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Hsiao Meiqin welcomes Zhang Zhongmou to dinner: Taiwan must integrate with international standards | International | CNA

Hsiao Meiqin welcomes Zhang Zhongmou to dinner: Taiwan must integrate with international standards | International | CNA
Hsiao Meiqin welcomes Zhang Zhongmou to dinner: Taiwan must integrate with international standards | International | CNA

(Central News Agency reporters Zhang Xinyu and Zeng Zhiyi, San Francisco, 14th) APEC Taiwan leader representative Zhang Zhongmou arrived in San Francisco today. Representative to the United States Xiao Meiqin greeted her at the airport. She said at the welcome dinner that Taiwan must integrate with the international standards. APEC is one of the few international organizations that Taiwan has officially participated in. , I wish this trip a fruitful outcome.

Hsiao welcomed the Taiwanese delegation led by Chang Chung-mou to San Francisco with a dinner today to attend this year’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) hosted by the United States. In her speech, she expressed her belief that under the leadership of Chang Chung-mou, this year’s Taiwan delegation can once again demonstrate Taiwan’s efforts to be competent and integrate with international standards.

Hsiao Meiqin emphasized that “Taiwan must integrate with international standards.” Participating in international organizations is a very important platform for grasping international trends. On this platform, Taiwan can seek cooperation with partners and contribute to the international community.

She said that APEC is one of the few international organizations that Taiwan has formally participated in, and is also an important economic and trade cooperation platform in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to competent government participation, private representatives, including APEC business leaders, have contributed to APEC over the years, demonstrating the vitality of Taiwan’s private enterprises.

This year the United States hosts the APEC meeting, with the theme of “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All Parties.” Xiao Meiqin said that this is closely related to the energy transformation, digital innovation, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and industrial resilience promoted by President Tsai Ing-wen. This year, the United States also particularly emphasized the importance of cooperation between the government and the private sector.

She believes that although the Taiwan delegation will have a hard time meeting in the next few days, it will also gain very rich results. She wishes the Taiwan delegation fruitful results.

Zhang Zhongmou made a brief speech and thanked Xiao Meiqin for welcoming the Taiwanese delegation and not only hosting the dinner. Without her hard work, the Taiwanese delegation would not have been able to come to San Francisco for the meeting in such a pleasant environment.

Today’s dinner was attended by more than 180 people, and there were nearly 20 tables. Xiao Meiqin and Zhang Zhongmou sat opposite each other.

Zhang Zhongmou and his wife arrived in San Francisco in the afternoon. Xiao Meiqin personally greeted them from the airport and accompanied them all the way. When the group arrived at their hotel in Union Square, they were warmly welcomed by more than 50 representatives of the overseas Chinese community. Xiao Meiqin smiled cordially when entering the hotel, took photos with representatives of the overseas Chinese community together with Zhang Zhongmou and his wife, and did not speak to the media throughout the process.

Xiao Meiqin came to San Francisco at the end of January this year to attend the annual meeting of the overseas Chinese community; Vice President Lai Qingde visited an allied country in August and passed through San Francisco on his way back. Xiao Meiqin also attended a grand overseas Chinese banquet for 800 people, and the Taiwanese overseas Chinese in San Francisco showed their enthusiastic support.

Recently, Taiwanese media reported that Hsiao Meiqin may return to Taiwan after APEC to join the Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Ching-te in the election campaign. In the morning, she appeared at the hotel where the Taiwanese media delegation stayed. When faced with questions from the media, she briefly stated that she would “continue to work hard to make APEC affairs a success” and did not want to talk more about returning to Taiwan to participate in the election.

Regarding Hsiao Meiqin’s possible candidacy, Liu Lingxia, former president of the National Association of Taiwanese Women’s Northern California Association, told the media that she has known Hsiao Meiqin for a long time and would like to see her paired with Lai Ching-te. She also praised Hsiao Meiqin for her worldview and low-key personality, ” The overseas Chinese here are very happy and look forward to this happening.”

Nanwan Taiwan Association President Zhou Xinjie said in an interview that Xiao Meiqin represents the outstanding talents of the Mesozoic generation. She grew up in Taiwan and came to the United States to study. After taking over as the representative in the United States, she has deepened Taiwan-US relations. If she partners with Vice President Lai, she believes that she can win more With so many young votes, Taiwan-U.S. relations will reach higher levels based on the foundation laid during her period as a representative in the United States. (Editor: Chen Chenggong) 1121115


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