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The CCP performs a scandal outside APEC: luring the Chinese to intimidate petitioners | CCP leader | San Francisco | Protest

The CCP performs a scandal outside APEC: luring the Chinese to intimidate petitioners | CCP leader | San Francisco | Protest
The CCP performs a scandal outside APEC: luring the Chinese to intimidate petitioners | CCP leader | San Francisco | Protest

On the afternoon of November 14, the CCP used money to induce Chinese patriots organized by the Communist Party of China to prepare a “welcome” next to a San Francisco hotel, but a petitioner loudly exposed: “Fake!” (New Tang Dynasty Television)

[The Epoch Times, November 15, 2023](Interview and report by Epoch Times reporter Shi Ping) On November 15, U.S. President Biden and Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping will meet during the 2023 APEC Summit in San Francisco. Just like every time, embassies and consulates across the United States used their special skills to lure party-loving overseas Chinese with free travel and earning US dollars, and rushed to designated locations from all over the country to raise blood flags to welcome them.

But what’s different from every time is that this time it’s not just the CCP’s consulate officials who are busy. Domestic policemen are also shirtless, trying to intimidate relatives and friends to put pressure on them to eliminate a group of Chinese who also went to San Francisco to protest – the voice of the petitioners .

The CCP organized a free tour and was called “fake”

On the eve of the APEC meeting, the US-China summit was spread in Chinese WeChat groups. Taking a screenshot of a group as an example, someone posted: “We Chinese are welcome to give 100 yuan a day. If you want to go. There are three days in total. If you want to go, please contact me. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Wednesday God, I’ll give you 100 yuan a day. If you need anything, please reply to me.”

On the eve of APEC, the Chinese embassy in the U.S. WeChat group used money to buy welcome posts in the group. (provided by readers)

Ling Fei, a community member in Brooklyn, New York, revealed to this newspaper that the Chinese Embassy provided free air tickets, meals, and accommodation to Chinese community members who went to San Francisco to “receive” them.

“Food, accommodation, and air tickets are all included, and you can freely choose the length of your trip. They will also assign you to different overseas Chinese groups and hotels, let you participate in different activities, and take photos. He said this is to avoid being discovered. The arrangements of the embassy (it’s too obvious to go in a group).”

Lingfei said that he heard this from a friend who was originally scheduled to attend a community celebration next week, but canceled the event in Brooklyn because he had to organize a group trip to California.

On the plane to San Francisco on the 14th, Shanghai petitioner Lu Yindi saw many Fujianese expatriates in Flushing. These people were in groups of two and a half, and they were picked up and dropped off by dedicated cars after getting off the plane.

“There were some people who looked very familiar, and I often see them on the streets of Flushing. I also met a lot of Chinese people when I came out. They seemed to have arrived on other flights, and they all got on special buses.” Lu Yindi told The Epoch Times.

On the afternoon of the 14th, NTDTV filmed that outside the Xi Residence Hotel in San Francisco, the CCP camp holding red flags and wearing red vests was ready, but they were exposed and protested by anti-communist Chinese.

A Chinese woman wearing glasses shouted in front of the camera in her highest voice: “Fake! This is fake! They are making a fake! They are a group of liars! They are whitewashing the peace! They are deceiving people all over the world!”

Domestic intimidation of relatives and friends to prevent petitioners from protesting

At this APEC meeting, more than 20 petitioners from New York City went to San Francisco to protest against the CCP. Some of their houses were robbed by the CCP; some were poisoned by the CCP for petitioning; some were deprived of their right to live after giving birth to a second child; some were harmed and their lives and property were ruined…

On November 14, the Chinese Embassy sent Chinese people to fly from New York to San Francisco. The picture shows Chinese Patriots getting off the plane in San Francisco. (provided by readers)

In the weeks leading up to the APEC meeting, almost everyone among the petitioners encountered the same thing. That is, their family members at home were visited by the Chinese government or police, asking them to warn their family members overseas “not to break the law and discipline.” .

At first, their relatives and friends were confused, but finally they found out that the leader of the Chinese Communist Party wanted to visit the United States, and the Communist Party threatened and intimidated their American relatives not to go to San Francisco to protest.

