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After Farewell My Concubine, Yu Ji meets Xiang Yu again and solves the puzzle in another time and space | King Xiang

After Farewell My Concubine, Yu Ji meets Xiang Yu again and solves the puzzle in another time and space | King Xiang
After Farewell My Concubine, Yu Ji meets Xiang Yu again and solves the puzzle in another time and space | King Xiang

Farewell my concubine! Yu Ji “died majestically, fulfilled her ambitions clearly, completed her important mission during her lifetime, and left her name clear after her death!” Is there any difference between the plot of “Farewell My Concubine” and historical legends? Who is Yu Ji’s predecessor? Later, when Yu Ji met King Xiang in time and space, what was her situation like? Xu Fengen, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, once wrote an inscription for the reconstruction of Yu Ji’s tomb, because this “word relationship” allowed him to meet Yu Ji in another time and space and solve the mystery for us.

During the Yisi period of Daoguang, I (Xu Fengen) met Zhizhou Ganlin in Wancheng. He happily held my hand and said: “Soon, I will go to Lingbi County (also known as Bawang City and Shidu, where the prime ministers of Chu and Han Dynasty lived). (the ancient battlefield of Gaixia), I checked the local city records and found that that place was actually the old place of Gaixia in ancient times. There was the tomb of Yu Ji there, but it was in disrepair and was in a state of desolation. I planned to restore it and need to re-engraved the inscription. But it takes someone who is good at inscriptions and epitaphs to accomplish this, so I want to leave this task to you.” I responded to him humbly and agreed to the matter.

So I wrote an epitaph in parallel prose, mailed it to the governor, and had it engraved into an inscription. Although this article was praised for a while, I soon forgot about it.

A year later in August, when I was taking a boat trip home from Jinling in autumn, I encountered wind and waves on the Wujiang River and stopped moving forward. It was late August. I was sitting alone on the boat, looking out at the scenery outside the window, and gradually fell asleep. Suddenly, I saw a woman in gorgeous ancient clothes boarding the boat. She had a bright and radiant face, and two people behind her followed her. She is a maid, and she is also very beautiful. I stood up in surprise and was at a loss when I heard this beautiful woman say to me: “My husband and I have a literary connection, so I came here to ask for advice. Please don’t panic.”

I asked, “I’m just an ordinary person. I don’t know what the opportunity is for me to meet heavenly beings? I really don’t understand the so-called fate of words.”

The beauty smiled and revealed her identity: “I am Yu Ji of Western Chu. The inscription you wrote for Yu Ji finally relieved my thousand-year bitter anger. Yesterday, I and Qi Mei went to the East China Sea to celebrate Mrs. Shangyuan’s birthday and will return to Yaochi , passing by here, I knew your boat was parked here, so I came here to say thank you.”

I said: “The Immortal Princess is pure and passionate, what I describe below is not enough to be safe and is not worthy of mentioning.”
Yu Ji said: “Sir, please don’t be too modest. Your writings will inevitably be passed down, but I feel extremely ashamed to receive your praise. Your narrative judgments are mostly consistent with the events of the year. Now I have this opportunity to face you face to face. , let me tell you a little more about my love story back then.”

I spread out the seats and asked Yu Ji to take a seat.

I asked Yu Ji about the details of that year, and she replied: “Your article is very profound, and it is absolutely correct to mention the benevolence, righteousness, strength and weakness between Chu and Han (“Chu is strong and Han is weak”). It’s a pity that my king (Xiang Yu) was hesitant back then. If he had followed my concubine’s advice, maybe the situation would have been different. “

I asked: “What is the specific situation?”
Yu Ji said: “You wrote in your article, ‘The Hongmen plan will not work, the disaster of Wujiang River has been over’, which hit the point at that time. When I think of it now, I still feel regretful. I also participated in the conspiracy of the Hongmen Banquet plan, but I regret that Xiang Zhuang’s sword dance was ultimately useless. He let Liu Bang go, which made his father (called Fan Zeng by Xiang Yu) very angry. He asked his concubine to persuade King Xiang, and used the historical lesson of King Wu Fucha to release King Gou Jian of Yue as a warning. As a result, King Xiang said how could a woman Understand the important things! I still have regrets to this day.”

