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Yang Ning: The Chinese Consulate revealed the scene of Xi Jinping overcoming all difficulties to visit the United States and recruiting international students to support him | Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States | U.S.-China relations

Yang Ning: The Chinese Consulate revealed the scene of Xi Jinping overcoming all difficulties to visit the United States and recruiting international students to support him | Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States | U.S.-China relations
Yang Ning: The Chinese Consulate revealed the scene of Xi Jinping overcoming all difficulties to visit the United States and recruiting international students to support him | Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States | U.S.-China relations

On November 14, 2022, Xi Jinping (right) held talks with Biden on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, November 9, 2023]Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has once again changed its attitude towards the United States and issued a voice to “promote Sino-US relations to truly stabilize and improve.” This indicates that Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States is a certainty. On November 7, a notice from the Chinese Consulate in the United States exposed on the Internet also supports this point.

Two notices were exposed online, one from the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and the other from the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles. Two notices confirmed that Xi Jinping will arrive in the United States on November 13 to attend the APEC Leaders’ Summit. There will be activities throughout the day on the 15th, and he will leave on the afternoon of the 17th.

The previous notice focused on calling on Tsinghua alumni to welcome Xi Jinping. There are two main activities, namely near the venue and at the hotel where they are staying. The notice stated that “the leaders are also Tsinghua alumni and have overcome all difficulties to visit the United States this time.” The Consulate General is very much looking forward to “Tsinghua alumni taking precious time to show support despite their busy schedules” and hopes to forward it to the alumni around them. The notice also stated that the Alumni Association and the Consulate General will prepare school flags and welcome banners, and everyone is expected to wear purple clothes and hats.

The latter one is that the Los Angeles Embassy notified the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Southern California to organize a team to go to San Francisco to pick up the student and participate in other activities. The duration will be three to four days, with all meals and accommodation included. The notice also stated that “this event carries a heavy responsibility and a glorious mission.”

After Li Keqiang’s unexplained death, the CCP’s secret operations have shocked the Chinese people. How many Chinese students in the United States who know more about it are willing to welcome Xi Jinping and support him? Perhaps some clues can be gleaned from the exposure of the notice that the consulate did not want to be exposed.

It is worth noting that the notice from the Chinese Consulate in the United States said, “Overcoming all difficulties to visit the United States,” which inadvertently revealed the difficulty of Xi Jinping’s trip to the United States. What “difficulties” did Xi Jinping, who was absent from the G20 Summit, overcome to go to the United States?

The most important difficulty to overcome first should be to reduce the possibility of anti-Xi forces launching a coup. According to authoritative information previously obtained by The Epoch Times, Xi himself, who firmly believes in prophecies, is very worried about a coup. In the 46th image of the famous prophecy “Tui Bei Tu” written by Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng of the Tang Dynasty, it was predicted that a warrior with a bow would enter the imperial palace. Analysis pointed out that this seemed to predict that there would be CCP soldiers at a certain point in time. Forced the palace to Zhongnanhai, which made Xi very panic. Therefore, if Xi chooses to visit overseas, he must take precautions in this regard.

In order to eliminate the potential danger of launching a coup, Xi not only replaced the security forces, but also reorganized the military. From the death of Wang Shaojun, the former director of the Central Guard Bureau, the rumors of the commander and deputy commander of the CCP Rocket Force were investigated, and the deputy commander Wu Guohua was confirmed to have committed suicide. Wang Houbin and Xu Xisheng from the Navy and Air Force were appointed as commanders and political commissars of the Airborne Rocket Force, to the Minister of National Defense Li Shangfu Being investigated, etc., all show that Xi is ensuring his own safety through another purge of the military.

The motivation behind the replacement of the guard force and the death of the former chief officer may be that after Mao’s death, in order to prevent the “Gang of Four” from taking over the highest power, Hua Guofeng, Ye Jianying, Wang Dongxing and others used the Central Guard Force and the Beijing Garrison District The troops launched a military coup without firing a single shot. Therefore, Xi attaches great importance to the security forces. It is said that he has replaced them several times to ensure their “loyalty” to him.

