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Yuan Bin: The fearful Mrs. Li Keqiang and Lin Biao’s daughter who is at the mercy of others | Li Keqiang’s death | Cheng Hong | Communist Party

Yuan Bin: The fearful Mrs. Li Keqiang and Lin Biao’s daughter who is at the mercy of others | Li Keqiang’s death | Cheng Hong | Communist Party
Yuan Bin: The fearful Mrs. Li Keqiang and Lin Biao’s daughter who is at the mercy of others | Li Keqiang’s death | Cheng Hong | Communist Party

[The Epoch Times, November 15, 2023]Recently, the monthly “Beijing Spring” published an article by Gao Zhan, a Chinese-American scholar and Peking University alumnus, disclosing “several true information about Li Keqiang’s death.”

The article said that on November 1, Li Qiang, a student in the class of ’78 at Peking University and the deputy director of the Peking University School Committee who has the same name as the current Prime Minister of the Communist Party of China, went to the Li family to express condolences and told Li Keqiang’s wife Cheng Hong: Many alumni of Peking University wanted to say goodbye to Keqiang; After Cheng Hong heard this, he immediately asked his secretary to bring 70 admission tickets and give them to Peking University alumni. After most of the day’s distribution, arrangement and organization, on the morning of November 2, 70 alumni who had come from all over the country and spanned ten years since the 1977 grade gathered at Babaoshan Cemetery and lined up to enter. After finishing, nearly 70 people took a group photo – originally they wanted to use the words “deeply mourning Li Keqiang” at the entrance of the farewell hall as the background, but they were stopped by the plainclothes officers present. On the day of farewell, countless photos taken at the scene were forwarded to various groups at Peking University within the wall.

As a result, on the next day, November 3, all Peking University alumni who participated in the farewell event the day before received a WeChat message with the following content: “Hello, classmates! Just now, Secretary Yu was entrusted by Comrade Cheng Hong to send a message to everyone who participated in the I would like to express my gratitude to the students who forced the farewell ceremony. At the same time, please do not post photos of the farewell ceremony online. Thank you all!”

Who is Li Keqiang? They are neither anti-China forces nor dissidents. They are the Communist Party’s own former prime minister. Peking University students who attended the farewell ceremony for his body posted photos of the scene online. This is human nature and there is nothing illegal. However, Cheng Hong went out of his way to do so. Wouldn’t it be outrageous to remind them not to post the photos online? !

What Cheng Hong did was obviously not her intention. I agree with Gao Zhan’s judgment: “Although speculations and suspicions have been swirling, it is still difficult for people to imagine if they don’t see this information with their own eyes: China’s former No. 2 figure, former Prime Minister, was declared by the CCP as an ‘outstanding member of the Communist Party of China. The widow of Li Keqiang, a long-tested and loyal communist fighter, an outstanding proletarian revolutionist, politician, and an outstanding leader of the party and the country. In the great grief of her husband’s sudden passing, since ancient times, “the dead are the greatest” In a traditional country, people would still be so cautious and trembling. It can be seen that Cheng Hong has indeed received clear reminders and warnings, is facing great pressure, and is even under some form of control as rumored, so I feel deeply that the environment is dangerous.”

Gao Zhan also said, “Li Keqiang’s family of three is not prosperous. Although they suffered from marginal discomfort before, they still held a high position and were unshakable. Now suddenly the big tree fell, and they had no branches to live on, and they were confused and helpless. , as silent as cicadas, and as dangerous as eggs, they are really a living pair of ‘orphans and widowed mothers’, just like Lin Doudou who fell from the clouds into hell in an instant, lonely and at the mercy of others.”

Who is Lin Doudou? She is “Mao Zedong’s close comrade-in-arms and successor” who was written into the Party Constitution of the Communist Party of China. She was the number two figure after Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution and the daughter of Lin Biao, the former Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. She was once known as “Mao Zedong’s close comrade-in-arms and successor” together with Mao Zedong’s daughter Li Na “Red Princess”. But after Lin Biao’s fall, Lin Doudou’s situation not only plummeted, but also became a life-and-death situation. Under the high pressure, she couldn’t stand it anymore and suffered a nervous breakdown. She took a handful of sleeping pills and attempted suicide. However, she came back to life after being rescued by the 301 Hospital. Later, Lin Doudou was handed back to the Air Force Newspaper Office and was again isolated for review.

At the Air Force Newspaper Office, Lin Doudou was criticized by the general public and fought by small groups. To prevent her from committing suicide again, she was put into a small room of only 8 square meters and monitored 24 hours a day. The windows of the room were covered with newspapers, the lights were turned on day and night, and mosquito nets were not allowed to be hung. Her body was covered in lumps from mosquito bites, and the guards brought a pot of diluted pesticide dichlorvos every day and sprinkled it on the ground. The air inside the house was filthy for several months, and they were not allowed to go out to let the air out. The only thing that saw the sun was her arms. The guards dug a small hole in the wall and asked her to stretch out her arms and bask in the sun for half an hour every day. During this period, she lost 6 teeth, half of her hair, and weighed only over 70 kilograms.

Although Cheng Hong’s situation is currently much better than that of Lin Doudou, it is also clear that there is no basic freedom and dignity at all. Compared with Li Keqiang’s time as prime minister, it is already a world away. In this regard, she and her daughter are indeed “very similar” to Lin Doudou. As for the future, it is not ruled out that their situation will worsen further, and they may even be tortured like Lin Doudou, or even tortured to death.

From Lin Biao to Li Keqiang, from Lin Doudou to Cheng Hong, the ups and downs of their fortunes have all proved that the CCP is an out-and-out meat grinder. No matter how high your official position is and how powerful you are, once you lose power, you will lose power. They are not even as good as ordinary people, and their families and friends will also be in trouble.

The CCP will never be destroyed, and God will not tolerate it!

Editor in charge: Gao Yi

The article is in Chinese

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