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Thailand opens visa-free travel to Taiwan, hot searches increased by more than 30% and buying momentum climbed | Lifestyle | Central News Agency CNA

Thailand opens visa-free travel to Taiwan, hot searches increased by more than 30% and buying momentum climbed | Lifestyle | Central News Agency CNA
Thailand opens visa-free travel to Taiwan, hot searches increased by more than 30% and buying momentum climbed | Lifestyle | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Wang Shufen, Taipei, 9th) Thailand recently announced that Taiwanese people can enjoy visa-free treatment when traveling to Thailand from November 10 to May 10, 2024. Travel websites found that visa-free travel has driven searches for Thailand travel to increase by more than 30%, and with Bangkok the most popular, the purchase of travel products has also increased.

According to recent statistics from the internationally renowned travel website Agoda, after the Thai government announced that it would grant visa-free access to Taiwanese people, the search volume for the keyword “Thailand” surged by nearly 31%. This shows that the time-saving and cost-saving visa exemption has driven tourists’ interest, and with the annual November to February is the cool season in Thailand, and more Taiwanese tourists are expected to flock to Thailand.

Agoda found that among the most searched cities in Thailand among Taiwanese people, the top spot was taken by the capital “Bangkok”, which is rich in religious culture and has a strong contrast between the old and new cityscapes, followed by “Chiang Mai”, which is known as the “Rose of the North.”

Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin and Cha-am, which are close to the sea, are also on the list. Pattaya and Phuket are top resorts loved by international tourists, with sun, beach and nightlife, as well as high-end hotels. CP value coastal resorts, various water activities, theme parks, etc.

Taiwan’s travel website “Easy Travel” issued a press release today. After Thailand’s visa exemption for Taiwan was announced, the number of Thailand air ticket bookings on Easy Travel has increased by more than 40% in just one week, and the revenue from Thai air tickets in a single week has exceeded 8 figures, the buying popularity continues to rise.

According to the international air ticket sales data from January to October this year, Bangkok has always been among the top five popular destinations. This is mainly due to the relatively small increase in ticket prices in Bangkok after the epidemic, coupled with the high CP value advantage of local star-rated hotels. It has become a popular travel choice for many tourists. said that with the help of visa-free benefits, it will definitely increase people’s willingness to travel to Thailand. said that currently, the only direct flight destinations from Taiwan to Thailand are Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Bangkok’s Temple Arun, Wat Pho, Railway Market, Floating Market, etc. are all must-visit attractions, and there are also vibrant tourist attractions. Fashionable high-altitude bars; Chiang Mai, the second largest city in Thailand, prefers a slow pace. A leisurely tour of the ancient city ruins, a night tour of the safari park, and a visit to specialty cafes are all must-have items.

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According to statistics from, there are currently 8 airlines operating direct flights from Taiwan to Bangkok, including EVA Air, China Airlines, StarLux Airways, Tigerair Taiwan, Thai Airways, Thai Lion Air, Thai AirAsia, and Thai Vietjet Airways. It is stable and sufficient, with flights every day. In terms of fares, round-trip fares for traditional airlines start at more than NT$7,900 including tax, and low-cost airlines start at more than NT$5,000 including tax. It is a very competitive destination choice.

Currently, Taiwan has direct flights to Chiang Mai from EVA Air, China Airlines, Thai AirAsia and Starlux Airways, which will have its maiden flight on January 18 next year. Although the flight supply is less than that of Bangkok, as China Airlines starts to increase the number of flights from November 11 With flights on Monday and Star Air’s new route to Chiang Mai, passengers will have more choices; in terms of fares, traditional airline round-trip fares start at more than 9,200 yuan including tax, and low-cost airlines start at nearly 7,000 yuan, which is similar to Bangkok fares. Approximately 10% to 30% more expensive. (Editor: Chen Zhengwei) 1121109


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