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After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections | Leifeng Morning News |


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Li Jiaqi’s Double 11 total revenue exceeds 25 billion yuan?team response

Just after Double 11, there are rumors that, based on the sales and selling prices of Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room, during this year’s Double 11, Li Jiaqi’s total revenue is conservatively estimated to exceed 25 billion yuan. As soon as the news came out, it became the top trending search topic.

On November 13, Li Jiaqi’s Meijia team responded that the data was purely fabricated and seriously untrue. Double 11 receipts and data statistics were far from over, and Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room had never released GMV (gross merchandise transaction) data. The so-called revenue of 25 billion is pure nonsense. Previously, third-party data showed that on the first day of “Double 11” pre-sale (October 25), Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room had a total of about 400 products on sale, with unit prices ranging from tens of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan. (The Paper)

Domestic information

The value of domestic parts of Huawei Mate60 Pro accounts for 47%, which is significantly higher than that of Mate40 Pro three years ago.

After the return of Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro series mobile phones equipped with Kirin 9000S, it attracted disassembly tests from all parties. Nikkei worked with market research company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions to conduct a teardown of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro phone. It was eventually discovered that the domestic production rate of Huawei mobile phones is getting higher and higher. The value of Chinese-made parts in the Mate 60 Pro has reached 47%, which is 18 percentage points higher than the Mate 40 Pro at the same price three years ago.

The total cost of the complete machine parts is US$422 (approximately RMB 3,081), of which the parts made in China are worth approximately US$198, which is approximately 90% higher than the Mate 40 Pro. Among them, the largest proportion is the chip jointly manufactured by HiSilicon and SMIC; followed by third-party screen supply, from South Korea’s LG to the domestic BOE for the Mate 40 Pro. (IT Home)

Yu Chengdong: The “user center test drive accident” was caused by the customer accidentally stepping on the accelerator pedal, and AEB did not intervene.

According to news on November 13, a Dongguan Chabu user had an accident during a test drive. The Wenjie M5 smart driving version “rided” on a BYD Dolphin, causing a collision with the vehicle. As for the cause of the accident, Huawei said that after background data analysis and test drive users confirmed that the user mistakenly mistook the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal, causing the accident. At present, the vehicles of both parties have been claimed and repaired by the test drive insurance. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident.

Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, responded that during a door-to-door test drive on November 13, the customer mistakenly pressed the accelerator as the brake when reversing, causing the car to hit the car behind him. Regarding the non-intervention of the AEB function, Yu Chengdong said that after communicating with the ADS team and quality, the vehicle’s rear emergency braking did not recognize the stationary vehicle. Based on the external recorder video, it was determined that the customer mistakenly stepped on the wrong accelerator pedal. (Financial Associated Press)

Forced to watch ads when my hands are shaking!It is revealed that Apple will ban shake to jump ads, and many leading apps have received notices

Nowadays, when you open an app, if you move your hand slightly during the screen opening process, the system will default to “shake” and jump to other apps immediately, which greatly reduces the user experience. According to domestic media reports, an insider from a major Internet company said that since November, Apple has notified many domestic leading apps to require them to remove gyroscope permissions, and shake to jump ads are banned.

According to the insider, the company may release a new version of the App and put it on Apple’s App Store. The new version will not have shake-to-redirect ads, and the specific release time is still uncertain. The “Shake” function calls for gyroscope permissions. It was once used by many apps as a means of operation and promotion. Now many of them are used for advertising jumps. However, some mobile phones do not have a gyroscope permission switch and users cannot turn it off by themselves. (Times Finance)

NVIDIA’s specially supplied chip for China is a shrunken version, with computing power reduced by 80%: It used to take 20 days to run a task, but now it may take 100 days

Recently, it was reported that Nvidia has developed three latest improved versions of China’s HGX H20, L20 PCle and L2 PCle chips. According to TMTpost Media, these three new AI chips are not improved versions, but shrunken versions. Among them, the overall computing power of HGX H20 is about 80% lower than that of NVIDIA H100 GPU chip. Industry insiders explain that this is equivalent to widening the highway lanes, but the toll station entrance is not widened, which limits the flow.

