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“Tsurumi Accident” 60 years later, Yokohama survivors, JR related persons, and water support services at the temple: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web


The “Tower for the Victims of the Kokutetsu Tsurumi Accident” is located near the site of the accident.

The five major accidents in the old country 戦 に え られる られる られる から から から から っ っ な っ た た た た た た た た た の の 総 総 総 総 総 ど ど ど ど ど な ど ど ど ど ど ど, accidents and weather conditions, safe operation of railway lines, and safety. The only person who has survived the family’s loss is the regret of the loss of the family, and the sorrow of the current situation.

To commemorate the memorial monument, 1 person was transported, and 160 passengers and 160 victims were removed. The name was carved in front of the memorial hall, and the JR East Yokohama branch office was held every year. The birthday of the accident was celebrated by sending flowers to commemorate the deceased’s death. There are 7 surviving members of the Japanese family, including the president of the Miyata Kuji Branch, the president of the branch, Hana Temukai, and the 45 people participating in the event.

Ibaraki Prefecture Ami Town’s Takei Hiroshi (61) is a 1-year-old boy, and his father died in an accident. The number of people who have passed away has become a companion, and the number of people who have comforted them has decreased every year. “The accident is a lesson, the safety of the railway road is safe, the JR oil is cut off, the accident is weathered, and the safety education of the members is thorough.” The bereaved family members and branch officials visited the “Koku-Tetsu Tsurumi Accident Victims Memorial Tower” established near the accident site.

Koshijiji Temple’s ではこのほか, the body of the victim after the accident was transported and the 100 rooms (ひゃっけん) under the corridor, the ascetic monk’s morning and day classes であるwater offering が行われた. At noon, there is a line between the soil under the corridor and a line of water that leads back and forth. Draw out the された2 main の长い线は, 线香に见立てたとする口伝など Zhu说あるという. (Hiroyuki Abe)

The water under the hundred-room verandah of Kwanji Temple is used to support the monks who practice Buddhism.

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