As for the purge of the Rocket Force, the Epoch Times has obtained information that it is not only because almost all the secrets of the Rocket Force are mastered by the United States, but also because of the picture of a bow and arrow in the prophecy of “Tui Bei Tu” and the folk prophecy book “Iron Plate Tu” The picture of “A white-feathered bird crashed into a mountain”. In Xi’s view, ancient bows and arrows correspond to modern rockets. Xi is afraid that his plane will be shot down by a missile, just like when Lin Biao’s plane crashed and the top brass of Russia’s Wagner mercenaries died in air crashes.

After purging the Rocket Force, Xi’s worries about accidents involving his special plane when visiting the United States have been greatly reduced.

The second difficulty to overcome was that Li Keqiang, who posed a challenge to himself, completely shut up. With the unknown and sudden death of Li Keqiang, who had a certain good reputation within the party and among the people, Xi’s concern that Li might replace him, driven by anti-Xi forces, disappeared. Although Xi has been questioned because of Li’s death and the neglect of the Xi Central Committee after his death, Xi relied on political and legal power to temporarily suppress it.

The third difficulty to overcome is whether security in the United States is guaranteed. Xi Jinping has visited Europe several times before and has spent a lot of money on security. Xi Jinping will probably take strict security measures this time. In addition, the United States should also provide strict security, and Xi should not be so worried about his own safety.

In addition, the various difficulties faced by Xi include the dissatisfaction of senior party officials, the anti-Xi forces have not disappeared, government officials at all levels are “flattened”, and Xi is becoming the target of public criticism; the economy is still deteriorating, and the financial system is failing. Problems, foreign capital and foreign companies are leaving China at an unprecedented speed; people are complaining; the international community is drifting away from the CCP, and the consequences of the CCP’s support for Russia, Iran and Hamas are becoming apparent…

Although these problems have not been resolved, Xi should have his own considerations when visiting the United States under “all difficulties”. You know, just a few months ago, Xi Jinping had a negative attitude towards improving Sino-US relations. According to people within the CCP, Xi Jinping is unwilling to change course because of the huge differences between China and the United States. Xi is not optimistic about the improvement of Sino-US relations. Therefore, in the past few years, Beijing has been trying to win over third world countries to resist the United States through benefit transfer.

However, whether it is inviting leaders of Latin American, Asian and African countries to visit China, hosting a five-nation Central Asian summit, participating in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the 77 Group Summit, or providing loans and other assistance, Beijing’s goal of wooing is limited because many countries have a clear conscience. Yes, no country is willing to stand against the United States.

Without a more effective way to solve the “difficult” problem, Xi changed his tune again and chose to go to the United States. Perhaps in the view of Xi Jinping, under internal and external difficulties and tremendous pressure, no matter whether a real consensus is reached during the trip to the United States, the meeting between the leaders of China and the United States alone will be more conducive to maintaining his power and deceiving foreign companies and foreign investment.

The problem is that this may be Xi’s wishful thinking. The situation now is completely different from a few years ago. On the one hand, the governments and people of Western countries such as the United States and Europe now understand that they must “listen to their words and observe their actions” when it comes to the CCP. How can the CCP, which supports Russia, Iran and Hamas in its actions, win the trust of Westerners?

Not long ago, in his congratulatory letter to the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, U.S. President Biden reiterated his established position on establishing “guardrails” in relations between China and the United States and maintaining the existing international order, that is, “the United States will continue to manage it responsibly.” The competition between our two countries advances our shared vision of a free, open, secure and prosperous world, and we remain committed to working with any country that shares our commitment to protecting international institutions and rules.” Biden’s subtext is that the CCP will not be allowed to provoke the current international order and rules. Will Zhongnanhai be willing to do so?

On the other hand, although Xi’s trip to the United States can restore some hope to some people in the country, it is difficult for Xi, who does not want to change his mind, to make breakthroughs with the United States on key political and economic issues. Domestic entrepreneurs are confident It is still lacking, and the economic boost is destined to remain weak.

Therefore, as long as Xi Jinping does not want to fundamentally change the current path, his trip to the United States can only be more symbolic than substantive. Xi’s “all difficulties” will not be solved, and the crisis between Xi and the CCP will not be resolved. If you keep going, the ending will be quite sad.

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