At present, the performance of the new H20 has been ‘stuck’ from the source. When explaining the new H20 chip, an industry insider said that it used to take 20 days to run a task with H100, but now it may take 100 days to run another task with H20. It is reported that although the price of HGX H20 will decrease compared to H100, it is expected that the price of this product will still be higher than that of the domestic AI chip 910B.

BOE starts supplying screens to iPhone 15

According to industry insiders, BOE recently obtained certification for Apple’s iPhone 15 standard model (6.1-inch) OLED panel and has begun shipping it. It is expected to supply 2 million units this year. Although BOE’s supply was later than Samsung Display and LG Display due to quality issues, it finally achieved its goal of entering Apple’s iPhone 15 supply chain.

Previously, the OLED screens of iPhone 15 were provided by Samsung Display and LG Display. Samsung Display is responsible for supplying OLED screens for all four models, and LG Display is responsible for two iPhone 15 Pro models. A person in the display industry said: “BOE repeats the same situation every year, that is, when the iPhone is released, it is unable to supply it in the early stage due to quality issues, and can only enter the supply chain in the later stage.” (IT House)

Tencent Cloud responded to the online comment that “Ma Huateng said Alibaba Cloud is inferior to Tencent Cloud”: the screenshot is fake

According to news on November 12, as problems occurred in many related services of Alibaba Cloud on the evening of the 12th, a screenshot of the chat record appeared on the Internet: the person in the screenshot was wearing Ma Huateng’s head and using the name “Pony Ma Huateng”, shouting “It’s better to use Tencent Cloud than Alibaba Cloud, my friends!!”

According to reports, Tencent Cloud stated that this screenshot was fake. (Sina Technology)

“Seven Deadly Sins” PDF The party involved, Fang Mou, is suspected to have passed away.

According to news on November 14, it is reported that Fang Mou, the former vice president of Make Friends who was reported to be involved in the “Seven Deadly Sins” circulated on the Internet on the 13th, has passed away. Relevant people have gone to Hangzhou to handle and understand related matters. It is currently unclear whether the specific cause of death was suicide or homicide, and whether it is related to the report PDF. The specific situation needs further understanding.

On the 13th, a report on Fang was circulated on the Internet, claiming that Fang was involved in “seven sins” including: marital infidelity, job embezzlement, commercial fraud, etc. The relevant person in charge of Make a Friend responded yesterday that the person involved had resigned. The company will further investigate and deal with the suspected job embezzlement. Public information shows that Fang is the chief operating officer of Hangzhou Jinwei Supply Chain Information Service Co., Ltd. According to Huang He, the founder of Make a Friend, he previously revealed that Fang is one of the core team members of Make a Friend and is responsible for operating the business. (Bull whipper)

Vivo Product Manager Han Boxiao: X100 Pro mobile phone battery life is “a bit surprising” and “the reputation will definitely explode”

According to news on November 13, vivo X100 series mobile phones will meet with everyone at 19:00 on the evening of the 13th. At noon on the 13th, @vivo Han Boxiao, product manager of vivo Communication Technology Co., Ltd., is still warming up some configurations or functions of the new phone.

After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections丨Leifeng Morning News

Han Boxiao said on Weibo, “You may have seen some battery life reviews in the past few days. The results are good, especially the Pro, which may even make people a little surprised.” “The chances of mass production on the market are better and more exaggerated. You can use the standard version with confidence. The reputation of the battery life of the Pro generation will definitely be overwhelming.” At the same time, he also claimed that “the special problems of different networks in different regions are being resolved this week. I personally ordered the order, so trust me.” He also explained that although the probability of these problems is low, if they fall on individuals, they will have a considerable impact on battery life. (IT Home)

Huawei Weather announced that by installing and activating an APP, you can avoid watching ads for 30 days. Netizens: It’s really far ahead.

Recently, Huawei Weather App has been launched with ad-free rights. Once you download and activate one app, you can enjoy ad-free for 30 days, up to 360 days. If you only download unactivated tasks, it will be considered invalid. It is reported that the advertising-free coverage covers all pages in the Huawei Weather App. The same user can receive benefits up to 12 times, and can enjoy advertising-free time for up to 360 days.

