillhouse incident. Hillhouse reduced its holdings in Longi Green Energy. First, Hillhouse lent its shares in Longi Green Energy. The lending of restricted shares was in compliance with regulations, and then the loaned part was not counted as its own holdings. Therefore, there is no need to announce the reduction of Hillhouse’s shareholding in LONGi Green Energy to less than 5%. This is also compliant. The LONGi Green Energy loaned out did not return the shares, but cash, because a certain association stipulates that securities lending of more than one month, you can pay it back in cash! Therefore, these are all in compliance with the regulations of a certain association. Hillhouse has nothing wrong at all. So, where is the mistake? If all the holdings are reduced like this, then the restricted shares will be a piece of waste paper!

Therefore, looking at many recent events, A-shares have a long way to go! This is also the reason why the market has issued many favorable policies, but the market has not risen.

It’s not important that the market surges or falls today. What’s important is whether it can pull out the Zhongyang line tomorrow? That is to say, if there is no yang and yin tomorrow, the market will start to adjust! Do you think the Zhongyang line will be pulled out tomorrow? Please pay attention to the trend cruise and not get lost.


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