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Acemagic early access Black Friday sale launches new education-grade PC with discounts of up to $210 – IT Times


Acemagic gets up to $210 off new education-grade PCs in early access Black Friday sale

admin November 12, 2023 09:54

It’s November 11, 2023, which means Acemagic has decided not to wait until the upcoming Black Friday event for potential customers to get access to its latest deals. The brand has launched a range of portable PCs that have become quite affordable with their slightly older but still completely usable chipsets.

They include its S1 and AK1Plus RGB desktops, both of which feature entry-level Alder Lake Intel N95 processors, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. However, while the former shows off a portable DVD player with a secondary decorative lid feature, a built-in display, and a light strip on the front, the latter has a more traditional gaming mini PC look.

The AK1Plus RGB and S1 are now on sale for $159 (-43% off MSRP) and $169 (37% off), respectively. The AX15 shares those internals, but it’s Acemagic’s “most versatile” (and only) 15.6-inch FHD display Windows 11 Pro laptop. During the sale, its price dropped by $210 to $289.

Plus, thanks to its Ryzen 5 4U platform, the AMR60 is rated to drive a triple 5K/5600Hz monitor setup (as opposed to the dual monitors of its Intel counterpart), and is discounted by $65 to $299 during the sale.

These offers are valid from now until November 30, 2023, and buyers can enjoy an additional “up to 23%” discount if they purchase 2 or more of these products at once during the event period. Acemagic will also be augmenting these “month-long savings” with additional offers, such as a “members-only benefit” available only on November 23rd, not to mention flash sales on November 24th and 27th.

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Acemagic gets up to $210 off new education-grade PCs in early access Black Friday sale

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