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Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu star in the fairy tale drama “The Hidden God” adapted from the original work. The two accidentally met and learned about their past sadomasochism in their previous lives | Book Market | Langlangyue Reading

Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu star in the fairy tale drama “The Hidden God” adapted from the original work. The two accidentally met and learned about their past sadomasochism in their previous lives | Book Market | Langlangyue Reading
Zhao Lusi and Wang Anyu star in the fairy tale drama “The Hidden God” adapted from the original work. The two accidentally met and learned about their past sadomasochism in their previous lives | Book Market | Langlangyue Reading

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At this time, the ancient world.

A hundred years after Bai Jue’s death, the most beloved place in ancient times was the Star-Zhaing Pavilion in the pilgrimage hall.

Zhi Yang picked some good tea from the dense forest and found her in the Star Picking Pavilion. He happened to see the ancient big hand wave his hand and send the ancient world gate down. After asking the reason, he smiled and said: “It turned out that Feng Ran was hosting a banquet for that little fire phoenix. I forgot about it. When she enters the ancient world in the future, Realm, I’ll make up for it. But letting the ancient realm gate accompany her into the world… This gift is a bit heavy for that little guy!”

Shanggu took a sip of the tea prepared by Zhiyang and said calmly: “Feng Yin can bear this birthday gift.”

Since Bai Jue’s death, everything has gone smoothly in ancient times. Even when Yuan Qi was sent to the lower world, she never asked. How could she be so interested in a little fire phoenix this time? Zhi Yang felt strange in his heart. He lowered his head and calculated, then raised his head to look at the ancient times in surprise, “What’s going on? This little guy’s destiny is actually shrouded in a ball of divine power, and his destiny is broken. Today is not the time for her nirvana…”

The only divine power that can make him unable to see clearly is the source of chaos in the world. The ancients are sitting here in good condition, and Bai Jue has been transformed into ashes for hundreds of years. The only one who can break Feng Yin’s destiny is that boy Yuan Qi.

Zhi Yang said, raising his hand and swiping it into the air, and a water mirror appeared in front of the two of them. Outside the Fenghuang Hall on Wutong Island, the lively scene of celebrating with the sky loomed, and the water mirror fluctuated slightly, and the scene of Kuching running towards the ancestral tree in the Wutong Ancient Forest was clearly visible.

“How did this boy grow up to be so virtuous?” It has only been a hundred years, but the handsome little baby back then has turned into a round ball. The parent Zhiyang couldn’t accept the reality for a while, and suddenly looked at the ancients seriously, and his tone was much louder than before. The ups and downs were even greater when figuring out Feng Yin’s fate.

Shang Gu was also a little embarrassed. She glanced at the fat ball in the lower world and coughed, “Well, I looked at him in the water mirror twenty years ago…” She stretched out her hand and gestured, “He is only a little fat.” Then she complained. He said, “I wonder what Donghua feeds him every day?”

You are the mother, Donghua is just the master! Zhiyang swallowed these words silently, and just condemned the ancients with his eyes for a while before putting away the water mirror, and no longer mentioned the nirvana of the little fire phoenix on Wutong Island.

Both of them are the oldest gods in the ancient world. To them, disasters in the lower world are just as natural as the sun rising and the moon setting. If it wasn’t related to Yuan Qi, they probably wouldn’t even have the time to take a look.

Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. With Yuan Qi and Feng Yin’s background, how can their fate be perfect if they don’t experience disasters?

However, Yuan Qi was born with the power of chaos to protect him, and neither of them could see clearly where his fate was headed. If they had expected that they would end up like that a hundred thousand years later… On this day, even if the clouds were light and the wind was light, the two of them could not see clearly. People will never be so relaxed and at ease.

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In the ancient sycamore forest, Little Fatty Gu ran all the way and finally found the ancestral sycamore tree that gave birth to the soul of Little Fire Phoenix. The ancestral tree is already hundreds of thousands of years old and could have become a god long ago. However, because it favored the Phoenix clan, it entered samadhi thousands of years ago and kept its true body on Wutong Island. It turned into a soul-gathering platform at the top of the trunk to protect the younger generations of the Phoenix clan for hundreds of years. Feng Yin is the only one from the Feng clan who remains at the Soul Gathering Platform.

At this time, there was only a moment left before Feng Ran’s Nirvana. The scorching red divine power emitted from the Soul Gathering Platform, covering the ancient tree within a foot, making it difficult to move even an inch. A white firework loomed at the top of the ancestral tree, seeming to have the power to devour it.

He has such spiritual power before he is born. It seems like he is really a treasure. Little Fatty Gu raised his head and sighed, it was very rare. He was sealed with the power of chaos by Apocalypse before he was born. He has never enjoyed such a kingly aura, and he feels a little envious in his heart.

