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Bravely be a pioneer in emerging disciplines – A report on Zhao Ziyu, a professor at the School of National Security, National Defense

Bravely be a pioneer in emerging disciplines – A report on Zhao Ziyu, a professor at the School of National Security, National Defense
Bravely be a pioneer in emerging disciplines – A report on Zhao Ziyu, a professor at the School of National Security, National Defense


Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Wen Guangming Daily correspondent Tao Yongqiang Cui Chengchao

In the Hongshankou teaching area of ​​the National Defense University, as long as students walk into the classroom of national defense and military development strategy, students will be infected by a passionate voice, and this lecturer who is loved by students is Zhao Ziyu, a professor at the National Security College. “For teachers at the National Defense University, the podium is a fighting position. To be a good teacher, you must be able to lecture and teach well.” In Zhao Ziyu’s mind, this podium is not an ordinary podium. It must not only control politics well, but also teach well. To have the courage to innovate requires not only expressing the vision of thinking, but also expressing the mission and feelings, not only expressing the way of thinking, but also expressing a higher level. “Teachers must have a few ‘hard brushes’ to explain each lesson well with heart and emotion.” a lesson”.

In September 2017, the National Defense and Military Development Strategy Teaching and Research Office of the National Defense University came into being. Considering that Zhao Ziyu has strong teaching and scientific research abilities and has been responsible for the construction of new disciplines, the organization decided to appoint him as the first director of the teaching and research section. Zhao Ziyu did not hesitate at all regarding the organization’s decision. He left the national security crisis management discipline that he had worked on for more than 20 years, gave up the mature core courses that he had taught for many years, and made up his mind to face difficulties and innovate, turning from a leader in the field of crisis management to a pioneer in an emerging discipline. . The national defense and military development strategy has a wide range of fields, multiple directions, cross-military and local areas, and is overall, pioneering and leading. It is a major issue encountered by our military in the new era. It has both urgent theoretical needs and development opportunities in discipline construction. , and is also faced with outstanding contradictions and practical problems in theoretical innovation, academic accumulation, teaching inheritance, and talent succession, which is a huge challenge to Zhao Ziyu.

As the first director of the Teaching and Research Office, Zhao Ziyu felt that it was a heavy responsibility and significant to run the “first goal” well. He focused on construction planning and demonstration with one hand and team building with the other, and gradually established the discipline development of “one center of gravity, two directions, and ten pivots” position. Zhao Ziyu led the team to conduct repeated research and demonstrations, formulate a discipline construction plan, determine the curriculum system, teaching material system, book system, scientific research platform, and talent structure for the new era, clarify the subject points, development paths, and achievement goals, and achieved remarkable results. Effectiveness. At present, the university’s key training courses have set up independent course sections on national defense and military development strategies, providing important support for cultivating and improving the strategic thinking abilities of senior commanders and senior cadres.

“Strategic teaching research is a systematic task with outstanding practical and innovative characteristics. It is necessary to build a strong team and rely on the group to tackle key problems.” In Zhao Ziyu’s view, a weighty theoretical course and a high-quality research result must have strong people behind it. The support of the team is also a concentrated expression of the subject level of a teaching and research unit. In the early days of the establishment of the teaching and research office, Zhao Ziyu, as the party branch secretary, put forward the development ideas of “building a office politically, establishing a office through undertakings, developing the office through innovation, strengthening the office through talents, and uniting and consolidating the office” in view of the fact that the staff came from eight different units. Practical abilities and subject background, rationally plan research directions and priorities, tailor-made personal development roadmaps, and actively explore innovative work models based on reality, constantly stimulate the endogenous motivation and innovative vitality of the team, and strive to create a solid foundation in the subject and good teaching quality , a first-class team with strong academic research capabilities.

Students in the senior commander class generally have high ranks, high levels of thinking, and rich practical experience. It is not easy to be able to give lectures to them on the podium, but it is even more difficult to stand firm on the podium, respond well, and be open-minded. “The most taboo in strategy classes is rhetoric. We must strive to achieve ideological resonance with students and inspire and think about them.” Zhao Ziyu warned himself and asked the team to do the same. He and his colleagues gradually launched a series of important courses on national defense and military development based on the characteristics and needs of different shifts. Zhao Ziyu also insisted on teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. According to different categories such as military classes, mixed military and civilian classes, local classes, and research classes, and for different teaching objects, he divided a teaching topic into different lesson plan versions, striving to teach every class well and provide students with To think and inspire. In 2022, Zhao Ziyu was rated as an outstanding teacher in the military and is now the chief expert in strategy, a major subject at the National Defense University. Under the leadership of Zhao Ziyu, the core members of the team won the first prize in the National Teaching Ability Competition, two people were rated as top talents in military disciplines, and two people were selected into the “National Defense University Famous Teachers and Masters Project in the New Era”.

“Guangming Daily” (November 12, 2023, Page 07)

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