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Hou Youyi: I have to give my final say and respect the outcome of the negotiation

Hou Youyi: I have to give my final say and respect the outcome of the negotiation
Hou Youyi: I have to give my final say and respect the outcome of the negotiation

The Blue and White issue continues to be a hot topic. Former President Ma Ying-jeou and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu have expressed their support for national opinion polls. On the 11th, KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun emphasized that in the ongoing negotiations between the two parties, the focus is on comparison, mutual comparison and proportion; and the public Ke Wenzhe, a candidate for the party’s unification, said that the German model has never been used in Taiwanese politics in the past 20 years, and it should be compared with the national polls called for by Ma Ying-jeou; Hou Youyi, a candidate for the KMT president, said that he puts the people and the country first, and secondly As a political party, individuals always come last and respect the results of negotiations.

Zhu Lilun and Hou Youyi both went south to Kaohsiung on the 11th to assist in the election of party legislator candidates. Faced with the statement that Blue and White will combine all polls, Zhu Lilun emphasized that the negotiations between the Kuomintang and the People’s Party are still ongoing, and the current idea is to use the all-opinion method. , but the real focus is on the issues of comparison, comparison and proportion. Please give us a little more time. The most important thing is that we hope that this time we can create a new democratic politics in Taiwan and form a coalition government through the cooperation of political parties. Most of it has been completed so far. , hoping to continue to uphold confidence and determination in the final stage and aim at the well-being of the Taiwanese people.

It is reported that the bottom line of the KMT Central Committee is “German-style polls.” The national polls in Zhu Lilun’s words still need to include comparisons of party support, that is, in addition to comparative polls of Hou Ke versus Lai Xiao, and Ke Hou versus Lai Xiao. The support of the Blue and White political parties must also be included, but there is still room for negotiation on the comparison of candidate combinations and the ratio of party support. Ma Ying-jeou’s proposal is to cancel the comparison of party support, which is also a method that Ko Wenzhe agrees with.

In response to Ma Ying-jeou’s support for the “blue and white combination” in the national polls, Ko Wenzhe said on the 11th that Ma Ying-jeou is concerned about Taiwan and made the appeal to use the national poll mechanism to find the combination with the highest chance of winning in the 2024 presidential election. Staff meetings from both sides will begin Operation.

As for the Kuomintang’s insistence on the German model and incorporating it into the national poll of party support, Ko Wenzhe said that the German model has been mentioned many times by the Kuomintang before, but this system has never been used in Taiwanese politics in the past 20 years, and it should be carried out in accordance with Ma Ying-jeou’s call. It will be faster.

Hou Youyi pointed out that now the Kuomintang and the People’s Party have entered into party consultations, and the Kuomintang’s proposal for a German-style general poll can be discussed and the results of the consultations between the two party chairmen will be respected. Hou said that no matter whether he came out for an election or his attitude towards work, he would always put the people and the country first, followed by the party, and he himself would always be last. I believe that the chairmen of both parties are ready to form the strongest team to face this crisis. For elections, we hope that the sooner the better, and the people also hope for results as soon as possible.

Zhao Shaokang, chairman of China Broadcasting Corporation, said yesterday that after Ma Ying-jeou proposed a plan for a nationwide poll, the blue-white dialogue may be accelerated. He suggested that regardless of the combination of president and vice president, the right to form a cabinet should be given to the Kuomintang and Hou Youyi, because the Kuomintang has no one, while the Kuomintang has many talents.

Zhao Shaokang also said recently that if a full poll is taken, the ratio between “Ke Hou” and “Lai Xiao” will be at least 5%. This 5% is the proportion of the strength of the political party, which cannot be ignored. Calculate.

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