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Where does wealth come from? It is rumored that the net worth of three Hamas leaders has soared past 10 billion US dollars (photo) Qatar | Israel | Haniya | Gaza | Palestine | Asia |


Hamas Politburo Chairman Haniyeh, his son and other senior Hamas officials boarded a private plane (Photo source: X)
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[Look at China News on November 9, 2023](Look at the comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Wang Jun)HamasThe large-scale raid on Israel on October 7 has attracted the attention of the outside world. According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Hamas is one of the richest terrorist organizations in the world. The total net worth of its three top leaders may exceed With 10 billion US dollars, they lived a very luxurious life overseas. They were also photographed hanging out with beautiful women and alcohol, appearing in diplomatic clubs, high-end hotels, and traveling on private jets. But at this time, most of the 2.3 million people in the Gaza corridor are struggling in a life of abject poverty.
It is forbidden to create mirror websites on Chinese websites.

The report pointed out that 61-year-old Ismail Haniyeh, currently chairman of the Hamas Politburo, now lives in Qatar. The Israeli Embassy in the United States estimates that his assets are as high as $3.2 billion. He is also the father of 13 children, one of whom is known as the “Father of Real Estate” in Gaza because he owns a large number of villas.

Qatar has always welcomed the Haniya family. They live in luxury hotels and villas in Qatar. It seems that the war has nothing to do with them. The family lives an extremely luxurious life, which is different from the Palestinians in Gaza who lack water, electricity and food. , forming a strong contrast. Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on the 7th of last month. After Israel’s counterattack, the Palestinians are in a miserable situation in Gaza. However, Haniyeh is in Qatar, directing the war from afar and enjoying a luxurious life.

Haniyeh’s son also posted a photo of him lying on a luxurious hotel bed. Now the United States is questioning Qatar’s practices. Even U.S. Republican Congressman Andy Ogles is introducing a bill to try to terminate the relationship between Qatar and the United States. important alliance unless Hamas leadership leaves Qatar.

Hamas Politburo Chairman Haniyeh, his son and other senior Hamas officials stayed at a high-end hotel (Photo source: X)

Moussa Abu Marzuk, who holds a master’s degree in construction management from Colorado State University, is the head of Hamas’s international relations office. The 72-year-old is considered the organization’s second-ranking figure and is estimated to be worth as much as $3 billion. . He had lived in the United States for 14 years. After being discovered in 1995, he was placed on a terrorist watch list. He was detained in New York and deported two years later.

Khaled Mashal, 67, now lives in Qatar and is mainly responsible for managing Hamas’s real estate and financial transactions. His net worth is estimated to be more than $4 billion. He will be included on the U.S. sanctions list in 2022. He issued threats to Jews around the world after October 7, and even claimed that China was trying to imitate the organization and launch similar attacks on Taiwan.

According to media reports such as the “Daily Mail”, most of Hamas’s funds come from Palestinian expatriates and private sponsorship. Today, Iran is the largest donor, mainly providing funds, weapons and military training. Hamas receives support from Qatar and sees it as a “responsible governing force,” providing between $120 million and $480 million a year. In addition, there is foreign aid from the United Nations and through the Palestinian Autonomous Government.

In addition, Hamas also has its own source of revenue, which is taxing goods that avoid Egyptian crossings and are shipped through Gaza’s underground network.

For the West, Qatar is an effective conduit for behind-the-scenes deals with non-state organizations and is home to the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East. However, the country has long welcomed the leaders of terrorist organizations and housed them in luxury hotels and villas. It makes the West restless. According to a report by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD), a Washington think tank, funds provided by Qatar have allowed Hamas leaders to directly benefit through salaries and kickbacks, and by helping Hamas maintain its political control of Gaza. Control social services and government actions to make indirect profits.

Biden calls for ceasefire 3God save the hostages Rejected by Israeli Prime Minister

On the 6th, US President Biden had a telephone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the conversation, the two discussed the possibility of rescuing hostages, humanitarian relief, and tactically suspending the Gaza offensive.

According to a report by the US news website “Axios”, two officials from the United States and Israel revealed that Biden asked Netanyahu on the phone for a three-day ceasefire to facilitate the release of the hostages, but he was rejected. Because Netanyahu said he did not trust Hamas and did not think they were ready to reach an agreement on the hostage issue.

Netanyahu said that if the ceasefire lasts for three days, Israel may lose the current international support for its actions. Some Israeli officials said that part of the reason why Netanyahu did not trust Hamas was actually because during the humanitarian ceasefire of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Gaza Strip in 2014, Hamas still attacked a group of Israeli soldiers and kidnapped one of them. One, and killed several others.

In response, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office declined to comment, and the White House reiterated that the two leaders discussed ongoing efforts to secure the release of the hostages and would not comment on Biden’s private conversations.

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