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[Real-time short commentary]If Blue, White, and Koko refuse to give up any ground, this is not party cooperation but party mergers | 2024 election outpost | Important news


When talking about cooperation between political parties, if it is “I do it and you cooperate”, then it is not cooperation between political parties, but mergers and acquisitions between political parties. if,Ke WenzherightTerry GouThe previous mergers and acquisitions were said to be frightening, and the Kuomintang also felt the same way about Ke Wenzhe’s only insistence on a national poll.

In fact, Blue and White have focused almost all their attention on delisting the DPP. As long as they letLai QingdeIf you lose the election, nothing else matters.This also gave Ke Wenzhe the opportunity toblue and whiteInfinite confidence during the negotiation process, contemptHou YouyiIf the KMT is unable to win the election and “sings autumn”, if the KMT’s legislative nominations are fired everywhere, the KMT will lose several seats, and the Blue and White negotiations will continue to poach the KMT. Blue and White have not yet won the election, and Ke Wenzhe’s domineering power has been fully exposed. If the DPP is really removed, who can control Ke Wenzhe.

The first political problem for Ke Wenzhe’s election as president is: the dilemma of a minority president. Although we prefer a presidential system, the operation of constitutional government, the promotion of government affairs, and the implementation of budgets depend on the cooperation of the executive and legislative chambers. In other words, if the president with real power does not have the talent to manage government affairs and does not have the support of a stable majority in Congress, Ke Wenzhe ordered Can’t get out of the presidential palace.

However, Ko Wenzhe’s personal characteristics can be seen from his eight years of experience as mayor of Taipei. He is a strongman-style political leader who lacks the essence of harmony, compromise, and communication. The president and Congress are in conflict, and the political situation will never be peaceful. The country is in idle state. There will never be such a beautiful state as “returning the country to the people.”

Ke Wenzhe has repeatedly claimed that public opinion polls are the simplest, most popular, and most scientific method. However, what Ke Wenzhe does not know is that this method only solves the problem of who will elect, but does not carefully consider the institutional issues after winning the election. The Kuomintang’s claim to add party strength and party support is not only tenable, but it is also a way to solve the problem of a minority president and implement a coalition government.

In other words, after all the polls and party strength, if Ke Wenzhe wins, based on the cooperation contract and credit between the two parties, the Kuomintang will not only fully support Ke Wenzhe in the election of president, but after winning the election, the Kuomintang will also form a legislative branch with the Kuomintang. To stabilize the majority, the Executive Yuan team formed by the two parties must promote Ko Wenzhe’s political views and ideas.

Taiwan has gone through seven direct presidential elections, with blue and green alternating in power. To be honest, who is the president is no longer that important, but the people will care more and more about: economic development, social security, fairness and justice, territorial planning, sustainable vision, and Efficient leaders do not have a stable and predictable team, and a powerful and loud-voiced president alone cannot achieve this. Just ask: Ko Wenzhe has been mayor of Taipei for eight years. What political achievements has he left behind that are known to the people of Taipei City or the country? I am afraid that Ko Wenzhe has more golden sayings or gaffes than political achievements.

National polls only solve the issue of candidates, but they will not solve the major issues of constitutional operation in the system.

Blue and white combine “ten mouths and nine kachens”! He reminded not to forget “the lesson of a carrying pole and a lottery ticket”

Whether the blue and white are together or not, as the registration time approaches, the pressure from the Kuomintang and the People’s Party enters the deep end. Who is the coward in the game to give in and seek compromise, or the brothers who climb the mountain and work hard, this morning (1…

2023-11-15 08:55

Instant comment: If Blue, White, and Kore refuse to give up any ground, this is not political party cooperation but political party mergers and acquisitions.

When talking about cooperation between political parties, if it is “I do it and you cooperate”, then it is not cooperation between political parties, but mergers and acquisitions between political parties. If Ke Wenzhe is frightened by Terry Gou’s previous mergers and acquisitions, the people…

2023-11-15 09:56

The Kuomintang Party has “KP”, and the Chiayi election chief committee suddenly wants to use it in reverse, which has profound meaning.

Taiwan People’s Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe is running for president. The People’s Party has announced the campaign logo and image design, which was designed by Chen Junliang, the founder of “Free Fall” design, known as the godfather of design…

2023-11-15 08:22

Xiao Meiqin appeared at the APEC annual meeting and smiled but did not respond to questions raised by the presidential deputy.

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Ching-te’s deputy candidate is widely rumored to be Representative to the United States Hsiao Meiqin. She suddenly appeared at the hotel where the APEC Taiwan media group stayed today. She smiled and said nothing when asked by the media, only…

2023-11-15 07:48

The last to register for the presidential election, Blue and White are still clamoring for national polls… After breaking through, 3 sets of scripts can this combination compete with “Lai Xiaopei”

“Blue and White Together” talks about changing into “Blue and White Drag” and is about to enter the showdown stage. Scholar Niu Zexun believes that if the Kuomintang insists on the “German model” and party support, and the People’s Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe also insists on comparing “Hou Ke” and “Ke Hou” to each other, it may be difficult to make progress. It is recommended that both parties respect each other, take a step back, and first Make sure that the “blue and white combination” does not break the game.

2023-11-15 06:23

[Editor-in-Chief Unboxing]Blue and White insist on sticking to their respective bottom lines, why not take a look at the solutions provided by the polls

Whether Blue and White can integrate the candidates for president and vice president will have a showdown today. The two camps have drawn their respective bottom lines for negotiations yesterday. The People’s Party still insists that the candidates will determine the winner and loser, while the Kuomintang believes that the proportion of party support should be included. If the coaches of both sides come to the negotiating table today and insist on sticking to their respective bottom lines and refusing to give in, breaking up the blue-white tie is tantamount to announcing that the DPP will continue to be in power. If both sides are still willing to listen to the majority of public opinion, the poll published by Lianhe Daily yesterday has provided how to decide on Hou Ke’s choice. , Ke Houpei’s solution.

2023-11-15 05:50

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