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An amusement ride that is full of fun just by sliding down: Who invented the slide? – every little d


Text: Lin Weixin

The slide was invented in 1922 by Charles. Invented by Charles Wicksteed (1847~1931).

Using gravity and energy as game principles

The person who first invented the slide was the British inventor Charles. Wicksteed, made in 1922, is 4 meters high, in the form of inclined wooden boards, without handrails on both sides. In 1929, he improved it with wood and iron, and made the end into a curve so that it would slow down when sliding underneath. Five years later, the material was changed to only iron, with safety handrails on both sides.

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The tallest and longest slide in the world

The ArcelorMittal Orbit, an Olympic commemorative sculpture located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, England, is 115 meters high.

When coming down from the observation deck, you can take the slide (The Slide) down. It was designed by Belgian installation artist Castan. Created by Carsten Höller. The slide is 76 meters high and 178 meters long. The slide is covered with transparent plastic that can be seen outside. It takes 40 seconds to slide down.

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water slide

The water slide is an indispensable amusement facility in the water park. It can be used directly by lying down or riding on a lifebuoy or rubber boat. The longest water slide in the world is in Penang, Malaysia. In 2019, a theme park in the jungle built a water slide that is 1,111 meters long and 70 meters high. Prior to this, the 605-meter-long water slide at the New Jersey theme park in the United States was the longest in the world.

airplane escape slide

In the event of an aircraft emergency, you must escape quickly. Aviation law stipulates that in the event of an aircraft emergency, all passengers and crew members must evacuate within 90 seconds. Evacuation by stairs takes a long time, so use an escape slide. If you look at the aircraft door from the inside, the thick protruding part below is where the escape slide is located.

After the escape slide is started, the nitrogen inside will expand rapidly, filling the slide with air within 10 seconds. The slide is made of fiber material that is easily scratched, so sharp objects such as glasses or high heels must be thrown away before riding. The escape slide can also be used as a lifeboat if the aircraft falls into the water. The inflatable escape slide was invented by Jack, who was a safety supervisor at QANTAS in 1965. Invented by Jack Grant.


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The principle of the slide

Because of the earth’s gravity, there will be a downward pulling force on the slide. Objects located at high places have potential energy. The object that was originally parked at the starting point of the slide has its potential energy decreased due to its sliding position and converted into kinetic energy. The kinetic energy accelerates the speed of the slide so that the object can slide down quickly.

The contact surface between the object and the slide will generate friction. Because friction comes into play, all potential energy will not be converted into kinetic energy. If the contact surface is made smooth, friction will be reduced.

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