Currently, this event is open to some test users in mainland China. It is limited to mobile devices. Tablets and folding devices are not supported for the time being. The scope of opening will continue to be expanded in the future. Netizens said that Huawei is really far ahead in operating model innovation.

Zhang Wei succeeds Peng Feili as head of public relations and communications of Volkswagen Group (China)

The news of the change of vice president of public relations of Volkswagen Group (China) (hereinafter referred to as “Volkswagen China”) has finally been settled. On November 13, Volkswagen China announced that Zhang Wei will replace the retiring Peng Feili as the head of public relations and communications. He will join Volkswagen China on November 20, 2023 as the group’s vice president in charge of public relations and communications.

In early October, there was news in the market that Peng Feili, vice president of Volkswagen China and head of the public relations and corporate social responsibility department, would resign by the end of the year at the latest. Later, Volkswagen told the media: “Peng Feili is retiring normally.” At that time, some media pointed out that after taking office in August last year, the current chairman and CEO of Volkswagen China, Bai Ruide, had been looking for a successor to Peng Feili’s position through headhunting and various channels. (Focus on the automotive industry)

Xpeng’s acquisition of Didi’s smart car business was completed for the first time, with Didi acquiring 3.25% of Xpeng’s shares

On the evening of November 13, Xpeng Motors announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the first delivery of the acquisition of Didi’s smart car development business assets had occurred on November 13, 2023. After the first delivery, all member companies of the target group have become companies. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Target Group, the financial results of the Target Group will be consolidated into the Group’s consolidated financial statements. According to the share purchase agreement, Didi has acquired 3.25% of Xpeng’s shares.

After the official announcement of the acquisition, Gu Hongdi, vice chairman and president of Xpeng Motors, said, “The core of our cooperation with Didi this time is that they have a very high-level, quasi-mass-produced A-class smart electric vehicle. Several billions of RMB have been invested in the development of the sedan model in the early stage, so it is a very attractive asset for us. At the same time, we will also acquire all R&D testing, equipment and other assets related to MONA, including some core personnel The team will also join Xiaopeng.” (The Paper)

The pre-orders of Zhijie S7 have exceeded 10,000 units, and Avita 12 has received more than 6,700 orders within 36 hours of its launch.

According to news released by Huawei, the pre-order volume of Zhijie S7 has exceeded 10,000 units. It is reported that the pre-sale price of Zhijie S7 starts from 258,000 yuan. Among them, the Intelligent S7 Pro starts at 258,000 yuan, the Intelligent S7 Max starts at 298,000 yuan, the Intelligent 7 Max+ starts at 328,000 yuan, and the Intelligent S7 Max RS starts at 358,000 yuan. Zhijie S7 is launched in four versions: standard voyage version, long range version, super cruise version and four-wheel drive flagship version.

After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections丨Leifeng Morning News

As the only partner of Huawei’s HI model, Avita announced the launch of Avita 12 one day after the pre-sale of Zhijie S7 started. Avita also announced the final data 36 hours after its launch on the 12th. It is reported that the sales of Avita 12 exceeded 6,700+ within 36 hours of its launch, and had exceeded 5,000+ within 12 hours of its launch. (

Sohu’s Q3 revenue was US$145 million, announcing a stock repurchase plan of up to US$80 million

Sohu announced its financial report for the third quarter of 2023. The financial report shows that Sohu’s total revenue in the third quarter was US$145 million, of which brand advertising revenue was US$22 million and online game revenue was US$117 million. It also announced a two-year stock buyback with a total amount of up to US$80 million. plan.

Sohu founder, chairman and CEO Zhang Chaoyang said: “In the third quarter, we continued to optimize our products and improve operational efficiency. Based on this, this quarter’s revenue and net profit were in line with previous expectations.” (Sina Technology)

It is rumored on the Internet that Xiaomi Motors and Haima Motors have a cooperation, Haima Motors officially responded

Recently, rumors about the possible cooperation between Haima Motors and Xiaomi Motors have attracted widespread attention among investors. However, Haima Motors made it clear on the interactive platform on November 13 that the company currently has no relevant cooperation news with Xiaomi Motors.

