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Zhang Haolian strives to become an all-round artist and should not just be “Hong Xin’s son” | Lianhe Zaobao


Zhang Haolian, who is 1.88 meters tall, is tall and handsome. He is the son of Hong Kong artists Hong Xin and Mok Shaocong. After Hong Xin married mainland Chinese actor Zhang Danfeng in 2009, their son’s surname was changed to Zhang. Zhang Haolian, who loves the stage, signed a contract with Lehua Entertainment at the age of 18. In addition to the talent show “In the Name of the Group” and the upcoming “Asian Super Star Cluster”, he also participated in the TV series “My Half Boyfriend”. In the past year, he also Filmed “The Princess Is Three Thousand Years Old” and “The Netherworld Bride”.

Entering the industry with the aura of “Second Generation Star”, 23-year-old Zhang Haolian bluntly said in a telephone interview with “Lianhe Zaobao” that the label “Second Generation Star” has advantages and disadvantages. At first, everyone didn’t know his name. When they saw him, they said he was “Hong Xin’s son.” “Maybe I am just a label in other people’s minds. Although there is pressure, I will work harder because of it. I need to Do better and let everyone remember who I am.”

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be “the person in front of the camera.”

Zhang Haolian went to filming and class visits with his parents since he was a child. He felt that he would definitely be “the one in front of the camera” when he grew up. When he was in junior high school and high school, he came into contact with dance and became interested in singing and dancing. He was more determined to engage in acting in the future.

He admitted that his family did not approve of him becoming an artist at first. He once participated in an interview with a company without telling his family and successfully passed the test. “At that time, I told my mother that I wanted to give it a try. I might have to go to an overseas company to let them take a look. My mother She said no, I haven’t graduated yet, how can I go? But she made a promise to me and let me go as long as I finish high school.”

After Zhang Haolian graduated from high school, Lehua Entertainment approached him. Hong Xin originally wanted to wait until he graduated from college, but she remembered her previous promise to her son and agreed to let him sign.

After signing with Lehua, Zhang Haolian went overseas for training under the arrangement of the company. He smiled and said: “My mother said, ‘Finally someone can take care of you.’ I am not a naughty child, but she felt that someone was supervising me in singing and dancing. , I was also taught by someone when I was growing up, and she was very reassuring.”

Zhang Haolian (right) graduated from the Shanghai Theater Academy in July, and his mother Hong Xin (left) no longer objects to his becoming an artist. (Taken from the artist’s Weibo)

Family members remind you to have good moral character

When Zhang Haolian was 19 years old, he participated in the Youku men’s team talent show “In the Name of the Group” and successfully formed the limited boy group “New Storm” to debut. He said that his mother, who used to think that he was not very good at dancing, changed her mind after watching his final performance. She felt that her son was shining brightly on the stage. He had really grown up and no longer objected to him becoming an artist.

“Now my parents are very supportive of me. I am very grateful that with their encouragement, I was admitted to the Shanghai Theater Academy. I can continue to do what I love and complete my studies. Maybe my mother wanted me to think clearly before, whether it was true or not. I want to be an artist, because this is not an easy career. If you want to do it, you have to be mentally prepared.”

As a “second generation star”, the ways to get into the industry include direct involvement from parents to film movies or produce records, but Zhang Haolian said that he chose to participate in the talent show because he loves the stage and has always wanted to stand on the stage to sing and dance, and to regain his original intention through the talent show.

“Although I particularly like singing and dancing, acting is my major after all. I don’t want to waste the past four years of study and will work hard to become an all-round artist.”

Zhang Haolian has high self-esteem, but never complains to his family because he does not want to transfer the pressure or burden to them. “My family is my strongest support, but I have to learn to face many things by myself.”

Did his family give him any advice? Zhang Haolian said: “You must have good moral character.”

Transformed into a domineering “lion man” on stage

In the past few months, Zhang Haolian has undergone intensive training and recording of “Asia Super Star Cluster”. He recently shared a self-introduction video on Weibo, showing that he is proficient in Chinese, English and Cantonese and can switch between them easily. Compared with more than 60 other players, what advantages does he think he has? He replied: “Because of my professional relationship, maybe I am more familiar with the techniques of acting.”

Zhang Haolian will take over the filming of the movie “The Netherworld Bride” in June. (Taken from the artist’s Weibo)

As a Leo, he considers himself a “big cat” in life. He will be a little socially intimidated when he goes to some strange places or meets strangers, but once he gets acquainted with him, he will be as clingy as a cat. Interestingly, he described himself as a “lion man” when he stood on stage, with firm eyes, full of confidence, and being as domineering as a lion.

“Asia Super Star Cluster” is convened by Eric Tsang, Korean king Rain (Zheng Ji-hoon) is the chief producer, and Hong Kong star Su Zhiwei, Farmer Group, and mainland artists Zhu Zhengting and Cheng Xiao serve as mentors. The program will premiere on Wireless Jade Channel and Youku International App at 8:30 pm on November 25 (Saturday).

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