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In the post-epidemic era, let ‘love’ breed zero infections, zero deaths and zero discrimination | AIDS | The Epoch Times

In the post-epidemic era, let ‘love’ breed zero infections, zero deaths and zero discrimination | AIDS | The Epoch Times
In the post-epidemic era, let ‘love’ breed zero infections, zero deaths and zero discrimination | AIDS | The Epoch Times

“Let ‘love’ breed in the post-epidemic era and end zero AIDS infections, zero deaths and zero discrimination” press conference on AIDS care results. (Provided by Taoyuan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare)

[The Epoch Times, November 14, 2023](The Epoch Times reporter Xu Naiyi reported in Taoyuan, Taiwan) This year, Taoyuan Hospital stood out in the fierce competition of the 6th “Government Service Award”. In order to thank all the medical colleagues who have made selfless contributions, on the 14th A press conference on AIDS care results was held, “Let ‘love’ breed and end zero AIDS infection, zero death and zero discrimination in the post-epidemic era.” Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Wang Bisheng congratulated Taoyuan Hospital for winning the 6th “Government Service Award” for achieving all-round AIDS care. It also highlighted that 26 ministry hospitals provide friendly medical services and ensure that people infected with AIDS are not discriminated against. concept, and demonstrates that the ministry hospital has a public welfare mission and fulfills its social care responsibilities.

Chen Richang, acting president of Taoyuan Hospital, explained that Taoyuan Hospital established an AIDS care center in 2002, becoming the first AIDS care team in a hospital under the Department of Health at that time and assuming the mission of public health and epidemic prevention. The center adheres to the goals of AIDS care and prevention of “equality for all, friendly medical care, and whole-person approach”. It is a key prevention and treatment target from hospitals to prisons, from campuses to communities. In the past, HIV-infected patients were easily refused diagnosis and treatment due to the stigma of the disease. In order to protect the health rights of HIV-infected patients, Taoyuan Hospital has continued to work hard to accept HIV-infected patients for treatment in all departments of the hospital. By combining the support of clinicians, personal counselors, ward nurses, social workers, psychologists, as well as volunteer teachers, caring volunteers, etc., a comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual AIDS care system has been created to provide infected people with medical and psychological services. More comprehensive assistance.

Zheng Jianyu, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Taoyuan Hospital, said that in order to help HIV-infected people lead a healthier and quality life, Taoyuan Hospital has also launched Taiwan’s first “90-day program” to improve the quality of life of HIV-infected people from three aspects: diet, exercise and spirituality. Your ideal exercise plan” health education activity. Invite hospital-infected patients to set an ideal life for themselves through the daily challenge of healthy eating and regular exercise. It is hoped that through this event, infected people will be encouraged to continue to maintain good healthy living habits and stay away from the threat of comorbid diseases after reaching “U=U”.

The infected people also made videos to give back. When they learned about their condition and faced despair and helplessness, they were fortunate to have the hospital care team who accompanied them all the way, taught them correct medical knowledge and new concepts, and gave them firm and warm support, so that they could recover and return to health. In daily life, “There is a group of people who care more about their own health than me. I am really lucky!” Lin Qingfeng, CEO of the Medical Welfare Association of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that with the advancement of medical technology, the concept of “U=U” (Undetectable = Untransmittable ) is undetectable = non-infectious in an era, it is expected that infected people will not only not be discriminated against, but also deserve a better quality of life. Seeing that a case reaches “U=U” and can work well, live a good life, and even get married, have children and start a family is nothing short of a great encouragement to medical staff. Taoyuan Hospital won the 6th “Government Service Award” this time, which means that its long-term care for AIDS patients has been recognized by the society. He firmly believes that the 26 ministry hospitals will continue to provide AIDS care without interruption.

Wang Bisheng pointed out that Taiwan’s AIDS prevention and control achievements currently rank first in Asia. In recent years, the international and Taiwanese communities have also actively promoted the concept of “U=U”. Large-scale international studies have confirmed that as long as HIV-infected people take medication steadily every day until the virus is no longer detectable in the blood, they are not contagious even if they have condomless sex. There is no difference between ordinary people and no special treatment is needed. Wang Bisheng also hopes that the 26 ministry hospitals will continue to assist more HIV-infected people and help Taiwan’s AIDS prevention and treatment move toward the 30 Vision of “zero infection, zero death, and zero discrimination.” ◇

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