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Taiwan Literary Golden Classic Award winner Shi Zhe hopes that more Taiwanese stories will be seen by the world | Culture | CNA

Taiwan Literary Golden Classic Award winner Shi Zhe hopes that more Taiwanese stories will be seen by the world | Culture | CNA
Taiwan Literary Golden Classic Award winner Shi Zhe hopes that more Taiwanese stories will be seen by the world | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Qiu Zuyin, Taipei, 11th) The Taiwan Literature Prize Presentation Ceremony was held today. Culture Minister Shi Zhe said that the Ministry of Culture will invest more resources in foreign translation work, hoping that Taiwan’s stories will not only be seen in China, but also Go global and let the world see Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage.

The National Center for Taiwan Literature hosted the “Taiwan Literature Award” Golden Award Ceremony, which was held today at West Hall 2 of the Huashan Cultural and Creative Park and was simultaneously broadcast live online. In his speech, Shi Zhe said that the Taiwan Literature Prize is a national award that reflects the abundant energy of Taiwanese literary creation and publishing. It is the beautiful crystallization accumulated by Taiwanese creators on the soil of democracy and freedom, and it is also the rich life accumulated by experiencing life. .

Shi Zhe said that with the strong support of the Executive Yuan, the Ministry of Culture has received a four-year, 10 billion cultural black wave plan from 2024. In the literary part, in addition to continuing to support and reward creations, more resources will be invested in foreign translation. Work to promote Taiwan’s stories internationally.

Lin Jinli, Director of Taiwan Literature, said that this year’s shortlisted and winning works present contemporary authors’ profound descriptions of national history, family rise and fall, land emotions, social movements and personal inner worlds. Not only do they face their own problems honestly, In life, he also has a keen observation of society and human nature.

Chen Hui, the winner of the “Golden Classic Award” and the author of “Brothers”, is particularly grateful to the young people of the Umbrella Movement. “Thank you to the ‘younger brothers’ I have met on the road over the years. Literature is a kind of strength for me, allowing me to live a better life.” . ”

“I am free, you try your best.” The author Wang Zhaohua said in her speech that since she started to contact Taiwanese literature in 1993, she has gone from a young person who could only write a few sentences to a writer who can write a book and win awards. She will continue to Write on; Zhang Xianling, the son of Zhang Guixing, the author of “Crocodile Eyes of Dawn”, said when accepting the award on behalf of him, “Every time I return to Malaysia with my father, I can feel his yearning for the tropical rainforest and think about how to record the Malay jungle in words. life.」

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The three winners, who won both the Bei Lei Award and the Golden Classic Award for publishing a literary book for the first time, also gave speeches respectively. Tetsuya Terao, who won the award for “Bullet Is the Rest of Life”, thanked his mother for convincing him to devote himself to writing full-time. “Without her, this work and I would not be where we are now.”

Huang Hanyao, the author of “The Mouthless River”, thanked Zhiben Wetland, a field that tells stories, and also thanked Taitung’s partners who sacrificed their lives for the environment; Zhang Jiaxiang, the author of “Yeguan Patrol Iā-Kuan Sûn-Tiûnn” thanked Donghua University professor and writer Wu Mingyi, “I can proudly say that I embarked on the path of creation because of Teacher Wu’s literature course.” (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1121111


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