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Taiwan, the first in Asia for gender equality, was invited to have a dialogue with French officials | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

Taiwan, the first in Asia for gender equality, was invited to have a dialogue with French officials | Politics | Central News Agency CNA
Taiwan, the first in Asia for gender equality, was invited to have a dialogue with French officials | Politics | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Zeng Tingxuan, Paris, 9th) Senior officials from Taiwan and France held public exchanges on gender equality for the first time today. Chen Yizhuang, deputy director of political affairs of the National Science Council, and Delphine, ambassador for gender equality affairs of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Today, Austria was invited by a French think tank for an online dialogue to pave the way for future cooperation on gender equality between Taiwan and France.

The well-known French think tank “Institute for International and Strategic Relations” (IRIS) held a public video seminar today with the theme of “Gender Equality: a Comparison France-Taiwan” and invited the Deputy Director of Government Affairs of the National Science Council Chen Yizhuang and Delphine. Delphine O talks online together.

The seminar was co-hosted by Barthelemy Courmont, director of the IRIS Indo-Pacific Research Program, and Marie-Cécile Naves, senior researcher, and conducted research on the current status, policies and challenges of promoting gender equality in Taiwan and France. The analysis was the first time that senior officials from Taiwan and France had a public exchange on gender equality, demonstrating the high willingness of both sides to continue to promote cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and France based on shared values.

Chen Yizhuang mentioned at the above-mentioned seminar that the Taiwanese government has continued to promote gender equality policies since 2005. Today, Taiwan’s gender parity index ranks 7th in the world and 1st in Asia. A number of data show that the influence of Taiwanese women in various fields has grown significantly, such as level of political participation. In 2021, the ratio of female legislators in Taiwan reached 42%, which is also the first in Asia.

Chen Yizhuang told the attendees that Taiwan starts from the education level and actively encourages young Taiwanese women through various activities to break through the restrictions on gender roles imposed by traditional cultural customs and actively participate in traditionally male-dominated fields such as technology and science based on their own interests and expertise. Wait.

Taiwan has achieved fruitful results in promoting gender equality and is a model for gender equality in Asia. Chen Yizhuang pointed out that in the future, government agencies at all levels will continue to implement the sustainable development of gender equality in all fields, so that Taiwan can move towards a more diverse and respectful society.

French Sexual Equality Ambassador Delphine. Oze mentioned at the seminar that Taiwan and France are among the best in the world in promoting gender equality. However, France still has room to promote gender equality. The gender pay gap is an example.

Delphine, a former member of Congress. Austria has promoted gender equality issues at the United Nations for many years. She said that promoting gender equality is never easy, and she has encountered resistance from many parties during this period. She also emphasized that there is still a long way to go before global gender equality at this stage. Combating gender inequality requires the joint efforts of the international community and civil society and progressive legislation to implement diverse gender equality in various countries.

This is the first public exchange between Taiwan and France on the issue of gender equality. The purpose is to allow both sides to understand the achievements and challenges of each other’s gender equality work and to think about the next step of cooperation.

The response from think tanks and French political science media was enthusiastic and quite positive. Many French participants said they learned a lot and understood the current situation of Taiwan’s gender equality development through first-hand information. (Editor: Chen Chenggong) 1111110


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