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Lai Yayan missed a marriage!When a crazy fan proposed with a diamond ring, he was dumbfounded and asked “Who is he?” | TV star news | Entertainment

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▲Lai Yayan (left) once met a fan who proposed to her with a diamond ring, but she refused because she didn’t know him at all. (Photo/Shichuang Pictures)
▲Lai Yayan (left) once met a fan who proposed to her with a diamond ring, but she refused because she didn’t know him at all. (Photo/Shichuang Pictures)

Reporter Cai Yiting/Comprehensive Report

2023-11-10 13:17:34

The W Theater duology “Still Brilliant Without You” starring Jian Manshu, Lai Yayan, Sun Kefang, Zhong Yao, Ji Peihui, Lin Zihong, Tuo Zonghua and Qiu Kaiwei has reached the end of the plot and brought about a climax. Lai Yayan plays the role of the has-been actress “Sun Min Min” in the drama, who is kidnapped by crazy fans and proposes marriage. Off-screen, she revealed that her fans are very nice, but she once met someone who said he had bought a diamond ring and was planning to marry her. She said, “I don’t even know who the other person is, and I don’t dare to accept it.”

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Lai Yayan had a different relationship with Tuo Zonghua in the film. The two had many funny interactions when they fell in love, but the plot took a turn for the worse. Tuo Zonghua was ill and secretly wanted to break up for fear of dragging Lai Yayan down. Unexpectedly, when they met to confess their love, Lai Yayan unexpectedly When she was kidnapped, the suspect turned out to be a crazy fan who had been obsessed with her for many years, causing another stir for the entire drama.

▲Tuo Zonghua sacrificed his life to save him (Photo/Shichuang Pictures)
▲Tuo Zonghua sacrificed his life to save others. (Photo/Shichuang Pictures)

Lai Yayan was frightened by fans during the play. Off-screen, she was thankful that her fans were calm. She said: “My fans will give me a lot of surprises. Sometimes if something unexpected happens, I hope there will be a creative answer.” , I asked questions on social media, and they all gave me very creative answers. I think it’s great!” Lai Yayan loves music and singing. This time she sang for the film again, and the recording was completed in less than 2 hours. She was also quite excited to experience the feeling of being a singer again. She loves singing and music. Not only did she sing in “Still Brilliant Without You”, she also recently acted in a musical, giving her the opportunity to continue singing on stage. She believes that there is no need to be limited in what she wants to do, and she does not have to sing because of her job. She said, “I can sing when the car is running and the speakers are turned up to the loudest. I also sing every day in the shower.” Produced by Shichuang Pictures W The theater “Still Brilliant Without You” will be broadcast for 2 episodes at a time on Dongsen Drama Channel 40 at 8 pm and TVBS Happy Channel 42 at 10 pm every Sunday.For more of the most up-to-date and popular entertainment news, please join the “NOW Entertainment” fan page

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