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Restoring the whole story of TSMC’s withdrawal from Longke Inc., Taoist Congressman Xu Yushu: Green camp shirking the blame | Taiwan’s good news TaiwanHot


“Who made TSMC go out early?” In response to the incident of TSMC withdrawing from Longke, Taoyuan City Councilor Xu Yushu gave a clear account of the future during the general inquiry on the 10th, and also provided a detailed sequence to prove that the green camp used this incident to sway things, and to blame Mayor Zhang Shanzheng and the blue camp civilian representatives. At the same time, it was clarified The truth is to prevent all sectors of society from spreading rumors. Xu Yushu emphasized that although some time has passed, the truth must be clarified and the situation at that time restored.

Xu Yushu pointed out that on November 3 last year, before the election, Executive President Su Zhenchang took former mayor Zheng Wencan and legislator Zheng Yunpeng to inspect Longtan, asked Zhuke to give a briefing, and announced that TSMC was expected to settle in Longtan. Will TSMC come? If the Kuomintang has a chance to take power next year, the truth should come to light, but he always believes that TSMC is cooperating with the show. From the time it was announced that TSMC would set up a factory and the Zhuke Administration Bureau began to delineate the general collection scope, some residents in dense communities asked not to be included in the scope. Therefore, A self-rescue group was established.

Xu Yushu said that on July 26, Zhuke held a briefing on Longke’s expansion plan. On August 11, Self-Rescue Association A went to the city hall to lodge a complaint with Mayor Zhang Shanzheng. On September 6, Zhuke announced three plans based on respecting the right to live. The dense residential area on the south side of the project was removed from the plan. He has not participated in related activities since then, and self-rescue group A also disbanded on September 13.

In response to TSMC’s withdrawal from Longke, Taoyuan City Councilor Xu Yushu criticized Green Camp in the council chamber for passing the blame.

Then the B Self-Rescue Association was established on September 13. The demand was a comprehensive protest, demanding the withdrawal of the case and the rejection of the expropriation case. Its members were composed of land scholar Xu Shirong, the wife Wei Yuying of the Democratic Progressive Party, the children and the mother-in-law. On October 4 They went to the Zhuke Administration Bureau to protest. At that time, Wei Yuying also came forward to protest resolutely against the expropriation. Originally, the B Self-Rescue Association was going to protest at TSMC on October 19. TSMC faced intrusions and protests due to stock market output value and world layout issues. In October On the 13th, TSMC informed B Self-Rescue Association in advance that it would withdraw from Longke.

Xu Yushu said that since TSMC announced its withdrawal, Green Camp has passed the blame to Mayor Zhang Shanzheng and the Kuomintang Democratic Representative, accusing Mayor Zhang Shanzheng and his team of poor coordination and failure to actively fight for it. However, the B Self-Rescue Association has continued to make presentations to the Executive Yuan, the Supervisory Yuan and other places. They even shouted, “What crime should Zheng Wencan and Su Zhenchang commit for openly robbing (land expropriation)?” Therefore, the last straw that broke the camel’s back should be the people of the B Self-Rescue Association. Paradoxically, among the people protesting against Zheng Wencan, there were obviously family members of the Democratic Progressive Party. Therefore, the Green Camp was obviously using graft and graft to get rid of others. pot.

What Xu Yushu didn’t understand was that there was not even a square meter of people in the B Self-Rescue Association, but they could lead people to protest everywhere. Instead of vilifying them, all walks of life blamed them on Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng and others. Xu Yushu asked the city government to Let the citizens clearly understand the truth, and Mayor Zhang and others can no longer take the blame.

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