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Break regional price restrictions! Surfshark VPN helps you find the best deals, subscribe and enjoy up to 5 months free service

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These days, not only do you have to go to Amazon and Taobao to buy things across countries, but you also need to compare prices across regions when subscribing to Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube Premium. The price difference may be hundreds of yuan per month, and the annual subscription cost is thousands or even thousands of yuan. price difference. Of course, it is not so easy for you to find cheap cross-regional subscriptions for various services. In this case, you need to use VPN services such as Surfshark to jump to Turkey, India, etc., and then subscribe to cheaper services through local IP. Only in this way can we break the unfair regional price restrictions.

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Subscription prices in various regions are confusing, and consumers rely on VPNs to find the most cost-effective way

Online subscription services are the same as physical goods. The same thing has different pricing in different countries, and the pricing often differs a lot. In addition, subscription services are usually continued every year, even every month. The price difference of hundreds of dollars can add up to a considerable amount over time. However, most service providers will restrict users from cross-region subscriptions through IP and other methods, so that ordinary people cannot freely choose the subscription area.

This problem can be solved through Surfshark VPN, which can break through restrictions and subscribe to the desired region. In terms of price difference, the price difference between Netflix Taiwan and Turkey premium plans is 159 yuan per month; the price difference between Disney+ Taiwan and India annual plans is 2,697 yuan; the monthly price difference between YouTube Premium family plans between Taiwan and India is 392 yuan. It can be seen that each region The price difference is very large, and the subscription service calculated every year adds up to a considerable price difference. Even if you only spend 1 month to subscribe to Surfshark VPN for cross-region use, it is far more than that price difference and is definitely a good deal.

Taking the most commonly used Netflix service as an example, the Premium plan in Turkey is only 199.99 Turkish lira, equivalent to about NT$231, while the price of the same plan in Taiwan is NT$390. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
On the other hand, the Disney+ service is quite cheap in India. The annual plan is only 1,499 Indian rupees, equivalent to about NT$583, while the same plan in Taiwan costs 3,280 yuan. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
YouTube Premium is also very cheap in India. The family plan only costs 17.99 Indian rupees per month, which is equivalent to about NT$7. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
Do you find it difficult to move across regions? In fact, just use a VPN to select a country and press a button. /Photo Credit:Surfshark

Surfshark VPN Black Friday Deals

Not only do you subscribe to streaming, buy air tickets, but you can also get cheap deals by using a VPN.

Global travel restrictions have finally been lifted, but air tickets and hotels around the world have also increased. So how can you buy cheap air tickets? Airlines will dynamically adjust ticket prices based on factors such as time, festivals, regions, passenger volume, etc. Therefore, you may find that the prices for the same flight in different countries are slightly different. Take the China Airlines flight from London to Tokyo on November 10. The price seen from Taiwan is 581.71 pounds. After using VPN to jump to the UK, the price seen is 547.71 pounds. The price difference is 34 pounds, which amounts to about NT$1,333. Yuan. This is just one example. If the flight is long and it is a round-trip ticket, the difference may be thousands of dollars.

Taking China Airlines as an example, if you book a ticket from London to Tokyo on November 10 in Taiwan, the price is 581.71 pounds. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
Using a VPN to jump to the UK, the price seen for the same flight in the UK is £547.71. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN

VPN combines security and freedom, allowing you to be more selective when surfing the Internet

Of course, the role of a VPN is not just to help you subscribe across regions or buy air tickets across countries. More importantly, a VPN can make your use of the Internet more secure. Through technologies such as IP rotation and random IP generation, you can have more privacy when surfing the Internet. And Surfshark will not record your usage behavior. Only you know your network usage status.

Surfshark from the Netherlands not only provides VPN services, but also provides network security services. The network security category also includes services such as Antivirus, Alert for detecting data leakage, and Incogni, an automatic personal data deletion system. In addition, The Alternative ID function allows you to register with a virtual account created by Alternative ID when registering for a website with low credibility. If the website’s data is leaked, only virtual information will be leaked, thereby protecting your real information.

Alternative ID is suitable for registering websites that are not highly trustworthy. If data is leaked, it will only be a virtual identity leak. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
The method of use is also very simple. Just press the auto-fill field on the browser plug-in and the corresponding grid will be automatically brought in. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
The Alert function helps you check whether your email, credit card, ID and other data have been leaked. If so, it will provide the leaked content and recommended handling methods. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN
In addition, Surfshark also has Antivirus services, which can be installed on desktop computers, browsers, smart TVs and mobile phones. /Photo Credit:Surfshark VPN

Black Friday sale, up to 5 months free

Surfshark recently had a promotion to match the Black Friday schedule. The promotion will start on November 10. You can order 1-month, 1-year, and 2-year plans. If you subscribe to the 2-year plan during the VPN promotion period, you can get up to 5 Months of free service. In addition to price discounts, subscriptions during the promotion period will also receive additional extended services. The time of each plan is slightly different, please refer to the content.

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Surfshark Starter: 3 months free.
Surfshark One: 4 months free.
Surfshark One+: 5 months free.

Say no to the unfair price! Protect your wallet with Surfshark

Subscription services have long had regional price differences. For the same service, prices vary widely in different regions, and the price difference can even be several times higher. Most services use IP and other methods to prevent users from crossing restrictions to purchase in cheaper areas, but Surfshark VPN can solve this problem, protect your wallet and give you the freedom to choose the price. Surfshark will start its Black Friday promotion on November 10th, and you can get up to 5 months of free service. It’s more cost-effective to buy at a special price.

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