The time was coming, Kuching saw that it was already getting late, so he tried his best to break through the spiritual power, panting and moved step by step to the bottom of the tree, then blinked, stretched his muscles and began to climb the tree. In fact, it was not impossible to wait under the tree, but he had never seen the appearance of a phoenix reborn in his life for so long, and he felt itchy and wanted to see the scene.

It’s just that Gu Xiaopang didn’t know that the white fire of Fire Phoenix’s Nirvana can burn everything. Except for Feng Ran, the Emperor of Heaven, only he who has the source of chaos in his body can get close to this ancestral Wutong tree. Otherwise, how could the Feng Clan let Feng Yin alone? Nirvana.

Half a quarter of an hour later, Kuching finally approached the Soul Gathering Platform with great effort, which was actually a tree hole created in the trunk of the ancestor tree.

He leaned on the tree trunk, raised his head and looked into the tree hole – a red phoenix egg printed with the ancient inscriptions of the Phoenix tribe was spinning quietly in the white scorching fire.

Kuching crawled to the entrance of the cave on his hands and knees and waited for the little fire phoenix to pass into nirvana. At this time, a beam of silver light fell from the sky, intertwined with the red spiritual power, and enveloped the ancestral Wutong tree. Kuching glanced in the air and was dumbfounded at the radiant ancient gate – the Mother Goddess’s handiwork was so great that even the Emperor of Heaven might not be able to keep up with the splendor of the canonization!

At this moment, the phoenix egg in the tree hole suddenly started to move, and a low phoenix cry came from the shell. Kuching turned back quickly, holding his breath and staring at the egg without blinking. When the time came for the little fire phoenix to reach nirvana, the idea of ​​asking for the fire phoenix jade faded away. He kept mumbling about what would come out later…a little phoenix? Or a fair and tender little baby? Is it a male…ahem, is it a boy or a girl?

The sun sets below the sea level, the bright moon rises, and when the sun and the moon alternate, the fiery red light rises from the ancient sycamore forest and reaches the sky.

The immortals in front of the Phoenix Palace Square became quiet due to the sudden appearance of huge spiritual power. This little fire phoenix actually has such magical power! The Phoenix clan withdrew from the conflict between the three realms a hundred years ago. Only the Phoenix Emperor took over the throne under the entrustment of the previous Heavenly Emperor Twilight. Now there is a god in both the fairy and demon realms. If the little Feng Lord is born, he will have the power of a god and can move towards him. In the fairy world, the structure of the three realms will be broken immediately!

I am afraid that the entire fairy world has never been looking forward to the birth of an immortal like this.

On the soul-gathering stage, the phoenix cry in the egg became louder and louder, and the white tongues of flames spiraled upwards with awe-inspiring power.

The white fire swept through the tree hole, emitting a dazzling light, and Kuching subconsciously closed his eyes. At this time, the sound of eggshells breaking and falling to the ground suddenly sounded in the white light. He felt happy, opened his eyes and looked around, stunned in place.

Above the scorching tongue, a girl stood quietly with her eyes closed, her lips slightly raised with the joy of being born.

The flame red jade hanging above her head gave off a faint soft light, shrouding her whole body in gentle divine power.

With her red clothes and dark hair, light eyebrows and beautiful face, she captivated the world.

Who could have known that Fengjun Fengyin, who first came to the world, was already so young and beautiful.

The phoenix crown brand on her forehead suddenly appeared. For a moment, Kuching seemed to be captured. He walked in front of Feng Yin involuntarily and reached out to touch the flaming red phoenix crown…

The phoenix eyes opened suddenly, as if she didn’t expect that someone could break through the scorching fire and get close to her. She moved her palm, and the white scorching fire came out of her palm and flew towards Kuching.

The scorching fire was approaching and the heat wave hit. Kuching suddenly came to his senses and hid in embarrassment. His outstretched hand did not touch Feng Yin’s forehead, but instead grabbed the Fire Phoenix Jade that fell with Feng Yin.

“It’s you.”

Kuching was swept a few steps away by the scorching fire. Feng Yin didn’t say anything, just raised her eyes and looked at his palm. The spiritual power and soul that Feng Yin has cultivated for hundreds of years are all in the Fire Phoenix Jade. Only when all the spiritual power is absorbed can she truly achieve nirvana. However, the appearance of Kuching disrupted Huohuangyu’s spiritual supply, and she was forced to wake up early.

It’s you? What’s the meaning? Has she seen me? Kuching was filled with doubts. When he saw Feng Yin staring at the Fire Phoenix Jade in his palm, his face became confused and he walked towards Feng Yin to return the jade to her. Unexpectedly, he walked too hastily and tripped over a branch.

The sound of heavy objects falling to the ground was heard, and the entire ancestral tree was shaken. Feng Yin stared at Ku Qing on the ground, the corner of his lips curled up quickly, and then he quickly returned to his indifferent expression in the blink of an eye.

