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Xia Lin: Hamas, success and failure are also tunnels | Israel | Human shields | Tunnel warfare

Xia Lin: Hamas, success and failure are also tunnels | Israel | Human shields | Tunnel warfare
Xia Lin: Hamas, success and failure are also tunnels | Israel | Human shields | Tunnel warfare

[The Epoch Times, November 15, 2023]On October 7, in the dark night and high winds, the Hamas terrorist organization suddenly launched a large-scale attack, killing and capturing Israeli civilians and soldiers who were still celebrating the Jewish Sabbath, leaving them unprepared. Israel suffered heavy casualties. The Israeli government was furious and vowed to raze Gaza and eliminate all Hamas terrorists.

The harsh words have been spoken, but the mainstream Western media and even the US military are not optimistic about whether Hamas can be captured or eliminated. why? Because everyone feels that it is difficult for Israel to compete with Hamas’s “Tunnel Warfare 3.0”. In the past few years, the Chinese Communist Party, the origin of tunnels, has secretly sent engineers and sappers to Gaza to teach Hamas step by step how to dig and build tunnels.

The leader of Hamas once boasted that their underground tunnels are 500 kilometers long and are indestructible. I don’t know if it is 500 kilometers, but it is a fact that it is connected in all directions. It is said that McDonald’s can “quickly” reach diners on the ground from neighboring countries underground.

Why have terrorists’ “tunnel warfare” turned the tables on the United States and the West in the 21st century? Because let’s not talk about it from afar, let’s just say that in 2016, the US military was very embarrassed by the enemy’s Tunnel 2.0 in the Middle East war.

In the 2016 anti-terrorism battle against Mosul in Iraq, the US military discovered that villages around Mosul had a very developed tunnel system, the longest of which extended to 6 miles. The tunnel network connected to these villages provided electricity, food storage and ammunition. These tunnels are wide enough to transport soldiers and supplies, and can even be used by motorcycles. An Iraqi special forces commander said helplessly: “We are like fighting two wars in two cities at the same time, one on the streets, and the other in the entire underground city where the enemy is hiding.”

The advanced weapons and superior strength of the US military are unable to effectively function in the face of deep and complex tunnels, and suffer heavy casualties.

This is why the mainstream media and the US military lack confidence when faced with the 500-kilometer maze-like Hamas Tunnel 3.0. Of course, Hamas is also more unscrupulous, thinking that it can retreat safely after killing so many Israelis. Their tunnels are even more extensive, and even lead directly to the underground of Israeli territory. Moreover, they also copied the CCP’s “human shield” tactics and built tunnel exits and missile launch pads next to hospitals, children’s playgrounds and residential buildings. Therefore, even if Israel discovers the tunnel exit, it cannot attack it because it will injure civilians.

Hamas, like the CCP, treats ordinary people as human shields. They know that Israel does not want to intentionally harm civilians, so even if they find these tunnels or rocket launch pads, they have nothing to do with them.

However, this time Hamas overestimated the CCP’s tunnels and underestimated Israel’s determination and wisdom to eliminate them. Israel has already figured out how to deal with Tunnel 3.0. They used small robots carrying explosives and cameras to enter the tunnels, used sponge bombs to seal the tunnel entrances or ventilation shafts, illuminated the tunnels with strong lights, used military dogs to go down the tunnels to bite Hamas elements, flooded them with water, and used gas detection, etc. Maas uses unimaginable technology and unique methods to eliminate terrorists in the tunnels; of course, Israel also has giant bombs waiting.

In just one week after entering Gaza, Israel has destroyed 150 tunnels. Now the Hamas elements hiding in the tunnels have become turtles in a jar. It is said that even the engineers and soldiers of the Chinese Communist Party are now blocked in the tunnels, making the Chinese Communist Party anxious because they are afraid that Israel will capture living evidence. These Chinese Communist soldiers and engineers who sneaked in with tourist visas may “sacrifice with honor” along with Hamas. However, it is unclear whether he will be named a “martyr” by the CCP and Hamas.

Editor in charge: Wen Fang

The article is in Chinese

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