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[New Tang Dynasty Express]It is rumored that 66-year-old former Air Force Commander Ding Laihang was investigated | Xi Jinping | Senior CCP official dismissed | Wang Juntao

[New Tang Dynasty Express]It is rumored that 66-year-old former Air Force Commander Ding Laihang was investigated | Xi Jinping | Senior CCP official dismissed | Wang Juntao
[New Tang Dynasty Express]It is rumored that 66-year-old former Air Force Commander Ding Laihang was investigated | Xi Jinping | Senior CCP official dismissed | Wang Juntao

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Today’s focus: Hong Kong media recently reported that Ding Laihang, the former commander of the Chinese Communist Party’s air force, was investigated for corruption in the project of Beijing’s western suburbs airport. Ding Laihang is generally considered by the outside world to be a direct descendant of Xi Jinping, and he had contacts when he was in Fujian. So, will the investigation of Ding Laihang involve senior officials of the Air Force? The senior officials promoted by Xi Jinping have been dismissed one by one, which has shocked the outside world.

According to the latest media reports, another senior member of the Chinese Communist Party’s military has been investigated, and Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption storm will affect the Air Force. Today, two experts will provide us with in-depth analysis and interpretation. They are Mr. Wang Juntao, a doctor of political science at Columbia University, and Mr. Zheng Xuguang, the host of the independent commentator “Xuguang Commentary”.

[Hong Kong Media: Commander of the Chinese Communist Air Force Missing]

Hong Kong Ming Pao published a comment signed by Sun Jiaye on Thursday (November 9), “There is still no conclusion about the missing generals.” It said that the latest statement on anti-corruption in the Chinese Communist Party’s military is that the storm has spread to the Air Force. It is rumored that 66-year-old Ding Laihang, former commander of the Air Force, current member of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress and deputy chairman of the Overseas Chinese Committee of the National People’s Congress, is also under investigation and is said to be involved in a project corruption case at Beijing’s western suburbs airport.

Wang Juntao: I think the first possibility is that this person is under investigation, and everyone is under investigation; the second possibility is that he may indeed be involved in something, because several cadres who have been arrested recently are Arguing against the central government.

Wang Juntao: Two years before the 20th National Congress, it was a crime to start making irresponsible remarks about the central government, and you would be punished whenever anything was found.

Wang Juntao: But people in the army tell the truth and are more straightforward than local people.

Wang Juntao: The third possibility I think is that he is still in personnel matters, and he is actually not Xi’s person.

Zheng Xuguang: This Xu Qiliang was in 2007, and Ding Laihang was in 2017. They were in front and behind, and Xu Qiliang was the first vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, so I think it may be involved in Xu Qiliang’s direction. Xu Qiliang is now It’s considered retirement.

Zheng Xuguang: Xu Qiliang is a relatively predictable person. He was the former First Vice Chairman of the Military Commission. In fact, his performance during the 20th National Congress was quite strange.

Zheng Xuguang: In his statement as a member of the Politburo, he supported Xi Jinping in the most low-key way, but later he said in the most high-profile way that Xi Jinping saved the People’s Army.

Cheng The possibility of being his direct descendant.

Wang Juntao: I just want to say that if there are problems, there must be problems, because generals at the level of the Communist Party, if you are not a princeling, are basically bought with money.

Wang Juntao: I say there are two types of Communist Party officials. If he is a cadre decentralized from the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, as long as he does not make mistakes, he does not have to do anything. If he doesn’t do anything, he won’t do anything good or bad. He can just raise it up, as long as nothing big happens. This kind of person is not willing to get involved in local affairs. Interfering with local affairs will bring trouble to himself.

Wang Juntao: There is another category, those who really work their way up from the bottom level. These basically all have murder cases, money problems, and pornography. You can have everything, because only this kind of person can eat well and accomplish things.

【Also fell? Ding Laihang was once a direct descendant of Xi Jinping]

This report also published pictures and text to explain that when Xi Jinping was secretary of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee in Fujian, he visited air force units stationed in Fujian, and Ding Laihang was also among them. “Look at China” reported in 2017 that Ding Laihang, who took over as commander of the Air Force that year, was a direct descendant of Xi Jinping.

Wang Juntao: But never say that he is a confidant, because this kind of person has no confidants. If he really has a confidant, for example, if his daughter is a confidant, he will not let her be an official. If his wife is a confidant, he will not let her be an official.

Wang Juntao: Generally, those who work are domestic slaves, so it is easier for him to handle them.

