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Pictures of elders and electronic invoices are sent directly to Tokyo with unique Taiwanese characteristics | Culture | CNA

Pictures of elders and electronic invoices are sent directly to Tokyo with unique Taiwanese characteristics | Culture | CNA
Pictures of elders and electronic invoices are sent directly to Tokyo with unique Taiwanese characteristics | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 9th) Taiwan is world-renowned for its semiconductor industry. President Wen was invited by the Trade Association to run the digital theme exhibition area of ​​the Taiwan Image Exhibition, which debuted in Tokyo, Japan today, allowing the Japanese people to see Taiwanese features such as pictures of elders, WeMo, and electronic invoices. , presenting the customs and customs of Taiwan under the digital development.

The Taiwan Image Exhibition was held in Japan for the first time this year. The Taiwan Cultural Federation was invited by the Foreign Trade Development Association of the Republic of China to plan a digital themed exhibition area with the theme of Have a Nice Digi-Day in Taiwan, introducing a variety of local culture combined with digital technology cases. Presenting the technology and culture of Taiwan, the semiconductor kingdom.

Yu Xiaomin, deputy secretary-general of the Federation of Cultural Affairs, said in a press release today that culture is the accumulation of life. Under the waves of AI, VR, etc., digital has gradually become a part of people’s lives. Taiwan’s unique daily scenery combined with digital technology has burst out new sparks. , becoming a digital culture that can only be seen in Taiwan.

Taking faith as an example, Yu Xiaomin said that Taiwan has more than 12,000 temples, more than convenience stores. As the times change, religions have begun to use various media to interact with believers, such as issuing NFTs, asking for signatures online, or in the metaverse. Build virtual palaces and temples, etc. In addition, driven by the evergreen computer courses in the community, the “Elders Picture” was created, reflecting the enthusiasm of Taiwanese people and the changes in digitalization.

Yu Xiaomin shared that Taiwan is also known as the “Kingdom of Motorcycles”, and the sight of the “Motorcycle Waterfall” on the Taipei Bridge attracts foreign netizens to make pilgrimages. In order to balance convenience and environmental protection, electric vehicles have emerged as an alternative transportation solution to “shared motorcycles” and have gradually become a Daily life in Taiwan.

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There is also the invoice redemption system that was born out of tax audits. It is also one of the unique Taiwanese cultures in the world. With the popularization of digital technology, electronic invoices and cloud invoices are also promoted, and digital technology is used to transform public services.

Since 2018, Mr. Wen has participated in Taiwan image exhibitions in Thailand, India, and the United States. Yu Xiaomin said that this year’s Taiwan Image Exhibition went to Japan for the first time, and Wen Zong took “digital” as the curatorial direction. In addition to echoing the focus of this year’s Image Exhibition on themes such as smart medical care, the metaverse, and semiconductors, we also hope that Japan, which is friendly with Taiwan, can use the exhibition to See the richer and more diverse face of Taiwan, and experience first-hand the daily life of Taiwan’s technological life. (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1121109


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