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Berlin will host second Taiwan conference to focus on presidential election | International | Central News Agency CNA

Berlin will host second Taiwan conference to focus on presidential election | International | Central News Agency CNA
Berlin will host second Taiwan conference to focus on presidential election | International | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Lin Yuli, Berlin, 9th) Taiwan’s visibility in Europe has increased significantly in recent years. The German capital Berlin will hold the second Taiwan Conference next week, inviting European and Taiwanese officials and experts to attend to discuss the upcoming presidential election and how Taiwan faces it. on issues such as the authoritarian past.

Reinhard Bütikofer, the organizer of the conference and head of the European Parliament’s delegation on relations with China, said that as China becomes increasingly aggressive in the region, the situation in Taiwan remains tense, but Taiwan’s successful democratization, economic and technological achievements A developing and vibrant civil society deserves recognition, and the purpose of this annual conference is to highlight Taiwan’s growing importance as a partner to Germany and Europe.

The second Berlin Taiwan Conference will be held for two consecutive days starting from the 13th at the EU Representative Office in Germany. According to the pre-announced agenda, Petra Sigmund, Director of the Asia-Pacific Department of the German Foreign Ministry, will give an opening speech, followed by Alice Su, a reporter from The Economist, and Yang Haowei, a freelance journalist who was the president of the Taiwan Foreign Journalists Association. (William Yang) and others will discuss the political situation ahead of the presidential and legislative elections.

After the speech by Deputy Foreign Minister Li Chun, Wuer Kaixi, Secretary-General of the Human Rights Committee of the Legislative Yuan, Irina Scherbakova, co-founder of the Russian human rights organization “Memorial” who won the Nobel Peace Prize last year, Adam Kerpel-Fronius, a scholar at the Memorial Foundation for the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin who has visited Taiwan, and others will discuss how Taiwan faces its authoritarian past.

The second day of the conference first focused on Taiwan’s economy and technology. Franziska Brantner, the German Undersecretary of Economic Affairs, delivered a speech. The speakers included Max Zenglein, a scholar at the Mercator Center for Chinese Studies (Merics); European Center for International Political Economy (ECIPE) Li. Think tank scholars such as Hosuk Lee-Makiyama.

After the speech by Du Yijin, the founder of the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Gudrun Wacker, a scholar of the German Academic and Political Foundation (SWP), and Fei Genbao, vice chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in the United States, Think tank scholars such as Evan A. Feigenbaum and members of Congress such as Marcus Faber of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP) will exchange views on Europe’s Taiwan policy.

Berlin held the first Taiwan Conference in December last year, which attracted a packed audience of nearly 200 people. As usual, the entire conference this year will be broadcast live on the YouTube network platform. (Editor: Chen Chenggong) 1121110


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