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The ChatGPT version of the micro phone is here! AI Pin starts at $699, and can make screen-free calls, record, take photos, and answer questions – Wall Street News


The AI ​​Pin released by Humane can be adsorbed on the surface of clothes and other objects. It weighs less than 40 grams and does not require a physical screen. It can interact with voice or directly projected on the palm. With the support of the AI ​​model, it can perform document writing, listening to music, real-time translation, etc. task, and plans to add navigation and shopping functions in the future. AI Pin also charges a monthly subscription fee of US$24. It will be available for pre-order next Thursday and will be shipped early next year.

New products powered by artificial intelligence (AI) technology that were previously rumored to be able to replace smartphones were officially unveiled. Some comments say that this wearable device will test consumers’ interest in AI and the potential of the post-smartphone future.

On Thursday, November 9th, Eastern Time, Humane, a startup founded by former Apple designers Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, released AI hardware called AI Pin, which will be available for pre-order starting next Thursday, November 16th, and will be shipped early next year. Consistent with previous media reports, the entire AI Pin system, including data cables, adapters, battery packs, battery boxes, etc., starts at US$699, with a monthly subscription fee of US$24.

According to Humane’s comprehensive subscription plan, the $24 monthly charge includes a dedicated phone number and unlimited talk time, data, text, and cloud storage, etc., and the wireless network is provided exclusively by T-Mobile.

As previously mentioned by Wall Street News, AI Pin is a miniature device that can be attached to clothes. It has no screen and has a built-in OpenAI GPT series large model. It can be interacted with through voice or projected on the palm of the hand. .

In Humane’s demonstration, a major novelty of AI Pin is that through a laser projection system, it can display information directly on the user’s palm, eliminating the need for a screen. Its depth sensor allows users to interact with the menu through gestures, such as providing corresponding text or changing songs. As long as the user tilts the palm in different directions, the menu options can be highlighted, and the palm can be closed to return to the home page.



AI Pin consists of two parts: one is a square device, and the other is a battery pack that can be magnetically attached to clothing or other surfaces. The square device weighs about 36 grams and the battery pack weighs 20 grams. It is equipped with a Snapdragon processor with a dedicated Qualcomm AI engine. The built-in camera can take 13-megapixel photos and, after a software update, can take videos.


AI Pin does not always listen to external sounds by default, and there is no wake word like “Hey Siri”. Users must manually activate AI Pin by clicking and dragging the touchpad. While recording, a “Trust Light” on the top of the AI ​​Pin will flash to remind users and others that the AI ​​Pin is collecting data.


The most important function of AI Pin is to connect to the AI ​​model through software called AI Mic. Previous reports mentioned that it is mainly supported by GPT-4.

Humane on Thursday mentioned Microsoft and OpenAI among the vendors supporting AI Pin, saying that cooperation with Microsoft and OpenAI gives AI Pin access to some of the most powerful AI models in the world.

Humane points out that access to ChatGPT is actually one of AI Pin’s core features. AI Pin runs an operating system called Cosmos. Humane also launched Ai Bus, a new wearable device operating system. It will automatically direct users’ queries to appropriate tools and provide the correct AI experience and services without requiring users to download, manage and launch apps.


Previously, media revealed that AI-powered AI Pin can perform tasks such as writing documents, organizing emails, real-time translation, identifying food and providing nutritional information. It also supports Tidal music streaming, in which the “AI DJ” will select music based on the environment, and even Equipped with “AI-centered photography functions”.

On Thursday, Humane demonstrated some functions of AI Pin that are powered by AI. Compared with the previously exposed functions, there were not many surprises. Humane also showed off accessories for the AI ​​Pin, such as external clips, cases, and USB-rechargeable battery boxes.

The media pointed out that the main use of AI Pin seems to be a large language model (LLM) driven wearable search engine. Humane also revealed to the media on Thursday that it plans to add navigation and shopping functions, and plans to provide developers with ways to build their own tools.

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