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U.S. think tank talks about APEC: China is at its most vulnerable moment | U.S.-China Relations | China’s Current Danger Commission

U.S. think tank talks about APEC: China is at its most vulnerable moment | U.S.-China Relations | China’s Current Danger Commission
U.S. think tank talks about APEC: China is at its most vulnerable moment | U.S.-China Relations | China’s Current Danger Commission

On the eve of the 2023 APEC summit, American think tanks discussed the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party to the United States. The picture shows the APEC meeting on November 13. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, November 14, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Shi Ping) On the eve of the “Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation” APEC summit in San Francisco, American think tanks held an online meeting to discuss the significance of this meeting to the United States and China.

Experts believe that the APEC meeting is another opportunity for the CCP to survive; the US-China summit is an extension of the US appeasement policy towards the CCP in the past few decades. The CCP is currently “in its most vulnerable period.” The United States should and must use all its strength to attack the CCP and ultimately help eliminate this enemy that poses the greatest threat to U.S. security and interests.

* Moderator: The CCP has been wantonly “setting fire” in the United States

The American think tank “Committee on Current Danger in China” held a webinar titled “Biden must help defeat the CCP, not help it” on November 9.

Frank Gaffney, vice chairman of the China Current Danger Commission, likened Xi Jinping to an “arsonist.” (Screenshot of the video of the “China Current Danger Committee” online meeting)

Frank Gaffney, the moderator of the meeting and vice chairman of the think tank, compared Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping to an “Arsonist” who has been “setting fire” in the United States wantonly.

He gave the example of the Chinese Communist Party’s TikTok inciting support for Hamas across the country, including content that caused damaging attacks on the White House.

Gaffney said the U.S.-China summit and this year’s meetings between senior officials from the two countries “send a message to this tyrant” that “obey the Chinese Communist Party, give it legitimacy, and commit to following Beijing’s instructions.” “He can get away with murder by lighting more ‘fires’ around the world, keeping us distracted, exhausted and demoralized.”

* Director of the “Security Policy Center”: Take action against the CCP

Dr. Bradley Thayer, director of the China Department of another think tank “Security Policy Center” and author, said at the meeting that Biden “provided the CCP with a place to launch political war,” and the CCP will inevitably use Use this meeting to “show the Chinese people the victory of the CCP over the United States.”

Bradley Thayer, director of the China Department of the Security Policy Center, said on November 9 that the CCP is now at its most vulnerable moment. (Screenshot of the “China Current Danger Committee” online meeting video)

Thayer reviewed the history of APEC and said that the process of the change of the CCP’s status in APEC was precisely the process in which the policies of the “engagement school” among the U.S. government and elites “led to the loss of rights in the United States and the West.” The US government’s actions against Beijing during 2023 show that this government still continues its “trade relationship” with the CCP, and the result will inevitably be to help the CCP survive.

“This is a profound question we face that goes to the heart of American national security leadership, which is that we deliberately insist on making our adversaries stronger and us weaker.”

Thayer said, “Unless we realize the strategic folly and replace it with a strong, necessary and urgent policy, that is, a confrontational policy with the purpose of eliminating and defeating the CCP, we will also face conflicts that are beneficial to the CCP. , a situation that is unfavorable to us.”

Thayer believes that now is the CCP’s “most vulnerable” moment, so the United States should take action against the CCP.

“We need to realize that he is extremely fragile. His dominance over China has become extremely unstable due to a series of demographic and economic problems, and he is strengthening his control.” Thayer said, “So at this most vulnerable moment, Baidu The government can challenge him on the legitimacy of the CCP, because the CCP is not a democratically elected government, but a product of Western Marxist-Leninist ideology imposed on the Chinese people, and now is the time to take action against it.”

* Former Special Assistant to the President: How to eliminate the CCP

Former Special Assistant to the President Colonel Derek Harvey said on November 9 that the United States must help eliminate the CCP. (Screenshot of the “China’s Current Danger Committee” online meeting video.)

Another expert who attended the meeting, former Special Assistant to the President and Senior Regional Director of the National Security Council, former Senior Advisor to the Congressional Special Intelligence Committee, and retired Army Colonel Derek Harvey believed that the first step for the United States to help eliminate the Chinese Communist Party is to mobilize all levels officials and educate the entire public to recognize the significant threat the CCP poses to the United States.

“Unless the entire leadership, in the White House and state officials downstream, believes that the threat exists and commits to changing policies to challenge it, we cannot succeed in our diplomatic, military, educational, ideological, economic, Do the right thing by the law enforcement and intelligence community,” he said.

“We have to change the way we think, start with acknowledging the threat, truly recognize the threat and internalize it into action, and then we can start to make a difference.”

Colonel Harvey also made specific suggestions in various areas he mentioned, such as the need to compete with the CCP internationally in diplomacy; increasing military spending to further enhance its strength; reviewing the CCP’s funding in the fields of education and think tanks; in awareness Confront the CCP’s socialist ideological trend in the field of form; strictly enforce existing laws and severely punish Chinese companies that violate the law, etc. He believes it will be a “nationwide effort.”

“Institutionally speaking, we need to bring back like-minded, realistic leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, with better education and publicity, requiring transparency and awareness of the threats and actions of the Chinese Communist Party.” “Through these efforts, we will be able to turn the situation around,” he said.

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