I asked: “Why was the Battle of Gaixia a complete defeat? How could Fairy Fairy bear it at that time?”
Yu Ji sighed and said: “That day, the Han army was besieging me. It was raining lightly at night and dark clouds were gathering. I was in the king’s tent, planning to prepare the army and prepare for a decisive battle. But late at night, I suddenly heard that I was besieged on all sides. , Wang lamented and shed tears, and turned around and said to me: “The situation is over! What are Ai Ji going to do? I regret not listening to your advice, which brought me to where I am today.”

“I comforted the king and said: ‘The king just needs to protect himself and find a way quickly. Thank you for the king’s love for me. I will repay you. Please don’t think about me.’

“After hearing what the concubine said, the king was even more sad and could not control himself, so he composed “Gaixia Song” and handed it to the concubine with tears in his eyes. The concubine understood what the king meant, so she sang the harmony with all her strength, then pulled out the sword from her waist and sang it in front of the king. Commiting suicide to show firm determination.”

“Yu Ji Dancing with the Sword” from “The Painting Biography of Yanxiaotang Zhuzhuang” (Public Domain)

Yu Ji continued to speak until this point, tears flashing in her eyes, and I also felt sad.
I tried to comfort her and said: “Xian Ji has returned to the fairy world. Recalling the past can only be regarded as the success or failure of others. It is only for people to judge. Please don’t be overly sentimental and damage your body. Besides, compared to Xi Gui and others, Xian Ji Ji’s integrity is even more noble.”
Yu Ji said: “Don’t hug Pipa, I’m embarrassed!”

I asked again: “Xian Ji died resolutely that day. Can we still know what happened next?”
Yu Ji said: “Although my body is dead, my soul is still with the king. When the king saw that my concubine was dead, he cried uncontrollably. He ordered his soldiers to wrap her body with felt and temporarily bury her under the shallow soil to avoid being trampled by others. Then, he rode alone Break out of the siege.”

I asked, “What kind of horse is the Zou horse that King Xiang rides on?”
Yu Ji said: “Zui is a god, and he can travel thousands of miles a day. But three days ago, his front hoof suddenly twisted and he couldn’t run. The king sadly thought it was an ominous sign. Later, the horse he rode looked like Zui, but it was not. This It is also God’s will. If Zui’s foot is not sprained, it can wade through the water as if it were flat ground, why would it be in trouble in the Wujiang River? This is why Wang’s song says, “The times are not good, Zui will not pass away.”

I said: “King Xiang’s “Gaixia Song” is passionate and impassioned, and the poems written by Fairy Queen will surely rival it. The five-character song spread in the world (note: “The Han soldiers have captured the territory, and the songs of the enemy are everywhere. The king is exhausted, How can I live a life as a cheap concubine!”), I’m afraid it’s a lie.”
Yu Ji said: “My Song was lost in a hurry, but I’m glad that it was able to hide my clumsiness. The villagers didn’t know that although my Song was written in a hurry, it is not five words.”

I asked for advice, but Yu Ji said it was not enough to be called the sound of elegance. At my request, she recited the lyrics: “The clouds are dark and the wind is sad, and the song of Chu is in harmony. The heart is sad.” Nai stepped in front of the king’s robe and delivered a speech, “The great event is over. I will return home safely? I will return home safely. The matter is over.” , May the king take care of me, I will die for the king.”

At this time, the servant told Yu Ji that it was late and he might keep Qi Mei waiting. Yu Ji said it would be okay to sit down for a while.

