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Thousands of varieties of Taiwanese flowers are publicly promoted for the first time, exclusive salmon pink orchids | Life | Central News Agency CNA

Thousands of varieties of Taiwanese flowers are publicly promoted for the first time, exclusive salmon pink orchids | Life | Central News Agency CNA
Thousands of varieties of Taiwanese flowers are publicly promoted for the first time, exclusive salmon pink orchids | Life | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Yang Shumin, Taipei, 10th) In order to bring Taiwanese flowers into the market, the Agri-Food and Food Administration will hold the 3rd Taiwan Flower Varieties Promotion Conference today. Director of the Agri-Food and Food Administration Hu Zhongyi said that a total of 1,700 varieties will be promoted, and it is expected to reach 2 Thousands of people visited the exhibition. One of the new species, the salmon pink orchid, and a global exclusive.

The Agri-Food and Agriculture Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture held the “2023 Taiwan Flower Varieties Promotion Conference” in Area K, Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from the 10th to the 12th. Hu Zhongyi pointed out that in order to bring the results and new varieties cultivated by industry, government, and academia to the market as soon as possible, the Agricultural and Food Administration held the first Taiwan flower variety promotion conference two years ago. As a listing matchmaking platform, a total of 1,060 varieties were launched that year. , 343 of which were new varieties, and more than 5,600 people visited the exhibition that year.

It is getting grander every year. He went on to say that last year was the second edition, with 1,667 varieties on display, 607 more varieties than the previous year, and 11,000 visitors. This year, 1,700 varieties will be on display, and it is expected that there will be 1,700 varieties on display. 15,000 people visited the exhibition and made purchases, and he hopes to reach 20,000; Japan and the Netherlands also participated in the exhibition.

Among the new varieties and award-winning works on display at the site, an orchid bred by Niuji Orchid Technology Co., Ltd. for more than 10 years won the best evaluation award in the new variety group; Wu Boliang, the person in charge of Niuji Flower Farm, said that the new varieties It means it has not yet been put on the market, and salmon pink is not a natural color and requires painstaking efforts to cultivate. Someone made it 5 or 6 years ago, but the number of flowers did not reach commercial level.

He also said that the award-winning new variety bred this time is the world’s first commercial variety of salmon pink orchid. It is easy to grow, can bloom in about one to one and a half years, and has a flowering period of more than three months. It has a sufficient number of flowers and other characteristics, and mass production will begin. It is estimated that the variety rights will be registered before it is launched in five years.

In addition, a new variety of dianthus “Tainong No. 3 Zhongxia Yingluo” bred by Chu Zhewei, an employee of the Agricultural Experimental Institute, was also on display. He said that due to the impact of global warming, the growing season of flowers has become shorter, but this new variety can be produced all year round and will not fade in summer like the old varieties. Farmers no longer have to look for other varieties to plant in summer.

He also said that this new variety is heat-resistant, does not fade, and is long enough to be cut in summer, which is beneficial to floristry applications. It is expected that the technology will be transferred by the end of this year, and since it is related to carnations, it can be promoted, used and sold during Mother’s Day.

Yan Wenling, head of the Flower Industry Section of the Fruit and Flower Industry Group of the Agri-Food and Food Administration, added that in 109 and 110 of the Republic of China, affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) epidemic, flower business opportunities decreased by 30 to 40%, but they did not collapse. In 111 and 112 It has recovered, and the average transaction price per handful recently is around NT$90. In order to promote consumers to use flowers at home in addition to sacrifices and festivals, we have cooperated with Quanlian and put them on sale in 180 stores in northern and central areas for the public. Shop. (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1121110


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