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[Current Affairs Scan]A drone was shot down and the US bombarded an Iranian base | Xi Jinping | Israel-Kazakhstan War | Patriotism

[Current Affairs Scan]A drone was shot down and the US bombarded an Iranian base | Xi Jinping | Israel-Kazakhstan War | Patriotism
[Current Affairs Scan]A drone was shot down and the US bombarded an Iranian base | Xi Jinping | Israel-Kazakhstan War | Patriotism

U.S. fighter jets were shot down and bombarded Iranian bases; Xi Jinping’s visit to the U.S. was leaked, and someone wanted to block the vehicle; Hamas’ command center was besieged, and Hamas was about to visit Beijing; the chief of the Beijing police station intercepted and searched mobile phones, which was a patriotic crime for overseas Chinese. (Provided by “Current Affairs Scan”)

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Today’s focus: A US military fighter jet was openly shot down, and F15s bombarded Iran’s “Quds Force”; Hamas underground command center was besieged, and the Kazakh delegation will visit Beijing; Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States was leaked, and someone planned to intercept President Xi’s special car; Beijing Police Station Long-term cell phone checks indicate that overseas Chinese are committing crimes if they are not “patriotic”.

US fighter jet was shot down and bombarded Iranian base

The situation in the Middle East surrounding the Israel-Kazakhstan war has inevitably expanded. On November 8, the US military confirmed that a US Air Force MQ-9A “Reaper” reconnaissance drone was shot down that morning.

This “Reaper” reconnaissance drone belonging to the U.S. Central Command was shot down in the international airspace over the Red Sea region. The “Reaper” is the world’s first armed unmanned aerial vehicle designed specifically for long-term high-altitude reconnaissance missions. machine. It is worth US$38 million. The United States also said it was investigating, but the Houthi organization in Yemen supported by Iran did not blame itself, claiming that they did it, and even released footage of the shooting down of the US military’s “Reaper” drone.

Voice-over: In the video released by the Houthi armed forces, the “Reaper” drone was locked by a missile, and then a missile flew quickly from the lower right and hit the drone.

On the same night, U.S. Defense Secretary Austin announced that two U.S. F-15 fighter jets carried out air strikes on two weapons depots of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ “Quds Force” in eastern Syria.

Secretary Austin downplayed the situation and said, “The United States is fully prepared to take further necessary steps to protect our personnel and facilities.”

It seems that the United States is telling Iran that we know who is causing trouble behind the scenes, and as the US military has always done, the more calm and calm the words are, the more “steady and precise” the subsequent retaliatory strikes will be. What the outside world is now worried about is: Once the United States and Iran officially go to war, the Israel-Kazakhstan war will be officially upgraded to a Middle East war.

Israeli troops lay siege to Hamas command center

So, what is happening now with the center of Gaza, which has reached its most critical point?

No one expected that the key to determining the struggle between Israel and Kazakhstan in Gaza City would now be a hospital – Shifa Hospital, the largest medical center in Gaza City. Remember, in my previous program, I broadcast an Arab TV station’s claim that Hamas’s headquarters is under Shifa Hospital. Look at the environment of this hospital, which is next to a dense market. In other words, there are a large number of people acting as human shields. Let’s take a look at the video released by the Israeli military.

Voice-over: Shifa Hospital is built in a dense residential area. There are at least three levels of “maze-like” underground tunnels below the hospital, including weapons depots, command centers, power stations, and even a prison for holding hostages on the bottom floor.

Major General Hagari, spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, told the media: The tunnel under the hospital is the military headquarters of Hamas, and there are a large number of terrorists inside. Military experts believe that this huge tunnel system has complete facilities and extends in all directions. Thousands of Hamas elements are hiding in it. It can be self-sufficient in weapons, ammunition, food, fuel, etc. for a long time. It has also set up a large number of booby traps. The Israeli military will also face Hamas’s tunnel traps and the dilemma of outside public opinion.