According to Xiaomi Auto’s listing plan, the company is actively promoting the development of its electric vehicle business. Overall, the partnership between Haima Motors and Xiaomi Motors remains unclear. It is worth mentioning that there was previous news that Xiaomi Motors will soon appear on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This means that the long-awaited appearance and configuration information of Xiaomi cars will be partially displayed. As for the specific time, it is still unknown. (Sina Technology)

Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections

According to reports, some netizens revealed that on online platforms such as Xianyu, there are accounts selling so-called “personal connections” in the name of “assisting projects, coordinating relationships, working for promotions, and recommending leaders”, with single sales ranging from hundreds to hundreds. Yuan, up to 5,000 Yuan. An account named “××High-end Network Resources (Strength)” has recently published a number of blog posts to solicit business, covering multiple provinces.

After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections丨Leifeng Morning News

Most of these online accounts that sell “personal connections” use trading platforms such as Xianyu as a channel to publish information. Once netizens ask via private messages, they will immediately ask to be transferred to other chat software for the next step. (Beijing News)

iPhone 15 price cut in the last two hours of Double 11 was complained about, Apple flagship store: coupons issued by the platform

Recently, many consumers complained that the e-commerce platform Apple’s official flagship store broke its “promise” during Double 11, and the price of iPhone 15 was reduced by 200 to 300 yuan in the last two hours, making many consumers who purchased in advance feel like they were “stabbed in the back.” Afterwards, the Apple flagship store said that this time it was a coupon issued by the platform, not an actual discount for the products in the store. The customer service of the e-commerce platform said that since the product does not have a price guarantee service, the price difference cannot be refunded. (Financial Network Technology)

Meng Yutong’s social platform offer has been closed: he took over advertising during his tenure at Gree

According to multiple domestic media reports, the quotation on the backend of Meng Yutong’s personal social account has been closed. Public information shows that Meng Yutong resigned from Gree in May this year. Regarding Meng Yutong’s resignation, Dong Mingzhu did not respond to the matter at the time. However, in a recent interview, Dong Mingzhu said that “it is illegal for people to advertise outside Gree.” Although Dong Mingzhu did not name her, netizens believed that this statement was directed at Meng Yutong.

Some media combed through and found that there were multiple commercial advertisements on Meng Yutong’s Xiaohongshu account, some of which were issued while working at Gree. The earliest commercial advertisement video was released in March 2022 to promote a well-known brand of facial cream; the most recent one was 10 On March 16, it was a skin care product from a well-known brand. (Quick Technology)

international information

Is there no more Smart Island?Sources say Apple is testing a hole-punch version of iPhone 16 Pro

According to news on November 12, generally speaking, Apple will determine the overall plan for each generation of iPhone models half a year before release, that is, around March, but in fact, early development work starts much earlier, and even Apple often decides in advance. It has taken several years to lay out the supply chain, especially the display panel solution.

According to whistleblower Majin Bu, Apple is currently testing the iPhone 16 Pro prototype version, which includes a prototype with a single punch hole design instead of the “pill screen” + “smart island” used in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 series. , but this design may also be preparing for the 2025 iPhone 17 Pro series. (IT Home)

General Motors’ autonomous driving business Cruise announces layoffs

On the 9th local time, Cruise, General Motors’ autonomous driving business, announced a new round of layoffs. This layoff involves contract workers (temporary workers) for the company’s driverless ride-hailing service. The layoffs include those who help clean vehicles, charge fleets and handle customer support inquiries. Cruise declined to disclose the exact number of layoffs. Cruise plans to resume driverless service but has not disclosed a specific timeline.

Cruise explained that there are multiple reasons for the layoffs, including the suspension of its autonomous vehicle business. This is the direct reason, and the fundamental reason may still be the company’s poor operating conditions. According to financial information disclosed by Cruise’s parent company General Motors, Cruise has lost more than US$8 billion (equivalent to approximately RMB 58.315 billion) since 2017. Based on the current cash consumption rate, its cash flow is only enough to support 9 months. (China Business News)

Apple takes a 36% commission, and Google needs to spend a lot of money to maintain its dominant position in Safari search

The revenue share amount should technically be kept secret, but Google witnesses accidentally leaked the figure in a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit. An economic expert representing Apple said that Google needs to pay Apple 36% of the revenue, which includes all the revenue Google obtains through search ads on the Safari browser, including iPhone, iPad and Mac.

