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Blue and White coalition on the verge of defeat, Ma Ying-jeou expresses support for national polls | 2024 General Election Outpost | Important News


blue and white“Negotiations are on the verge of collapse, the former presidentMa Ying-jeouYesterday, a shock bomb was thrown out, advocating a contrast between “Hou Ke Pei” or “Ke Hou Pei” and the DPP’s “Lai Xiao Pei”.poll, to decide the candidates for president and vice president.Former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu followed up and expressed support, calling for “cooperation will benefit both sides, division will cause two harms”, requestingKuomintangthe leaders of the People’s Party adopted it, believing that the national poll can propose a winning combination with a “popular” basis.

If the whole public vote fails: Negotiations will be resumed immediately

KMT presidential candidateHou YouyiHe said that Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun proposed the Japanese and German models, both of which covered the polling part. He hoped that the political parties would negotiate and coordinate the results as soon as possible. The sooner the better, he would bravely and continuously move forward, and would join hands with all the KMT legislator candidates. Winning the final victory is the important goal.

Popular Party presidential candidateKe WenzheHe said that he solemnly promised that as long as the Kuomintang and Hou Youyi are willing to integrate through “national polls”, the two parties can immediately resume “party consultations” and allow the opposition leaders to use the will of the people as their will, modern science as the method, and the integration to be witnessed by the whole people. process.

Kuomintang: National polls must include political parties

However, the Kuomintang Central Committee emphasized that a nationwide poll that includes individuals and political parties is in line with the spirit of the Blue and White team. Ling Tao, deputy executive director of the Party Central Committee think tank, said that the German system proposed by the Kuomintang is a universal poll, all conducted by polls, and taking into account the cooperation of individuals and teams. The Kuomintang also respects the opinions of Ma Ying-jeou and all walks of life on the overall plan.

Hou Kepei or Ke Houpei polls determine the winner

On behalf of Ma Ying-jeou, Xiao Xucen, CEO of the Ma Ying-jeou Foundation, put forward the idea of ​​a nationwide poll to determine the “Blue and White” campaign combination on behalf of Ma Ying-jeou. Xiao Xucen said that a few days ago, a blue camp elder came to see Ma Ying-jeou and proposed an idea, which Ma Ying-jeou agreed with very much. He suggested using “Hou Ke Pei” or “Ke Hou Pei” to match the Democratic Progressive Party’s “Lai Xiao Pei”. “Conduct a comparative poll, adopt a full poll method, and choose whoever can win.

Xiao Xucen pointed out that he had conveyed Ma Ying-jeou’s views to the Hou Ban and the Party Central Committee the day before yesterday.

Xiao Xucen said that there are still ten days until November 20 to register for the election, and every day is crucial. Blue and White must be united. If the elections are separated, the results will be worrying according to the polls, which will affect the election of the president and the KMT legislators. It has a major impact, so he made an appeal on behalf of Ma Ying-jeou, hoping that the People’s Party and the Kuomintang would think about it carefully.

Xiao Xucen said that as a central judge of the Kuomintang, he hoped that the Kuomintang would take into account the opinions of the central voters and call for the use of universal polls. This is because Taiwan’s democratic elections in the past few decades have all used universal polls and no other methods have been used. In a short period of time, We must be able to convince the median voters to accept such a result within the time limit, and there is no other way to do it without a nationwide poll.

Xiao Xucen pointed out that if there is no method that is generally acceptable to middle voters and society, how can Ke Wenzhe’s supporters be convinced? The combination of blue and white will eventually return to a mechanism.

Han Guoyu expressed high support and approval for Ma Ying-jeou’s proposition, and said that “cooperation will benefit both sides, and division will harm both sides.” This is an obvious fact. Leaders of the two parties should adopt Ma Ying-jeou’s appeal. I believe that the national polls can put forward the A winning combination with a “national” foundation will win Taiwan’s prosperity and security for everyone.

Blue-White alliance is on the verge of defeat, Ma Ying-jeou expresses support for national polls

The “Blue and White Cooperation” negotiations are on the verge of collapse. Former President Ma Ying-jeou threw a shock bomb yesterday, advocating a nationwide poll comparing “Hou Ke Pei” or “Ke Hou Pei” with the Democratic Progressive Party’s “Lai Xiao Pei”. …

2023-11-11 02:46

Ma Ying-jeou called for Blue and White to join the “universal poll”, and the mayors of three counties in Zhuzhumiao jointly supported it

The issue of a blue-white presidential election has attracted attention. Former President Ma Ying-jeou called today through the Horse Management Office to use a nationwide poll to determine “Hou Ke Pei” or “Ke Hou Pei”. Hsinchu County Mayor Yang Wenke, Hsinchu…

2023-11-10 20:28

The Democratic Progressive Party proposes the National Health Insurance Plan. Ke Wenzhe asked Lai Qingde: Did he suddenly think of it after being in power for 7 and a half years?

People’s Party presidential candidate Ke Wenzhe went to Hou Youyi’s hometown tonight to give a speech at Tiangong, Jiayi Town, Chiayi City. After the speech, the public was open to ask questions. Some people asked, have you considered Han Ke Pei or Ke Han Pei? Ke…

2023-11-10 22:41

Ma Ying-jeou and Han Kuo-yu have expressed support for “universal polls”. Luo Zhiqiang: Let political party rotation finally see the light of day

The opposition parties in the presidential election are not united due to the poll format, and blue-white cooperation is facing a breakdown. Former President Ma Ying-jeou and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu have successively expressed their support for the decision of “Hou Kepei” in the national polls…

2023-11-10 21:08

Movie/Go straight to the Deep Green Ticket Warehouse in Tainan!Ke Wenzhe and Li Quanjiao were on the same stage and shouted slogans to congratulate each other on their election.

People’s Party Chairman Ke Wenzhe went to Linan Community in Tainan City this afternoon, and he and former Tainan City Speaker Li Quanjiao offered incense at Nansheng Palace in East District. They congratulated each other on their election, which attracted the attention of all parties…

2023-11-10 19:19

Ma Ying-jeou, South Korea’s Yu mention Blue and White poll, Zhang Sigang: We can compare party support again

In the 2024 presidential election, the Blue and White opposition parties are at odds due to polling patterns, and cooperation between the two parties is on the verge of collapse. Former President Ma Ying-jeou and former Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu have expressed their support for nationwide polls…

2023-11-10 20:59

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