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“Memorial Category of Akio Yaita” When no one in Taiwan chooses war, those who propose “choose war or peace” are either stupid or bad – Today’s Weekly

“Memorial Category of Akio Yaita” When no one in Taiwan chooses war, those who propose “choose war or peace” are either stupid or bad – Today’s Weekly
“Memorial Category of Akio Yaita” When no one in Taiwan chooses war, those who propose “choose war or peace” are either stupid or bad – Today’s Weekly

Mr. Fanchou and I met at a friend’s dinner in Taipei in the spring of 2020. When it comes to Chinese politics, many of our ideas are very similar. The more we chatted, the more interesting they became, so after the meal, we ran to a nearby bar and talked until late at night. Mr. Fan has a broad vision and always sees problems to the point. It is a pleasure to chat with him.

Later I found out that Mr. Fan and I had dealt with each other a long time ago. Around the time of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I was still working as a reporter in Beijing and met many Chinese entrepreneurs. They all liked Taiwan and often traveled to Taiwan. Their favorite thing to watch in Taiwan was political commentary programs, and they were very interested in Taiwan’s democratic elections. Envy.

During a casual chat, I suggested that we build a museum in Taiwan to introduce electoral culture and show the process of Taiwan’s democratization. Chinese tourists will definitely like to see it. In the future, China will promote democratization. Taiwan’s experience is very useful. Reference value.

After hearing this, everyone agreed very much and expressed their willingness to invest. They decided to call it “Frozen Garlic Museum”. I also wrote a plan of several thousand words for this purpose.

These entrepreneurs told me that they have a good friend in Taiwan who is also very supportive of this matter and is helping to promote it. We also held several meetings on this matter, and each meeting would report on the progress of this good friend from Taiwan. Later, the Chinese government intervened and the plan for the “Frozen Garlic Museum” was not implemented.

Devoted to writing in his later years

Defend Taiwan’s freedom and democracy

After getting to know Mr. Fan, I once visited his study in New Taipei City. I accidentally discovered that the study contained many old election materials collected by Mr. Fan, as well as the “Frozen Garlic Museum” plan I wrote back then. It turns out that my good friend from Taiwan is Mr. Fan. The two of us smiled knowingly, and at the same time lamented that there was still some hope for China’s democratization during the Hu Jintao era, but today, with Xi Jinping in power, we are almost in despair.

Mr. Fan graduated from the Philosophy Department of National Taiwan University and traveled around the world throughout his life. He once lived in Singapore, the United States, and China. In his later years, he returned to Taipei and devoted most of his energy to writing, publishing many books on how to defend Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.

Mr. Fan is a master of naming. Many of his discussions are conceptually clear and concise, making it easy for the media to create headlines. For example, Mr. Fan has emphasized many times in recent years that Taiwan must move away from the concept of “Chiang Ching-kuo’s chessboard.” He believes that the specific contents of “anti-communism”, “democracy and freedom camp” and “defending Taiwan” in the Chiang Ching-kuo era are no longer in line with today’s era, but many people still cannot get rid of Chiang Ching-kuo’s influence.

Mr. Fan said, “As far as Taiwan is concerned today, the reason for the anti-communist position is extremely simple. It is for two points: first, the territory will not be invaded; second, the direction of freedom, democracy and the rule of law based on one person, one vote will not be deprived. ” This statement has solved many people’s myths and is of great reference value.

ideas into action

Busy communicating with all walks of life

Mr. Fan writes in Chinese, but he does not like the terms “Chinese” and “Chinese”. He believes that they are not very objective and comprehensive, and have a color of “Chinese culture, transformed into the world”, which will be used by certain political forces to promote Nationalism and nationalism.

If the name is changed to “square character”, it will be more plain and objective, and will help it to flourish. Mr. Fan drafted a Chinese and English version of the declaration to rectify the name of “square characters”, and hopes that Taiwan will become a leader in the global political and social civilization of square characters, keeping pace with various civilizations in the world. Mr. Fan’s ambition and grand scope are beyond our reach.

What’s impressive is that Mr. Fan doesn’t just stop at discussing, but also often puts his ideas into action. He has long proposed the idea that Taiwan should “set up widespread target areas and train civilian sharpshooters.” He believes that it is very important to enhance the armed capabilities of Taiwanese civilians to protect their homeland. If civilians can raise their guns and shoot accurately, this in itself is a manifestation of the psychological strength and willpower of the people, which is enough to weaken the enemy’s covetousness of your land.

Mr. Fan’s proposal was supported by Mr. Cao Xingcheng, the founder of UMC. The last few times I have seen Mr. Fan, he has been busy communicating with all walks of life, hoping that government departments can relax restrictions on shooting ranges. This matter has not yet been completed. I believe there will be many people who will inherit Mr. Fan’s legacy and continue to promote it.

The last text Mr. Fan published was a philosophical analysis in the column “Choose War or Peace” in “Today’s Weekly”. The last paragraph of the article was very powerful. The excerpt is as follows:

When no one in Taiwan chooses war, “choose war or peace” is a fake issue, a cognitive warfare issue used to confuse Taiwanese people. Anyone who raises this issue is either stupid or bad. Whether or not to fall into the trap of this cognitive war is each reader’s own choice, and it is also a test of Taiwanese people’s IQ.

The real issue facing Taiwanese people is: “If the People’s Republic of China starts a war with Taiwan, will the Taiwanese people choose to fight or surrender?”

Those who choose to surrender please raise your hands.

In memory of Mr. Fan, put your hands together.

The article is in Chinese

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