Kuching stood up in embarrassment, and a sharp pain hit him. He groaned twice, took a breath, and looked down – there was a deep cut on his palm, and blood gushed out and dripped to the ground.

Neither of them noticed that the blood was also dripping on the Fire Phoenix Jade that Kuching had been holding tightly.

Feng Yin, who was watching the joke on the side, saw that his eyebrows and nose were wrinkled, and he couldn’t bear it. His expression softened and he was about to say a few words of comfort. But before he could speak, his expression suddenly changed.

The blood-stained Fire Phoenix Jade on Ku Qing’s palm flew to Ku Qing’s head without any warning, and the scorching red light enveloped him and Feng Yin. The source of chaos sealed by the Apocalypse in Kuching’s body emerged on her forehead under the pull of the Fire Phoenix Jade. Her century-old spiritual power condensed in the Phoenix Spiritual Sea and the Fire Phoenix Jade quickly dissipated, rushing towards the source of chaos on Kuching’s forehead crazily. .

Fire Phoenix Jade was refined from the source of chaos a hundred years ago in ancient times. Kuching’s blood caused the source of chaos in his body to resonate with the Fire Phoenix Jade. The seal of Apocalypse became loose, and the source of chaos in his body had been suppressed for a hundred years. Awakening, thinking that the Fire Phoenix Jade was prepared for it, he naturally absorbed it without hesitation.

Under the restraint of the divine power of Chaos, both of them were unable to move. They could only watch as the source of Chaos absorbed all the spiritual energy on the Soul Gathering Platform.

Feng Yin’s face was pale, his eyes were dark, and his brows were lightly furrowed. He seemed to be a little surprised by the situation in front of him.

Even though all the spiritual energy in his body was about to be swallowed up, Kuching didn’t see any panic in Feng Yin’s eyes.

He felt remorseful and guilty, and said anxiously: “Don’t worry, I will return the spiritual power to you when it stops.”

Although she didn’t know who he was and why he broke into the Wutong Ancestral Tree, Feng Yin knew that the fat immortal king in front of him did not covet her spiritual power. After all, just the strange source suspended on his forehead was not inferior to the divine power contained in it. to her.

An accident, because of an accident, ruined the Nirvana she had been preparing for for hundreds of years.

Feng Yin was silent for a while, shook his head, and there was a wry smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Master, it took thousands of years for me to achieve enlightenment and achieve nirvana. I thought I was born against the will of heaven and would be an anomaly in this lineage. It seems I can’t escape God’s will.”

“What do you mean?” Kuching panicked.

“The fire phoenix jade not only contains the spiritual power I have cultivated for hundreds of years, but also my soul. Today is not the time for my nirvana.”

The fire phoenix jade’s spiritual power is swallowed up, and her soul is bound to be damaged. How can she achieve nirvana and come to the world?

Kuching finally understood the meaning of her words, and his expression changed drastically.

She glanced towards the sky, then back to Kuching, and asked, “Who are you?”

She had to understand how she could be an ordinary person if she could prevent Feng Yin from coming to the world.

However, before he could wait for Kuching to answer, the white fire in the cave was already frantically attacking towards the source of chaos in Kuching – every soul of Feng Yin in the Fire Phoenix Jade felt the danger of being devoured, and was actually ready to fight with Kuching. perish together!

The Fire Phoenix Jade was restrained by the two divine powers and was unable to bear it. A crack opened in the transparent jade. Suddenly, the Fire Phoenix Jade screamed, split into pieces and exploded in the tree hole.

The chaotic divine power swept across the sycamore tree, emitting a dazzling light!

Book title: “The Hidden God.” “Set of upper and lower volumes” Author: Xingling Publishing House: Chunguang Publishing/City-State Culture…

At the same time, earth-shattering roars came from the Wutong forest to outside the Phoenix Emperor’s Hall. The immortals looked up in shock and saw a strange silver divine power rising into the sky from the Wutong forest. The fiery red light of Fengjun’s Nirvana was quickly swallowed up!

After a short breath, the roaring stopped, the silver light dissipated, and the breath of the fire phoenix could no longer be found.

The immortals stared blankly at the ancient gate that disappeared from the sky, looking at each other in silence.

The bloodline of the Phoenix Emperor that Wutong Island had been waiting for for hundreds of years, the little fire phoenix that came into the world to shake the three worlds, died without warning on the day of Nirvana.

what on earth is it?

No one dared to take a look at the Supreme Lord of the Immortal Realm and the Emperor of the Phoenix Clan.

But everyone knows that the sky in the fairy world is about to change color.

●This article is excerpted from “Shen Yin.” published by Chunguang Publishing/City Culture Publishing. “Top and Bottom Volume Set”.

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