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Solving the urgent difficulties and worries of teachers and students with heart and soul – Xiangcheng Education and Sports System in Henan Province consolidates the foundation of grassroots education in thematic

Solving the urgent difficulties and worries of teachers and students with heart and soul – Xiangcheng Education and Sports System in Henan Province consolidates the foundation of grassroots education in thematic
Solving the urgent difficulties and worries of teachers and students with heart and soul – Xiangcheng Education and Sports System in Henan Province consolidates the foundation of grassroots education in thematic

[Theme education at the grassroots level]

Guangming Daily reporter Wang Shengxi Guangming Daily correspondent Wu Jiancheng

Learn party rules and disciplines, carry out anti-corruption education, establish family rules and family mottos, taste micro-classes on anti-corruption, tell stories and set examples… Since the launch of the second batch of theme education, a series of activities have been rapidly rolled out in the education and sports system of Xiangcheng City, Henan Province . Xiangcheng City’s education and sports system closely focuses on the general requirements of “learning ideas, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and building new achievements”, and takes “doing practical things for the people” as a specific measure to promote the theme education to be more in-depth and practical, and strive to solve the urgent difficulties and worries of teachers and students in schools. question.

Walking into the newly renovated No. 1 Middle School of Moling Town, Xiangcheng City, the campus is clean and hygienic, the roads are neat and flat, the classroom windows are bright and clean, and the sound of books echoes in the campus.

No. 1 Middle School in Moling Town is a local “prestigious school”. During the admission season for new students, the school is always “full.” However, with the obsolescence of campus infrastructure and the loss of outstanding teachers, this once-famous school has only 73 students left, and there were once rumors that it was going to close its doors.

How to bring this high school back to life? Xiangcheng City incorporated Moling Town No. 1 Middle School into the Lianxi Junior Middle School Education Group and became a branch branch of the group. It invested more than 2 million yuan to completely improve the school running conditions on the campus and adopted the group’s integrated school running model to significantly improve the teaching quality.

On the eve of the National Day, Lianxi Middle School in Xiangcheng City, Henan Province carried out cultural and sports activities to cultivate patriotic feelings among young people.Data pictures

In carrying out thematic education, Xiangcheng City Education and Sports Bureau starts from four dimensions: theoretical study improvement, investigation and research depth, review and rectification, and development expansion, and keeps a close eye on the problems and shortcomings in educational development. The city’s education system has launched a large-scale discussion around reform and development, deepening learning and striving for excellence, daring to be the first, and striving for effectiveness through hard work. The real results of “doing practical things in education, relieving the masses’ worries, and providing satisfactory education” have gradually emerged.

In response to the current situation of weak educational resources in rural areas and crowded urban areas, the Education and Sports Bureau of Xiangcheng City established a list of people’s livelihood projects, worked hard and thoughtfully to provide education that satisfies the people, and explored a group-based school running path to solve this situation.

Over the past two months, the Xiangcheng City Education and Sports Bureau has launched two group-based school running plans, established 15 alliance education groups, and 22 urban and rural schools have formed educational assistance pairs. The high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education has been effectively promoted. The running characteristics of each school are further highlighted.

Under the night after the beginning of winter, a turnover room in the Central Primary School of Gaosi Town, Xiangcheng City was bright and warm, and one could not feel the cold outdoors at all.

A few years ago, teacher Gao Huiling came to this primary school from Zhoukou City to work. The living conditions with her daughter have been unsatisfactory and she has been quite distressed by this.

At the end of October this year, as a batch of teacher turnover houses came into use, Gao Huiling was assigned a 35-square-meter house with one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. It was equipped with basic facilities such as beds, cabinets, tables, and gas stoves. Daily necessities and living conditions have been significantly improved. “After moving into the transitional housing, we have a decent home. I will never back down again.” Gao Huiling said happily.

The Education and Sports Bureau of Xiangcheng City closely combines thematic education with consolidating the foundation of education development, and does everything possible to speed up the construction of rural teacher turnover housing, and strives to create a good working environment for rural teachers to “get here, stay and teach well”, investing 5,000 Ten thousand yuan, it has built 22 buildings with 592 teacher turnover houses in 11 towns including Lizhai, effectively solving the accommodation problem of a group of grassroots teachers and further stimulating their enthusiasm to take root in the grassroots and teach and educate people.

Since the launch of thematic education, the Education and Sports Bureau of Xiangcheng City has started with theoretical learning and opened the way with practical activities to promote development and solve problems. It has focused on the integration of “goal orientation” and “problem orientation” and has focused on the improvement of school running conditions, the solution of large class sizes, and the integration of urban and rural education. We will focus on key and difficult issues in education such as education, establish a work ledger, and strive to solve the most direct and realistic interests of teachers, students and employees. We carry out “people-warming actions” such as optimizing the educational environment, subsidizing education, mental health consultation services, and improving the quality of food in the teachers and students’ cafeterias with heart and soul.

Focusing on the goal of “providing education that satisfies the people”, the Xiangcheng City Education and Sports Bureau actively plans projects and invests 170 million yuan to build two new boarding schools, adding 3,240 degrees, and solving the common people’s most concerned problems of students’ difficulty in enrolling in schools and accommodation; Vigorously implement the rural education quality improvement action, investing 10 million yuan to implement the reconstruction and expansion project of 5 boarding middle schools including Lizhai Town Second Junior Middle School, adding 1,000 new degrees; investing more than 32 million yuan, pooling funds and teachers to build 33 central villages primary school. Xiang Chengcheng tested the effectiveness of the theme education with one piece of educational practice.

“Guangming Daily” (November 15, 2023, Page 05)

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