Wang Juntao: The current officialdom of the Communist Party is extremely abnormal. The abnormal reason is that Xi Jinping now values ​​his own safety and his own will. If you don’t agree with him in the slightest, or if he suspects that you don’t agree with him, he will get rid of you.

Zheng Xuguang: There are many shady secrets among the military in this system. For example, Ding Laihang may be involved in the corruption case at the Xijiao Airport. So these may be corrupt. The army has been very clear about buying officials for a long time. If a regiment commander has to buy an official position for a million dollars, then a division commander’s salary is tens of millions.

Cheng The most uncomfortable thing.

Wang Juntao: So if Xi Jinping really wants to secure his position as dictator, he must kill all his former competitors. Now the proportion of abnormal deaths is very high.

Wang Juntao: For example, Li Keqiang died at the age of 68. Nowadays, the average life expectancy of Chinese people is more than 70 years old. He was only 68 years old and died 10 years earlier than ordinary people. This is definitely abnormal.

Wang Juntao: Xi Jinping must not let this happen. You see, it is difficult to say what will happen to people like Wang Yang in the future, because they have all posed a threat.

Zheng Xuguang: If you say you are tight-lipped, everyone will quit. Because you can only make mistakes if you do it, right? There is no benefit, no corruption, and no profit, so why do you work so hard?

Zheng Xuguang: Xi Jinping also likes to personally command, so if he personally commands, it will cause chaos in the entire system, and then it will be impossible to issue orders.

Wang Juntao: Because of the Communist Party, because I think they always say that the Tuanpai faction is being completely eliminated. I think the Tuanpai faction is retreating naked en masse. Because if it’s like Li Keqiang, then I know better. If he can’t be responsible, right? Who knows what Xi Jinping will do in the future. If I can’t take responsibility, then I will simply retreat to the end, so that this matter will have nothing to do with me in the future.

Wang Juntao: You see, before Wen Jiabao stepped down, he talked desperately about universal values, democracy, and freedom. One day he will have to judge the Communist Party. But I am sober. I am different from the Communist Party.

[Xi won’t protect his cronies? Qin Gang, Li Shangfu and others were dismissed one after another]

Four years ago, Ding Laihang served as the supreme commander of the CCP’s military parade. Xi Jinping promoted him to general in 2019, and Li Shangfu was also promoted in the same year. However, Qin Gang and Li Shangfu, who were personally selected by Xi Jinping, have been dismissed one after another, causing the outside world to question Xi Jinping’s vision in appointing people.

Wang Juntao: Those who have power are surrounded by spies. Your guards and entourage are all spies, and your drivers are all spies. In fact, all these cadres of the Communist Party are under house arrest or semi-house arrest, especially the cadres of the army. You have to ask for instructions wherever you go.

Wang Juntao: So these people can’t actually do anything because they can’t connect or gather together.

Wang Juntao: You communicate like Ye Jianying, Hua Guofeng, and Deng Xiaoping did back then, and you let your children do the communication. They themselves couldn’t communicate directly. You see, when they talked about crushing the Gang of Four, their children were asked to carry the message.

Wang Juntao: Zhou Enlai’s red team and white team were not used to kill the Kuomintang. They were used to kill the Communists and their own people. Even the Soviet KGB did the same. However, he has a saying that he can’t tell whether he is one of his own or not.

Wang Juntao: But this Mao Zedong is different. He can arrest whomever he wants, even if he knows he is wrong. He is seen and feared.

Wang Juntao: Now I think the greatest loyalty is not true loyalty. The true loyalty has a reason. The greatest loyalty comes from fear. You dare not be disloyal.

Zheng Xuguang: What Xi Jinping requires is that he supervise everything, and others cannot supervise him. Of course, his people are not easy to supervise, so if a person is not supervised, he will definitely do a lot of illegal things and things that violate conventions.

Zheng Xuguang: No matter what your system is, it is a constraint for a dictator. Whether it is explicit or routine, a dictator must make exceptions before he can be called a dictator.

Wang Juntao: But he said that Xi Jinping took so much power into his own hands and wanted to do things. But Luo Yu wrote to him and said very clearly that the most important thing you should do is to promote democracy and freedom. In fact, other things such as economic development are not what the government should do; you should promote democracy and freedom and give power to the people. Xi Jinping Don’t listen to him.

Wang Juntao: But when it comes to interning with Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong, the problem is not what they want to do, but that their methods are to torture people and kill people, and in this way, in the end they fail to accomplish what they want to do.

Wang Juntao: After they died, no one remembered what they wanted to do. They only remembered that he kept teasing people, killing people, and rejecting dissidents.

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