According to foreign media reports, Google’s lead lawyer “visibly cringed” when he revealed the revenue data because the data is supposed to be confidential. Last month, wealth management firm Bernstein said Apple earns $18-20 billion in revenue from Google each year (currently about 131.4-146 billion yuan), accounting for about 15% of Apple’s annual operating profit. (IT Home)

Musk announced the latest progress of Tesla FSD V12: it will be available online in about 2 weeks

According to media reports on November 13, some netizens asked Musk on social media: When will Tesla FSD V12 autonomous driving be available? Subsequently, Musk responded: Tesla FSD V12 will be officially launched and started to be used in about 2 weeks. Tesla said: Tesla FSD does not rely on high-definition maps, which means Autopilot can be enabled in places the car has never seen before.

In fact, he had said this more than once. Musk has claimed since 2016 that Tesla cars will have fully driverless functions, but until today, this function has still not been realized, and it has been 7 years. ( Technology)

OneDrive pop-up prompts outrage, Microsoft withdraws it

According to news on November 12, Microsoft pushed an experimental survey pop-up window to some users from November 1 to 8. What makes users angry is that there is a drop-down menu in the pop-up window asking users to choose the reason for closing OneDrive. That is, OneDrive will prevent users from exiting the sync client unless they select a reason in the drop-down menu. What’s even more annoying is that this pop-up window is not a one-time event and will appear again when the user closes the cloud client next time. Due to user feedback, Microsoft has removed this pop-up through a server-side update.

After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections丨Leifeng Morning News

Previously, users discovered that when closing the OneDrive sync client, a survey pop-up window appeared. The pop-up, which was added to Windows sometime in November, asks users why they want to close OneDrive. It is reported that this pop-up window will appear every time the app is closed. (IT Home)

OpenAI may seek new Microsoft funding

Recently, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in an interview that his company’s cooperation with Microsoft CEO “is working very well” and that he expects to “raise more money” from the technology giant and other investors over time. More funding” to keep up with the high cost of building more complex AI models. Asked whether Microsoft would continue to invest further, Altman said he hoped so, adding that there was still a long way to go and there was a lot of computing to be built between here and AGI and the training costs would be too high. Big. (Sina Technology)

Google will start deleting inactive Gmail accounts on December 1

According to news on November 12, Google will delete Gmail accounts and photos that have been inactive for a long time starting from December 1. Google announced this news earlier this year, and now there are only a few weeks left before this deadline. It is understood that Google defines an account that has not been used within two years as an inactive account. Google considers logging in, reading or sending email, using Google Drive, watching YouTube videos, sharing photos, downloading apps, and searching while logged in to be “activities.” (IT Home)

American astronaut lost a tool bag in space. There have been many similar accidents before.

On November 2, NASA astronauts Jasmin Moghbeli and Loral O’Hara performed some ISS maintenance work, this time lasting 6 hours During the 42-minute spacewalk, one of the two astronauts accidentally let go of a tool bag they had been using, causing it to float into space.

Ground control later spotted the bag on external space station cameras but determined its trajectory did not pose a risk to the space station or its crew. The bag is expected to float in front of the space station for several months before eventually burning up in Earth’s atmosphere. This is not the first time astronauts have accidentally released items into deep space. Astronauts have made this mistake at least four times. (IT Home)

BMW will launch L3 autonomous driving in Germany: you can watch videos while driving, priced at 6,000 euros

BMW will launch its Personal Pilot L3 autonomous driving system in the German market, which can control the vehicle’s speed, distance from the vehicle in front and lane position without driver intervention when the driver is temporarily distracted. BMW said in a press release that the Personal Pilot L3 system will be available in the new BMW 7 Series.

Currently, this system is limited to the German market and is priced at 6,000 euros (currently approximately 46,740 yuan). The system can only be used on motorways with structurally separated lanes at speeds of up to 60 km/h. However, BMW emphasizes that its system can be used in the dark. (IT Home)

Hyundai invested US$1.5 billion to build a new factory in South Korea after 27 years, with an annual output of 200,000 electric vehicles

On November 13, it is understood that Hyundai Motor Company held a groundbreaking ceremony for a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) production plant in Ulsan, an industrial city in southeastern South Korea. The plant aims to produce 200,000 vehicles per year starting in 2026. Hyundai plans to invest 2 trillion won (approximately US$1.51 billion) to build this 548,000 square meter factory. This will be the company’s first new factory in South Korea in 27 years, following the construction of the Asan Factory in 1996.