According to Lu Yindi, three or four people from Changfeng Street Office in Putuo District, Shanghai found her ex-husband who had been divorced for many years last week and asked him out for coffee with a very aggressive attitude.

“I told my ex-husband not to ask her to do illegal things. When I asked them what it was about, they didn’t tell me. They just said fiercely, ‘It will have an impact on your children and family.'” Lu Yindi said. Then the CCP representative inquired about her situation in the United States in detail, “The last thing he said was that Xi Jinping was coming in November this time, ‘You must stop her from doing this, this is a big deal’ and so on, saying that we “The case is open now and will be solved when I get back.”

Lu Yindi said that she did not believe the Chinese Communist Party’s lies. Several petitioners who were deceived were imprisoned in mental hospitals after returning to China.

“It’s a scam!” she said. “It’s just a threat!”

Lu Yindi said that a strange thing happened to her. After she had just bought a ticket to San Francisco, she contacted a local nanny agency on WeChat and wanted to work there for a month before returning to New York.

She told no one about this. But that night her ex-husband kept calling and she didn’t answer; but her son in Shanghai asked her: “Mom, have you found a new job in San Francisco?” She asked in surprise: ” How did you know I went to San Francisco to find a job?” The son replied, “Dad told me.”

Later she learned that it was a CCP official who told her ex-husband that she was going to San Francisco. People from the CCP were with her ex-husband when he made the call.

“They monitored me on WeChat,” Lu Yindi said.

Another petitioner, Cai Wenjun, received a call directly from the CCP. The other party told her, “You don’t want to break laws and disciplines.” Cai asked, “Who are you? What’s your name? If I break laws and disciplines, American law will punish me.” What does it have to do with me?” Later, another person told Cai that the government had solved the problem of a certain petitioner, so he agreed not to go to San Francisco. “If you want your property, we can talk about it.” Cai Wenjun immediately retorted: “If you want to talk about it, you have already talked about it. What else are you talking about at this time?!”

Another petitioner, Fu Yuxia, told The Epoch Times that in recent days, people from the Shanghai Huangpu Public Security Wuliqiao Police Station not only found her younger siblings, but also found her brother and sister who had not been in contact for many years and were living in other provinces and had changed their phone numbers. ex-husband.

“As soon as they looked at the chip on the ID card, they knew everything.” Fu Yuxia said, “They said (the Communist Party) comes every day! Let the family members persuade her. My brother said: What to persuade?” The other party didn’t explain; I also said the same thing to my sister: ‘Go and persuade her.’” The family was so frightened that they had no choice but to give her mobile phone number to the police.

Fu Yuxia received a call from the domestic police, who said they were about to “have a meeting to study your case.” She reported her losses and gave them an estimate.

Petitioners are full of grievances and want to stop the car

“I came to San Francisco this time just to pick up Xi Jinping’s car!” Fu Yuxia said.

Her two houses in Shanghai were illegally demolished by the CCP in 1997, and all the property and cash in the houses were also taken away. From then on, she embarked on the road of petitioning. Once she petitioned, she was arrested once, and she was imprisoned 8 times in total. During the last 50 days of her imprisonment, the CCP was suspected of poisoning her. She suffered from vomiting and diarrhea but survived; a petitioner named Chen Xiaoming who was also imprisoned died in prison.

“I came to San Francisco this time just to stop the train! I want to ask Xi Jinping for an explanation!” Lu Yindi said.

Lu Yindi also petitioned repeatedly because of her lawsuit against the government over house demolition. In 2010, when she went to Beijing to appeal and was turned back, she ate a meal from the people who intercepted her. After that, she became drowsy, her body was swollen, and her skin was extremely itchy. Later, I learned that many petitioners had the same situation, so they all believed that the interceptor had poisoned the food.

“We are all ordinary people. We don’t want to be anti-party and we don’t understand politics. The Communist Party forced us to do so!” Lu Yindi said. “You must never trust the Communist Party. Anyone who believes in them will die!”

At the time of writing this article, Lu Yindi told reporters by phone that the petitioners were ready next to the hotel where the leader of the Communist Party of China stayed. “We are going to rush forward!” she said.

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