While surrounding Shifa Hospital, the Israeli army also discovered multiple arsenals set up by Hamas elements in residential areas and even kindergartens.

Voice-over: Hamas’s drone manufacturing factory and arsenal were discovered in a residential building in a Gaza City community. There were lathes used for production and processing, and many unfinished drone parts. Next to these manufacturing The workshop is a children’s lounge of a kindergarten decorated in pink.

In addition to the Israeli military’s offensive in Gaza City, its overall strategic intentions have become increasingly obvious. Do you still remember what I said when the Israeli army invaded Gaza from three directions at the same time in order to cut off Hamas’s retreat and implement an encirclement? Take a look at this map of the latest Israeli offensive. The blue and purple parts are the latest areas captured by the Israeli army. An Israeli army is advancing south along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the Mediterranean Sea. And an Israeli army that penetrated the south has begun to circle back north, and it is obvious that it will complete the encirclement with this Israeli army. Once encircled, Hamas in the north will be the turtle in the urn, and it will only be a matter of time for the Israeli army to eliminate Hamas.

Hamas will visit Beijing

At this critical moment when it was doomed if not rescued, news came out that the Hamas delegation was going to visit Beijing.

On November 9, Wang Wenbin, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Communist Party of China, hosted a regular press conference. A reporter asked: A senior Hamas official said that a Hamas delegation will visit Beijing. Can China confirm that?

Let’s take a look at Wang Wenbin’s classic CCP answer to an unanswered question:

Since the outbreak of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, China has maintained close communication with relevant parties to promote the peace process. . . blah blah, China will continue to make unremitting efforts to this end. Let me translate it for free, and it means: We have been in close communication with Hamas, but if we give them a chance, we are not living up to expectations. Why are we here to visit when we are almost done? We have no choice but to see if we can still wipe our respective butts clean.

Regardless of whether Hamas comes to Beijing or not, it is basically certain that Xi Jinping will come to San Francisco. Although the U.S. and Chinese officials have not yet issued a final announcement, the CCP’s underground organizations in the United States have already let the wind out.

Xi Jinping’s US visit itinerary leaked, someone wants to stop the car

Every time a senior CCP official comes to the United States, the busiest thing is the Chinese Consulate and a group of overseas pink organizations. No, recently, the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles notified the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Southern California: Xi Jinping is visiting on the 13th and needs to organize students to pick him up in San Francisco, saying that this event has a heavy responsibility and a glorious mission. It reads: I have just received a notification from the Consulate in Los Angeles that Xi Jinping will visit the United States from the 13th to the 17th next week. Students who have signed up will take a bus to San Francisco; they are expected to stay in San Francisco for 3-4 days. All travel expenses, Room and board are all included. Here’s the key point: Once you sign up, you cannot withdraw. Discuss within the group, do not promote or expand.

However, it is not just the little pinks who are traveling for free to greet President Xi this time. People from all walks of life who truly represent themselves will also go to San Francisco.

Overseas democracy movement groups have announced that they will gather on November 10 to hold an anti-communist car parade. Each drove a private car and marched around the APEC venue, the hotel where Xi Jinping will stay, the Chinese Communist Consulate and Chinatown with slogans, banners and protest signs on both sides. In addition to organizing multiple protests, pro-democracy activist Jie Lijian, whose mother was persecuted to death by the CCP and whose father was beaten and disabled for life by the police station, also had to face the CCP delegation reading out the “Top Ten Crimes Against Humanity under the CCP’s Tyranny” and even asked him to The portable speakers used are all posted.

Geng He, the wife of Gao Zhisheng, a famous Chinese human rights lawyer who was kidnapped by the CCP, also informed her that she wanted to seek an explanation from Xi Jinping.