I continued to ask who “Qi Mei” was? Yu Ji said: “My predecessor was the ninth daughter of the Queen Mother, and she was the Queen Mother’s servant. We both descended to earth one after another, and Qi sister married Mrs. Qi, who was the emperor of the Han Dynasty. We each experienced a lot of hardships, and then returned to heaven. After that, they became known as sisters.”

I asked again: “Did Fairy Fairy and Empress Lu meet that day?”
Fairy Fairy smiled and said: “Not only have we met, she once stayed in my queen’s palace and was very happy. I despised her as a person and persuaded the king to let her go.”
I smiled and asked, “Are you embarrassed?”
Fairy Fairy said: “No. I can accommodate her, but she cannot tolerate me.”

I asked again: “How is King Xiang like a man?”
Yu Ji said: “On weekdays, he is graceful and conceding, like a scribe; once he puts on the armor, he becomes majestic and majestic, making people fearful.”

I asked again: “Later, both King Xiang and Fairy Fairy returned to the Immortal Class. When they met by chance, would they still recall their children’s personal relationship in the past?”
Yu Ji’s face turned red and she said: “She has shed her human shell and left the world. All bad ties have been cut off. Whenever we meet by chance, we will treat each other as distinguished guests. If you have even the slightest delusion, once God notices it, you will fall into many more tribulations.” Already.”

I deeply regret my gaffe. So he asked again: “Is Fairy Jiacheng really the place where Fairy Ji is buried?”
Yu Ji said, “No. My brother Tian An knew where the king buried his concubine. After the Han soldiers retreated, he moved and buried her to the cemetery in Lingbi County. At that time, a servant also died in the Gaixia disaster. Her appearance was a bit like a concubine. Some people mistakenly thought she was a concubine and dedicated her to Liu Bang. Her head was buried in the tomb of Dingyuan in Haozhou.”

At this moment, I suddenly heard the village chicken singing in the distance. Before she left, Yu Ji took off a piece of jade and said, “This is my favorite jade. Fortunately, it was not lost when I was buried with you. I will give it to you now to help you polish your writing. Sir, please take care of it.” After saying this, Yu Ji led her maid. Shanshan flew away in the air.

At this time, I heard the sound of boatmen calling each other to unmoor, which woke me up from my dream. However, the fragrance of Fairy Princess still lingers in the air, and there is a jade pei next to the pillow on the bed. It was given to me by Concubine Yu in my dream. The jade pei is two inches long, one and a half inches wide, and about two grains of rice thick. The jade color is firm and white. , the shape of algae, fire powder, rice, etc. is carved on the top. It is exquisite and is indeed a Han Dynasty object. I hurriedly took note of this dream-Chinese connection.


In “Rebuilding Yu Ji’s Tombstone”, Xu Fengen praised Yu Ji for her “drinking swords to make plans, and her determination to steal stones. She risked her life to repay her kindness, and she will have no regrets for the rest of her life.” Named after his death.” Indeed! Yu Ji, who is said to be chaste and chaste, fierce but not dirty, turned out to be an immortal descended from heaven. She was ordered to work with King Chu to retell a five-thousand-year history of China!

Source: “Li Cheng·Ji Meng” “Ji Meng·Appendix: Rebuilding Yu Ji’s Tombstone”@*

Appendix: “Ji Meng·Appendix: Rebuilding the Tombstone of Yu Ji”

