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Huang Zhifang visits Japan’s Merida X BASE and praises Taiwanese brands for shining overseas | Sankei

Huang Zhifang visits Japan’s Merida X BASE and praises Taiwanese brands for shining overseas | Sankei
Huang Zhifang visits Japan’s Merida X BASE and praises Taiwanese brands for shining overseas | Sankei

(Central News Agency reporter Yang Mingzhu, Shizuoka, 12th) Huang Zhifang, Chairman of the Foreign Trade Association, led a team to Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, on the 11th to visit the world’s largest bicycle riding facility “MERIDA X BASE” invested and operated by Taiwan Merida in Japan. He praised Merida creates a win-win situation in Japan and is a Taiwanese brand that shines overseas.

Huang Zhifang said that Taiwan’s bicycle manufacturer Merida is a world-renowned bicycle brand. This is a very successful way for Taiwanese companies to operate brands overseas. The business strategy of international brands is an area that many Taiwanese companies need to strengthen.

He pointed out that Merida is also a long-term winner of Taiwan’s high-quality products and an important exhibitor at the Taiwan Image Exhibition. Taiwan is a kingdom of bicycles with a global layout. Coming to Japan’s MERIDA The layout of major markets can create a win-win situation. In addition to brand expansion, it can also activate local tourism.

Huang Zhifang explained that the domestic bicycle industry’s cooperative technology has improved and expanded its global scale. In 2001, Huge and Merida held a meeting in Fuhua, Taipei, and reached a consensus on “developing toward high-end bicycles.” The next year, the two central factories called on a total of 11 major parts factories, and the A-Team (Taiwan Bicycle Industry Alliance) was born.

MERIDA JAPAN began promoting the Taiwanese bicycle brand MERIDA in Japan in 2009. Since its establishment, its performance has grown 20 times, ranking among the top ten in the group’s overseas rankings.

Mitsuro Fukuda, President of Merida Japan, said that the turnover in 2022 will reach 2.2 billion yen (approximately NT$480 million), with CROSS-Bike and Mountain-Bike sales accounting for 80%, high-priced Road-Bike and electric E-Bike Each accounts for 10%, with electric E-Bike growing at the highest rate of 25%.

He said that the 22 stores in Japan are positioned as “MERIDA PARTNER SHOP”, focusing on in-store design so that customers can fully feel the sense of luxury and sportiness. These stores maintain a close relationship with Merida Japan and focus on the sales and development of the MERIDA brand in Japan.

MERIDA . There are also more than 150 car models on display at the base, which is quite spectacular.

MERIDA X BASE, based on the three X concepts of XCITING, XCELLRNT, and and good food.

For cycling enthusiasts, Shizuoka Prefecture is a unique place. The most symbolic one is the “National Bicycle Route”. Japan has designated the Izu Peninsula area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture as the national bicycle route. Shizuoka Prefecture’s “Cycling Center” was also selected as the venue for the mountain bike race (MTB race) in the 2020 Tokyo Par Games.

Merida Japan arranged for Huang Zhifang and the Taiwanese media to go to Shizuoka for an experience on the 11th. Shizuoka Prefecture Numazu Mayor Shuichi Lai Shige made a special reception, exchanged gifts with Huang Zhifang, and presented local specialty mandarin oranges to the reporters to taste. Numazu City, which was founded 100 years ago, is famous for its seafood and has famous spots where you can enjoy the stunning views of Mount Fuji.

Shuichi Lai Shige said that he originally expected event participants to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji as if it were floating on the sea while riding bicycles, but due to the cloudy weather, they were unable to see the full view of Mount Fuji. He showed off the photos of the snowy scenery of Mount Fuji on his mobile phone and told Huang Zhifang and his party that they were welcome to visit again next time. (Editor: Chen Huiping) 1121112


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