Geng He, the wife of well-known lawyer Gao Zhisheng, issued an announcement saying: My husband Gao Zhisheng has been kidnapped by senior officials of the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing and the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Department for more than six years. There has been no news so far, and his life and death are unknown. I have searched for relatives through the media many times, but to no avail. When I was desperate, I learned that the leader of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, would visit the United States next month. I planned to question Xi Jinping in person that day. Where is Gao Zhisheng being held? Dead or Alive? We sincerely ask all righteous people to help us question Xi Jinping. Where is Gao Zhisheng? We hereby announce it!

A Chinese citizen was kidnapped by the police six years ago, but his whereabouts were not informed to his family. I think President Xi, who has always shouted “The country is based on the people, and the country is founded for the people.” It should not be difficult for President Xi to give a clue about the whereabouts of a citizen. A non-Wang Wenbin-style answer, right?

In fact, Geng He is not alone. The two chairs of the U.S. Congressional and Executive Branch Commission on China, composed of bipartisan members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate, wrote to President Biden on November 8, calling on him to submit a report to Xi Jinping. list of Chinese political prisoners and unjustly detained U.S. citizens, and demand an immediate end to transnational repression against U.S. citizens and legal residents. Lawyer Gao Zhisheng’s name is on this list.

Of course, it’s not just Geng He who wants to block President Xi’s sedan chair to complain. Li Huanjun, a Beijinger who is a major force in forced demolitions, successfully blocked Xi Jinping’s motorcade twice in 2015 and 2016 because his home was unreasonably demolished. , this time she went to San Francisco again, ready to attend the meeting with Xi Jinping for the third time.

Fortunately, Li Huanjun is in the United States, and she still has the opportunity to stop the sedan chair and complain. If she were in Beijing, her identity would be checked in minutes, and then she would disappear without a trace. Let’s take a look. On November 8th, at Exit B of Dongxiayuan Subway Station in Beijing, Director Sun from the Dongxiayuan Police Station led a group of officers to chase the petitioners from the subway to the ground where they were randomly checking petitioners’ mobile phones.

Overseas Chinese need to be vigilant as the CCP promotes the Party-loving Education Law

It is estimated that the CCP feels that in addition to protecting its leaders at home, it also needs to deter the bastards overseas. Therefore, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China just passed a “Patriotic Education Law” on October 24, which means that starting from New Year’s Day 2024, overseas Chinese who are not “patriotic” can be punished.

China will implement the “Patriotic Education Law” starting next year to strengthen the patriotic spirit of “comatriots from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese, etc.” and the scope of law enforcement will be expanded from the education system to the literary and artistic circles, the business community, tourist attractions, and the Internet and media etc. at all levels. The most controversial part of the so-called Patriotic Education Law is Articles 38 and 39, which clearly stipulate that overseas Chinese who violate laws and regulations, including those who deny the deeds of heroes and martyrs in the eyes of the CCP, will be punished by public security management, and even those who constitute crimes will be investigated. criminal responsibility. Even “parents or guardians of minors” are obliged to cooperate with the CCP and implement patriotic education.

No wonder some people read this “Patriotic Education Law” and said: This is not a patriotic education law. It is simply a patriotic education law. From now on, no matter where the Chinese are, they will say nothing more than shouting “long live the party and the leader”. No more insurance. I do think that the content of this “Patriotic Education Law” is still flawed. Why is it not defined in terms of “eating, drinking, sleeping”? For example, you are not allowed to sleep to the left or right when sleeping, which is suspected of leaning left or right. , Pajamas must have collars and sleeves, and you cannot sleep with a prince, otherwise you will have no leader and your dreams will be shattered. The buttocks must not face the east when going to the toilet, otherwise there will be an attempt to betray the motherland, the party and the leader.

Oh my God, I was so nervous that I stopped talking. Before the “Patriotic Education Law” was officially implemented, I went down to relax and get ready.

Okay, that’s it for this time’s “Jiji Jin Scan”. Please support us, subscribe, like and leave a message. See you next time.

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