To the south of Lingbi is the old site of Gaixia, and to the east is the tomb of Yu Ji. Alas! Smoke burns to the bones, and ghosts cry in ancient battlefields; the yellow intestines are exposed, where does the soul of a lucky person go? For thousands of years, I have been scratching my head, looking for the survival of the ruined fortress, and mourning the success or failure of the previous dynasty. The heavy eyes are gone, the king is benevolent as a woman; the hand is curled, the hatred of a humble concubine and a hero. How can I not be sad when thinking about this! The people in the countryside are victorious, and they are promoting chaos. The rest of the ears and scenery are following, and the poles and trees are all soldiers. If you try to chase the deer in the Central Plains, you can show your skin skills; if you are afraid of killing the snake in the way, you will turn to gibbering. But the soup was not divided among the people, the sword was dancing in the air in front of the banquet, the chess was lost in one move, and the six states cast it incorrectly. Seventy people have fought in battle, but they have been defeated like this; eight thousand people have lost their disciples, so how can they endure the temptation to the east? When people’s hearts are on their side, their destiny has returned. If the plan of Gai Hongmen fails, the disaster in Wujiang River will be over. When the Han army was in retreat, Chu sang in panic, his bare hands could not hold back his emotions, and he had no slang to call for beauties. What will happen to me if they are strict and cunning? Haggard and rouge, who can send me away? Holding the cup and looking at the sword, waving tears and holding the clothes, listening to the deafening drums, heartbroken to the children. When you are exhausted trying to pull up the mountain, you can only sigh and find it difficult to move forward; when you cry out in mourning, you will die first. Hehe! It’s so difficult! After Gou Jian, the former husband, reported that he was sent back, Xi Shi returned to Fan Li and rebelled against Yan Shi, who was Yi Du? Xiangshi Ji said that her peach blossom life is thin, and she chases water and things; catkins are light and can come and go with the wind, so she will marry Chu, even if she has a son, she will not say anything; if Empress Zhen returns to Cao, people will look down upon her. But he drank his sword and made plans, his heart was strong, and he risked his life to repay his kindness, so that he would have no regrets for the rest of his life. A trace of the original love is worthy of the emperor in heaven; the country is ruined and the family is destroyed, and there is no praise in the earth. A gentleman says: “Ji is chaste but has integrity, strong but not dirty.” Forgive me! Alas! The golden sword is gone, the jade box is cold, the king’s domineering spirit is gone, the land and the people are safe! Qi calls people pigs, and suffers the disaster of burning ears in life; Lu calls pheasants, and suffers the humiliation of red eyebrows in death. Seeing Ji’s death as a majestic and awe-inspiring person, fulfilling her important mission during her lifetime, and leaving her clear name in death, what are the gains and losses? It may be said that in the south of Dingyuan, there is also Ji’s tomb, where his head is buried, and here his body is buried. Flowers, songs and grass dances are all performed by Fu Hui; the head is wearing a hat and the belly is singing, which is quite absurd. I occasionally studied its history and pictures, and based on its mountains and rivers, I found out that when I met the enemy in a hurry, I was wandering around to the place where I donated my life. The golden diamond indicates that the old land is not lost; the purple jade becomes smoke, indicating that Xinjia City is not far away. I am afraid that stars and frosts will change again and again, rubbles are clumps together, stone hair is growing, and stream hairs are not recommended. Today, Yin Daxing Zhu Gong is ordered to pay tribute to Fang Hui and preside over the affairs. Sweeping the paths with hazelnuts, cutting down hard stone tombs, pouring wine to summon the souls, collecting new poems to express fidelity, preventing the Ahuanluo stockings from being seen in the world, and the gold hairpins of a few jade slaves hidden forever in the ground. The country is safe, the wind and moon are in good condition, the grass is luxuriant, and the wild flowers are like embroidery. The incense is buried in the pure land, and the green tomb is filled with resentment towards the imperial concubine; the ink is sprinkled on the new monument, and the yellow silk is used to express shame for the young woman. Shu Bolu’s doctor Zhongtao commented: “I imitate Xu Yu’s style in the Southern Dynasty, which can be recited. It is an honest opinion to praise the benefits of Ji. If Yu Xi knows it, he should weep to the ground and perform a Chu dance for you.” Wang Yanyunxue Bob Baoren commented: “The writing style is similar to Chen Jialing’s, but the free discussion among the two couples is beyond the reach of Jialing.”

Editor in charge: Li Mei#

The article is in Chinese

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