Separately, Hyundai Motor said it would not delay plans to launch new electric vehicles and was optimistic about continued growth prospects this year, in contrast to recent moves by rivals to cut EV production. Seo Gang Hyun, executive vice president of Hyundai Motor, said, “We do not plan to significantly cut the production or product line of electric vehicles due to obstacles that may be encountered in the short term because we believe that sales of electric vehicles will grow in the long term. .” (Mobile China)

Samsung and Apple account for 99% of Korean smartphone sales

Data released by market research company Counterpoint Research on Monday showed that South Korean smartphone sales in the third quarter of this year were approximately 3.4 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 10%. Samsung Electronics is the dominant player, accounting for 84% of total sales. Apple’s market share increased by 2 percentage points to 15%. Other smartphone makers including Motorola account for a combined 1% market share. (Global Market Report)

Institutional investigation: Chinese e-commerce companies Temu and SHEIN are closing in on Amazon for U.S. users

According to a joint survey between Japanese media and American survey companies, Amazon’s overall number of global users in October increased by 4% year-on-year, while Temu and SHEIN combined soared to 2.6 times. The report pointed out that users of e-commerce platforms originating from China such as Temu and SHEIN have increased sharply in the United States.

The total number of users of these two applications increased to approximately 110 million in October, quadrupling within one year, approaching 90% of the largest platform, Amazon in the United States. Judging from the proportion of US users in the world, Temu is 41% and SHEIN is 18%, both exceeding Amazon (15%). The number of new downloads of these two apps in the United States is now nearly five times that of Amazon. (interface)

India considers tax cuts on electric car imports for five years to attract manufacturers like Tesla

India is considering tax cuts for up to five years on the import of complete electric vehicles in a bid to entice companies like Tesla to sell and eventually produce cars in the country. The Indian government is formulating policies to allow international automakers to import electric vehicles at preferential rates as long as the manufacturers commit to eventually manufacturing the vehicles in India, people familiar with the matter said.

In 2021, Tesla had sought to reduce import tariffs on electric vehicles from the current 70%-100% to 40% based on the import value of the vehicle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is likely to meet Indian Trade Minister Piyush Goyal later this week to discuss the company’s plans to build a factory in India. (Financial Associated Press)

Can it prevent players from spraying each other?Sony’s new patent: AI filters out indecent content in voice chats

On November 13, Sony SIE recently passed two patents in the relevant departments, one of which is the “game calendar” function and the other is the “voice chat filtering” function. It is worth noting that from the relevant patent content, it is known that the “voice chat filtering function”, as the name suggests, mainly filters indecent content in voice chat. This patent is mainly based on software. Sony uses AI to detect indecent voice content of players and can Blocking certain vulgar texts can also reduce the intensity of some players’ “roar”.

In this regard, some netizens said that this function can change from “spitting fragrance” to “spitting fragrance” to prevent players from greeting each other fiercely. Foreign media believe that Sony will eventually add functions based on these two patents to the PS5 game console update. Players can freely enable these functions to obtain a more enjoyable gaming experience on different occasions. (IT Home)

ICBC’s U.S. subsidiary was attacked by ransomware, causing some system outages

According to reports on November 12, ICBC Financial Services Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ICBC Financial”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICBC in the United States, recently issued an announcement on its official website stating that on November 8, Eastern Time (Beijing) On November 9), the company was attacked by ransomware, causing some system interruptions.

After a 60-page PDF report involving seven crimes, the person involved was suddenly revealed to be dead; Yu Chengdong responded to the question about the accident where a test drive crashed into BYD; Xianyu was revealed to have users selling connections丨Leifeng Morning News

According to an announcement on the official website of ICBC Financial, after discovering the attack, ICBC Financial immediately cut off and isolated the affected system to prevent the spread of the attack. At present, the company has launched a thorough investigation, is working hard to restore the system with the support of a team of information security experts, and has notified law enforcement authorities of the matter. (Financial Times) account:

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