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The Hon Hai Pearl low-orbit satellite was launched over the weekend, opening a new chapter for Taiwan’s aerospace industry, with Taiyang, Jianhan, Yisheng-KY, Qiqi, and Sundako themes igniting and burning | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News


〈Hon Hai Pearl takes off〉

Hon Hai announced on November 6 that it has signed a Launch Services Agreement (LSA) with Exolaunch, a global leader in ride-sharing launch services, to develop the first two CubeSats Pearl (PEARL-1H, PEARL-1C). , is expected to be launched from Vandenberg Space Base in California, USA, on November 11, US time (November 12, Taiwan time) through SpaceX’s Falcon 9, Transporter-9 mission plan.

Exolaunch has deployed more than 320 satellites on the most frequent and reliable launch vehicles on the market in the past, while using its proprietary deployment technology to ensure smooth launch and safe deployment of satellites into orbit. Jeanne Allarie, Chief Commercial Officer of Exolaunch, said that cooperating with Hon Hai on LSA is a watershed moment in the company’s development history, which represents the team’s ability to expand launch services to the global field.

〈Taiwan’s first broadband communication satellite jointly developed by industry and academia〉

The Pearl experimental low-orbit satellite developed by Hon Hai Research Institute’s New Generation Communications Institute is the first broadband communications satellite in cooperation with National Central University and Future Science and Technology. The main space missions of the Pearl are: prediction and monitoring of satellite status by the ground control station, and broadband communication data collection by the communication gateway station at different distances and angles when the satellite flies over. The test results will contribute to the development of Taiwan New Generation Communications.

In addition, Hon Hai also plans to build an open standard platform similar to MIH electric vehicles, hoping to make the launch of low-orbit satellites more cost-competitive and convenient. Its subsidiary Hongbai has cooperated with Ramon.Space, a developer of key satellite subsystems, and discussed future cooperation directions with French satellite manufacturer Thales Alenia Space, hoping to create a new space industry chain through professional supply chain division of labor.

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〈Space industry becomes Taiwan’s key development industry in the future〉

Hon Hai (2317.TW) Group has gathered the energy of its sub-investment businesses such as Taiyang (2314.TW), Jianhan (3062.TW), and Yisheng-KY (5243.TW) to complete the first self-made low-end device led by private enterprises. The Orbital Satellite “Pearl” is not only a major breakthrough in the history of domestic aerospace, but also lays a solid foundation for Hon Hai to build self-driving cars in the future. Low-orbit satellite concept stocks to international orders.

The global low-orbit satellite industry has promising prospects. The Taiwanese government has long listed the space industry as one of the six core strategic industries. In order to encourage private investment in the space industry and promote the application of high value-added space technology industries, it is necessary to invest NT$25.1 billion in Taiwan. In the third phase of the “National Space Science and Technology Development Long-range Plan”, more than 40 billion yuan will be added to invest in the development of low-orbit communication satellites, planning of national launch sites and talent cultivation. As the space industry becomes Taiwan’s key development industry in the future, with the target space industry reaching an output value of NT$300 billion in 2025, industry players estimate that there will be a new wave of growth momentum in the future. The teacher team of low-orbit satellite-related stocks has researched and Track the list of investment operations and invite you to cooperate with analysts Chen Zhilin with an international perspective.

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