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In response to the CIIE’s theme of “New Era, Shared Future”, global clothing retail brand UNIQLO participated in the CIIE for the fourth consecutive year, creating Qianping’s “LifeScape, a new realm of clothing adaptability”, displaying ten major blockbuster products, integrating fashion, The fabrics and styles have been upgraded, and we are committed to bringing the world’s leading technologically innovative product experience to Chinese consumers.

Bringing the world’s leading technologically innovative product experience

At this CIIE, UNIQLO launched its new autumn and winter flagship technology clothing. Technology integrates fashion, fabrics and pattern upgrades to bring the world’s leading technologically innovative product experience.

Including exclusively developed nano-fiber technology cloud-like down, which is as soft as clouds and outstandingly warm, bringing a new experience of light and soft down fabrics; HEATTECH thermal underwear, a technological item dedicated to changing the world, is a new fashionable and lightweight style. Data shows that HEATTECH thermal underwear The underwear has sold more than 1.5 billion pieces globally in 20 years. It has the characteristics of warmth, breathability, elasticity and close-fitting, and is skin-friendly, changing the lightness, warmth and smoothness of winter life. It was selected as one of the five major functions of Fortune magazine’s “100 Great Modern Designs” list in 2020. High-grade light down, light, portable, waterproof and anti-static, newly upgraded and easy to remove stains, technology integrated with fashion, redefining the new trend of down; it was listed on “Fortune” magazine’s “China’s Best Design List” Polar Fleece Series, New The new colors are soft and warm, and a variety of styles combine environmentally friendly fabrics with comfort and warmth. They can be worn by the whole family in various scenes in autumn and winter, leading the future of sustainable fashion technology.

It is worth noting that UNIQLO teamed up with the world’s fabric giant Toray to develop PUFFTECH air-filled cotton clothing with special filling. The air-locking technology makes you feel warmer. The fabric is durable and waterproof, easy to remove stains, and the filling is moisture-resistant and moisture-resistant, creating a fashionable and functional one. A new choice for winter outerwear.

Uniqlo said that through the specific presentation at the CIIE, everyone can understand the technology behind Uniqlo products and help consumers better understand the many details behind a piece of clothing.

Leading sustainable fashion technology,Help protect the global environment

In response to the changing nature and global socio-economic needs, as well as energy conservation and carbon reduction, UNIQLO has integrated sustainable development into every aspect of its operations to help protect the environment and the earth.

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This year, UNIQLO will showcase innovative sustainable technology products and practices on site, including the use of recycled fabrics and innovative water-saving technologies, advocating “Love Fashion, Love the Earth”. Including polar fleece, which is widely popular among consumers, there are 16 models of large body styles made of 100% recycled fabrics this winter.

Uniqlo has always been paying attention to the environmental protection issues caused by plastics. In 2020, it jointly developed with the world-renowned fabric manufacturer Toray Group to launch clothes made of recycled polyester fiber derived from recycled plastic bottles. In the spring and summer of 2023, UNIQLO will launch for the first time quick-drying clothing with 100% recycled polyester fiber, sun protection clothing with 75% recycled polyester fiber, and cool underwear with 54% recycled polyester fiber; in the autumn and winter of 2023, UNIQLO will launch 16 more Made of 100% recycled polyester fleece. Uniqlo sells more than 10 million pieces of clothing using recycled fabrics every year.

Water-saving jeans are also an innovative product of UNIQLO in sustainable technology, with ever-changing and trendy silhouettes (wide-leg/boot-leg/straight-leg and other trendy styles) that take into account water conservation and environmental protection. It is reported that Uniqlo plans to replace about 50% of the group’s entire clothing fabrics with environmentally friendly recycled fabrics by 2030. In fact, UNIQLO established a denim innovation center in 2016 and began to develop water-saving technologies in the production process of jeans. In 2018, it began to use innovative jeans such as nano-bubbles and ozone washing, which can greatly reduce the amount of waste in the washing process of jeans. water consumption in. According to field verification results in 2019, compared with traditional processes, the water saving rate can reach up to nearly 95%.

UNIQLO continues to build a circular business model. In April this year, its first RE.UNIQLO clothing rebirth workshop in China was launched at the global flagship store on Huaihai Middle Road in Shanghai, providing two major services: repair clothing and remake creative transformation. Through creative embroidery, old clothes can be renewed , extending the life cycle of clothing, allowing LifeWear clothing to be worn longer, and ultimately realizing a society without waste clothing. At the 6th China International Import Expo, RE.UNIQLO clothing rebirth workshop made its debut, showing everyone another possibility of loving clothes and helping to easily practice a low-carbon lifestyle.

Actively embracing spillover effects, Uniqlo increases confidence in the Chinese market

Through the national strategy and spillover effect of the CIIE, UNIQLO not only turns “exhibits into commodities” and better enters the lives of Chinese consumers, but also establishes a deep trust relationship with national media and supply chain partners.

At present, UNIQLO uses technology to integrate fashion, design, quality and sustainable evolution of clothing to continuously meet the higher expectations of Chinese and global consumers for quality design.

Participating in the CIIE for four consecutive years, UNIQLO has brought more than 10 new products for the first time and for the first time; a variety of ace star exhibits have entered the lives of billions of consumers around the world, gaining sales growth and high recognition. This year, through the CIIE, Double Eleven and more than 900 online stores across the country, we created a new online and offline retail lifestyle format, which helped Uniqlo achieve good sales growth.

With steady operations and continuous development, UNIQLO has now opened more than 900 directly-operated stores in China, covering more than 200 cities, creating millions of job opportunities for the entire industry chain. It is expected to open nearly 60 new stores this year. In the future, it will continue to lead more consumers to a better life through high-quality stores such as global flagship stores and city flagship stores, linking the official website and online digital retail experience.

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