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Google invests hundreds of millions of dollars in artificial intelligence startup Character.AI to bet on AI chatbots | Technology News


recently,GoogleWith artificial intelligence startup Character.artificial intelligenceNegotiations have begun and plans to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to deepen cooperation between the two parties. Character.AI is a rapidly growing AI companychatbotcompany, this investment will further strengthen Google’s leading position in the field of artificial intelligence.

Google invests in artificial intelligence startup Character.AI, betting hundreds of millions on AI chatbots

Character.AI is an innovative company that allows users to chat with virtual celebrities and create their own chatbots and AI assistants. This fun interactive method attracts a large number of young users, especially those aged 18 to 24, who contribute about 60% of website traffic. Character.AI’s chatbots are available in different characters and tones, allowing users to personalize them to their liking.

Google has been actively investing in artificial intelligence startups to strengthen its capabilities in the field. The investment, which will be made in the form of convertible notes, will deepen Character.AI’s existing partnership with Google. Character.AI is currently using Google’s cloud services and Tensor processors to train its models to meet user demand.

Compared to other AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard, Character.AI focuses more on fun. This differentiated strategy allows Character.AI to stand out in a highly competitive market. In March this year, Character.AI raised US$150 million in funding and was valued at approximately US$1 billion. As the negotiations with Google progress, Character.AI’s valuation may exceed US$5 billion.

At the same time, large technology companies are also actively collaborating with artificial intelligence startups. Giants such as Microsoft and Amazon have invested in artificial intelligence startups to promote innovation and development in the field. These technology giants hope to apply artificial intelligence technology to their main businesses through cooperation, improve their competitiveness and provide better services to users.

For Google, investing in Character.AI will bring more opportunities to further expand its business in the field of artificial intelligence. Google can use Character.AI’s technology and apply it to search engines, advertising, cloud computing and other fields to provide users and enterprises with more intelligent and personalized services. In addition, Google’s investment will also promote Character.AI’s technology research and development and innovation, and promote the progress of the entire AI industry.

It is worth noting that although the specific terms of this transaction have not been announced, it is foreseeable that the cooperation between Google and Character.AI will bring more innovation and change in the future. As artificial intelligence technology continues to develop, we are expected to see more creative and potential startups like Character.AI achieve rapid growth with the support of technology giants.

Overall, Google’s acquisition of the artificial intelligence startup Character.AI is an important strategic investment. Through this cooperation, Google will further consolidate its leading position in the field of artificial intelligence while injecting new vitality into the development of the entire AI industry. We look forward to this cooperation bringing more innovations and breakthroughs and promoting the progress and application of artificial intelligence technology.

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