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Self-revelation that top US officials once asked “Will there be a war in Taiwan?” Ko Wenzhe’s summary of adopting 2 principles towards the mainland | 2024 election outpost | News


65 days to go before the 2024 presidential election, Chairman of the Popular Party and presidential candidateKe WenzheHe held lectures at temples across Taiwan and interacted face-to-face with people across Taiwan. Today,TainanThe “Voice of the People” lecture was held at the Dianwu Temple. Ke Wenzhe arrived at about 8 p.m., paid homage first, and then gave a short 10-minute speech on stage.

Ko Wenzhe first visited the Hai’an business district this evening. Along the way, supporters rushed to take photos and taste braised meat. At about 8 o’clock, Ke Wenzhe went to the Dianwu Temple. He was accompanied by Lin Peihuo, the chairman, and Cai Wanqin, the chairman of the People’s Party Tainan City Party Committee. He then went on stage to give a short speech for 10 minutes.

Ko Wenzhe took the stage and said that in the past 400 years, Taiwan’s main island has experienced immigration from aborigines, Han people, etc., and diversity is Taiwan’s characteristic. For example, 7% of newborns in Taiwan now come from new residents. They identify with Taiwan. Why must we have a special definition for them?He said that just like when he was the mayor of Taipei, he was in power regardless of political parties. “You seeWang ShijianStill alive and well.” He believes that it is inappropriate to divide politics in Taiwan based on party lines. Look at the Mazu detours in Dajia and Baishatun. Along the way, many people offer cold water, regardless of party affiliation. As a pluralistic society, Taiwan must at least be tolerant.

When talking about cross-strait issues, Ko said that it is impossible for Taiwan to be reunified or independent now. Since both are impossible, “What are the blue and green parties arguing about?” He hopes to create a pluralistic society. Taiwan is a beautiful island, unlike foreign countries. What the media said “is easy to happen”warThe place”.

Ke Wenzhe recalled that during his visit to the United States, senior US officials once asked him whether Taiwan would go to war? He answered that there was no theory, but there were two principles for implementation: deterrence and communication. Ko Wenzhe said that it is impossible for Taiwan to completely pin its destiny on other countries, so it should be prepared for national defense, probably to the extent that “if you hit me, you will be miserable.” You still have to spend money on national defense. In addition, we need to maintain communication with China. We both have the same history, language and culture.

Ko Wenzhe proposed mutual recognition, understanding, respect, cooperation, and understanding. More than 20 years ago, the mainland envied Taiwan’s prosperity, but now it is hostile. Winning the love and envy of the mainland people towards Taiwan is why he advocates dialogue with China.Ke Wenzhe thinks he is going to completeJiang WeishuiThe unfinished New Culture Movement will make Taiwan better and allow people to contribute more to society than to receive. In this way, society will become better and better.

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Self-revelation that top US officials once asked “Will there be a war in Taiwan?” Ke Wenzhe proposed to adopt the 2 principle against the mainland

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2023-11-09 21:36

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